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Friday, December 12

my first appointment

Today I go for appointment. But if there was no Zhenka, I would never go for this appointment, and Zhenka would not be if once I did not enter the University, and I would not enter the University if... However, it is so possible to reach creation of the world.

A if one after another, turned out not too - it is beautiful. Zhenya, my best friend, got acquainted with the young man on the Internet and long told me to what she it witty, even sent his letters. I read and laughed, and then got to it into a mailbox, we with it have no secrets from each other (not yet), and pulled together its address.

We couple of days corresponded secretly from Zhenka, and then I invited him in the Mexican restaurant to drink tequilas.

Actually I very attractive, but was not so long ago on appointment what began to doubt the female charms, suddenly I will not be pleasant to it? However, it is worse if it is not pleasant to me. You know how happens, on the Internet all machoes and muchacho, and at personal acquaintance - zhuchara!

Though a meeting in the subway - a good occasion to look at the person and to slip away quietly if something goes not so.

generally, kept I the appointment, hid for a column and I cost to myself - I spy. I recognized him at once: low, wearing spectacles, the magazine reads. Anything special - not Alain Delon (it is good though is able to read). At first was even upset - everything, I think, I will not approach.

And here he looks for a column, meets the eyes of me, and then speaks: Hi, you were not tired to examine me still? Let`s go already upward, and that bothered to act as a dummy . Raked up in an armful and led on an exit. The way to retreat is barred, it is necessary to submit. While went from the subway to restaurant - almost did not talk, I without stopping smoked and showed all nervousness. It is the most unpleasant part of the first appointment - feverishly you think out a subject for conversation, and anything does not go to the head. (Mmmm where bought a magazine? Weathers now good. Spartak again lost To the " Locomotive;. You are not aware what it is necessary to have a shave every day? The Mamaaaa, take away me from here). Perhaps, I will better smoke silently.

Awkwardness of a situation was discharged (as usual) by the tequila shot glass which is kindly provided by an institution, and after the third I became such garrulous and witty that we had not to miss any more. Suddenly it appeared: 1) we have many subjects for talk, 2) there are several mutual friends, 3) it not too bad at all if to consider closer and to drink more. We drank

, spoke and laughed until the offer to move to quieter place for dialogue continuation arrived. And I have just a phase I will drink - I will disperse it was replaced by the phase sea knee-deep . We get up - it gives me clothes, I take him by an arm, I put the head on a shoulder and suddenly I understand what now me will throw up. There is such humdrum of life. It already and lips pulls: Give to a kiss supposedly if gave to drink . And at me whether you understand, desires are even stronger from it. Inconveniently - that as left.

Reached a taxi which - as were packed, passed 5 meters - and here the drunk tequila came to light to look what occurs. The driver shouts: The Silly woman, open a door! Push a door . My satellite was pressed in a chair and, judging by his face, it wants to be in any other, other than it, the place. I very much try to pretend that I absolutely here at anything, just by passed. Well until reached to the house, me threw up time 5 - though I did not consider. Said goodbye, certainly, chilly, to kiss for some reason it did not get.

All! Now I am dishonored forever. The head hurts, there is no wish to live, to me also the sun - a fucking lamp is bad. And it very much was pleasant to me...

Saturday, December 13 Was lucky

.... Well also I am lucky

! He just called back. Asked how I feel and whether it is necessary for me something. I ordered tablets from the head and fruit, and is urgent. Now it will arrive. It is ashamed to look, of course, to me in his face, but I such beautiful now! When he sees blossoming today`s me, he will forget toshnyuchy yesterday`s me at once. You had sometime a sex on the first appointment? At me never (practically never). I am very basic in this question. But today second appointment, and it quite another matter.

Arguments for : a) we became quite closely acquainted (he even managed to recognize me from within)) it did not throw me at a difficult moment in) it is devilishly attractive, and you would smell as it smells. Tomorrow I will tell details of the first unusual night which, perhaps, will lead to marriage. Well I will not run forward.

By the way, his name is Max. But I call him the Gringo because it is his electronic nickname. Only t - ssss, to anybody.) )))

Monday, December 15 Not everything is so smooth


As if it it is softer to b to tell

? Mmmmm Well, nothing between us was. Horror! You do not represent how many shameful minutes to me were necessary to worry. Wine, fruit, meaningful glances, accurate, precisely verified, strippings of legs - in the best traditions of cheap Hollywood melodramas. I understand, it vulgarly sounds, still becoming banal looks, but, strangely enough, always works.

This time was an exception. Having tried all secrets of seduction, I desperately opened a mouth in a presentiment of a fast kiss, and he slightly pushed away me also told that he wants to go to theater, it even has tickets, it was necessary to find couple. Whether I will agree? I agreed. But with unpleasant feeling. Agreed without soul. Representation, as usual, did not cause in me interest. Especially today, when it became obvious that I konraseks on two legs that I can be taken in the road instead of a condom and that came it is time to forget about those times when men groaned and cried with one only on you a look. On the way back I asked whether he wants to come to me. And he told that he was very tired. Hardly - hardly restrained not to shout: Why you in general came to me?

Today at work...

Mood bad. Still my chief very much disturbs me. It is lonely and unusually good itself(himself). And he does not look at me at all (some unpleasant tendency is traced). No, it och. treats me kindly, does not abuse if I bungle or I run a bit earlier home. And here is how the woman - I do not interest him. But I as at any woman who does not interest the man have a plan.

And plan such:

Anton has a country house in the prestigious settlement across Rizhka. Slightly farther (any more not in elite and not in the settlement), but too across Rizhka, there live my friends who invite me to themselves all the time. Well and so, I want to go on Saturday morning to friends, and, absolutely incidentally, to arrange so that I broke the car. I will get up on the road: Oh - oh - oh what to do? Here BMW (On strange combination of circumstances, it will be BMW of my chief) What good luck goes some! As I was lucky, Anton! You trust in miracles? It is necessary you! And you believe in destiny? Whether so not to walk to us, if we here, to your house and whether not to have to us sex directly on a verandah if so everything successfully developed.

It is necessary only that it was plausible. He, of course, not the fool, and will understand sooner or later that I arranged everything. But then will be already late.

Just I with phone left in a smoking-room where again - on surprising coincidence there was Anton, and began to shout loudly (imitating conversation with friends): What? On Saturday? Aha, on Rizhskaya Route? Yes, on the left, then to the right, I understand. Well, I will try to be released and arrive. I kiss . I hung up, and began to discuss with myself heard. Here put! To the right - on the left, as if not to get lost. All right, I will try to understand on the ground .

Is natural, Anton as the true gentleman, approached and began to explain to me, where to turn.

- And from where you know? - I round eyes so that they strive to drop out of orbits (I represent surprise).

- Yes there too giving is, however, slightly closer to Moscow. (Clearly business. You grow rich, for that and it is well-known)))).

- Oh! What coincidence! (Surprising by a row, it is necessary current slightly - slightly to plan it).

- I go on Saturday too. I love the nature. (It throws out a cigarette and leaves a smoking-room). I will be not I if same Saturday I do not share with it love to the nature on combination of circumstances.

Went to work. You hold for me fists)))

Wednesday, January 10

Crash. is shorter than

, yesterday in the late afternoon in my favourite smoking-room (by the way, it is counted how many I take working hours there. Oh - it! It is unlikely some of bosses this arithmetics will be pleasant!), and so, I smoked - smoked, did not become green yet, and then somehow so inaccurately turned on a heel that it took, cattle, and without hesitation, fell off. Well though cry the head off: the hairpin of 8 mm dangled pasted to a sole by a thin snivel. Well I think, everything, today not my day not my year not my century. Eyes already on the wet place.

A then (I cunning) decided to wrap up failure in the party. The plan ripened mgnovenno:ya I sit grandly at work - I wait so far Anton will leave the office and will be going to leave. Then accurately (not strongly!) I paste a heel to a boot that at the right time it could fall off easily. I leave after Anton, I wait so far the underground garage will be left by its beemvukha, begin to cross the road and suddenly! There is a failure! - I sprain a leg. The heel falls off, I slightly fall directly under wheels of its smart car. He runs out from the car, picks up me on hands, presses to a breast, strong kisses on the lips happy because that is with me everything is all right. Romantic music sounds. Curtain.

the Plan - idle time performed by and very good as envisioned. In - the first, he will not guess that everything is arranged. Not the silly woman I specially to tear off a heel. In - the second, he will feel guilty that nearly ran over me, but at the same time the proud savior - nevertheless did not run! And to men it only on advantage - slightly - slightly fault, slightly - slightly heroism - and it forever yours. I was so excited from the hitroumnost! Well, I sit I wait when this reptile deigns to finish work. Till 8 in the evening waited! I do not understand what it does in the afternoon if does not manage to make all work to six? Though one pleased me: nobody called him (I so rasstapyrivat fish soup, trying to eavesdrop on its telephone conversations that they reddened and inflated))). So, there is a probability of absence at it of the young lady who waits for it in the evening home and heats a bed - King Sayz - certainly.

So, in eight he left an office, with astonishment looked that at me light burns, but did not begin to come and say goodbye. I waited 3 more minutes (so far will go down in garage until gets until warms up) and carefully on tiptoe, without stepping on a heel, began to move ahead towards an exit. Before the central ladder, already on the street, waited a minute more. As well in the winter! It is a high time to begin the new novel! Inhaled a full breast of fresh winter air and... rang out in a rastopyrka from a ladder!!! Fourteen steps on a stomach, in a new coat! The head down, a chin counting steps! Exactly fourteen times! Chin! In a new coat! Regained consciousness below on asphalt, gloves in one party, a heel in another, all cosmetics from a bag is evenly distributed on pools. On the street about the building my employees smoke! Damned thaw! There would be a cold, all on offices would sit. Thirty people of men became witnesses of my falling. I am a pozornitsa. Tomorrow I will leave. I rise with such look as if it is absolutely usual descent from a ladder before a campaign home. And what? Some on the elevator prefer, and I a small fish down. Whether you know it to whom that is pleasant. Out of the corner of the eye hooked on a bottom removed Bmvukhi. The geek is spiritless, did not even go out of the car, for certain saw everything in a rear-view mirror.

It seems sits now does not know how to appease an attack of a Homeric laughter. Which - as in porvaty panty hoses in a dirty coat reached the house. Horror! On a borodyshka a large graze. Wanted to begin to cry from offense and humiliation, but for some reason my ugly face in a mirror looked so comically that I burst out laughing. The gringo will not come today. To it there arrived some friends. They will drink any different drinks. So always, when it is very necessary - a fig for you - sit one.

Ya without hesitation, I call Ninke - the neigbour. We with it drink, properly (and then already and as does not follow too we drink) and she speaks: Do not get into the head. There is more to come, it at us will dance .

Today at work

Anton maliciously took an interest from where I have a scar on a chin. I looked down and told that attacked me. (Aha, the smart plan attacked my brain, but as always did not work). By the way, I with horror think what will be on Saturday on Rizhka when my old Audi allegedly fails??? As if there was no what. Anyway, a half of office lours at me, obviously hardly constraining a loud laughter. What to do I will not apply mind - can over time everything will be forgotten? Kochmariki on balls!

Monday, January 19

Ya drunkard! But, understand also you, I on it had good reasons. In my life does not happen that everything was good and harmonious if that that is got on, and I begin slightly - to relax and indulge slightly in a peace current - right there comes failure in the program and to have to make some inconceivable gestures to keep afloat.

Last night Maksimke called. I to admit, in general I hate calling men. And practically never I do it. Thought, I will call, and we lovely povorkuy, on a subject: whether I for work forgot to put on drawers today. I call. I speak: Hi, darling! what plans for evening . What he deafly answers me that I called in an hour, and it is better in general tomorrow, it has no type on me time. I directly so with a tube also became rooted to the spot. It is normal? All right, I think, nadinamit me. There`s nothing to be done, not for the first time already, could and get used.


Figs - that about two I still at least once will call you. Whether not to get drunk to me from a grief with my best friend Zhenka? Zhenya super friend to me. And I to it not really super because at it from a box Max`s address was pulled together. And now I meet it, and she virtually from it raves. I told nothing to it still - but is sure - it can wait a little. We meet it in cafe and we order beer. In total so gladenko - it is harmonious. Then she begins to tell

to me about the work and private life which burst. And then speaks:

- And me tomorrow Maxim appointed meeting.

- Oops! At me even breath intercepted.

- I Oh! speak, directly itself appointed?

- of course and that that surprising, we already so much time are familiar on the Internet that it is time to pass to real. I order still a glass of beer.

- And where you meet?

- Yes at one Mexican restaurant. We want to drink tequilas (AAAA!!! SOS!!! Everything is clear it all of us wholesale drives in one and too the place, it has there most likely already a discount). Here popandos!

- I so worry, about such nice, sent me the photo, I already almost fell in love.

Ya pancake too! - I do not say it aloud. Devil of lines of lines! There is an asshole! Cattle, geek, rascal! How it can? What now to do to me. To revenge? But I love it and I do not want to sever relations with it so far. I shocked - so did not expect such turn.

thought Then that it is rewarded me according to the deserts because stole her guy from Zhenka. Stole from the best friend. From a grief I nakhlobystatsya at full scale, hardly dovolochit legs to an entrance. I remember still that swore with the taxi driver (well why they are always such vile? I pay, so, I am a client, from here - I am always right) because I guessed in what arch not at once it is necessary to drive to get home to me. Hee hi hi = such pyan.

I come on the fifth we have a floor an iron door in our waiting room there. At first it is necessary to open it, and then already the apartment. And so on a door, on the handle the huge bouquet of roses weighs. 25 long huge roses! And neither notes, nor additions. I even sobered up a little. At once an Eros everyones got into the head.

All the same even if it from Max - does not solve a problem. He is a rascal. It is visible to the naked eye. Favourite rascal. I will think all right still what with it to do.

ABOUT Anton briefly. The matter is that on Friday at us a party at expensive restaurant. Because our fucking firm is 10 years old. I usually do not go to corporate parties. Because I so that hardly suffer those with whom I work - with them to thump - dismiss.

And one more reason - I as will get drunk - I begin to fornicate. It just umor! It is paradoxical that I should behave and drink!! And if got drunk - that I cannot behave and whom not to tempt. And so, I am afraid again that I will get drunk at a party and I will lose sexual orientation in space. Also to me the question with some man is not clear - to go to show to Anton - here look what I there is abrupt.

Or to go one - look I is lonely also me not to whom to warm, give it this time there will be you Anton, do not send me to paws of drunk debauchery (((. HE has to take pity over naive (and for this reason readily available) the beauty. A dress of an estya I it have very beautiful. All behind opened, a section big on a skirt. The spot - cattle swelled up only on a shoulder. Out of place. All right, I will think, I should solve so many problems. If who has some valuable advice - will be glad. Only do not write that I did not drink. I cannot. My physiology is torn outside and so on.

Monday, February

4 Hi! Worse and worse than I expected. One went to a corporate party. Let, I think, will look that I am rather available. And that so shy, and here absolutely will retire to the background. Put on a dress. High made a hairdress. You would see how I am good! Nymph!

Came there, and at restaurant little tables put closely to each other, but it is possible to sit at one only on 4 persons. I Watch

, Anton already sits. He, the aunt is one chief of department, and two men - a top - the manager. I found the closest to them a little table for mere mortals, but not for inhabitants of heaven. I not really - that communicate with women at work. But I have 2 very good friends (I even managed with them not to oversleep yet) and several admirers of serious scale. To me they not really to liking. Though it is pleasant when they so everything crowded around my little table, on envy to surrounding aunts. Aunts, I will report on you, well as peacocks! Just the feather into a bottom was not inserted. All blyastit

, in spangle hair, a dress in pearls yes in sapphires, on a face... correctly! guessed - too spangles. That all one approached one... Horror, well. Several I nevertheless saw beauties, whatever you may say - even I odds will be given. And one of them just at Anton`s table, sits on the right. Very stylish woman. Chock some not the Russian. It has a father - the Frenchman. And probably not the bad Frenchman because sends it cars exclusive things from collections of other quite good French (Lagerflda, Dolcha Gabana etc. you will not remember all).

I not to time did not see that it would be at work in the same dress. Really, believe me, very stylish and very beautiful. I in comparison with it a small dog - a dvornyashshka. tyaf tyaf.

One my plus - youth. What will move a bowl of scales in the opinion of Anton? Faultless style or young freshness? I sat and indulged in sad thoughts did not understand yet that I at napuzyritsya fairly by champagne.

Anton never looked at me. I specially squinted eyes in its party to look looks or does not look. Then understood that just now or I will go blind, or I will begin to whirl the head and I will fall. Here still the animator - the inventor to me began to solicit. Some competitions there at it and I have to participate in them.

A to me already in general and sea knee-deep. I stepped on the stage and it to me grit, give so. You take the microphone and sing a chastushka, then give the microphone to somebody else and they sing and so on. And I like to sing since the childhood - passion simply. As in a bathroom happened I will come so directly feeling that Nikolay Baskov and Edyta Piekha together wash! Beauty. I tell

I to the animator. Well you thought up, the guy, only I for a start another will sing the song. He began to blink and how to otbrekhatsya at once did not think up. I already sing

A on a scene: Female happiness would be lovely to a ryadomn and more than nothing not naaaaadooooooo. And so to a coat hanger I will erotically move and I glance at Anton. And the hall guffaws cannot stop. Already shout - move away the animator in a goppa, let it entertain us.

Anton from laughter slightly from a chair did not fall. I for pleasure started singing lyrical. And he took and called the companion to dance... Well I finished singing and went to the place. Sadly, but though showed off. Though he looked at me, perhaps, other eyes.

All rejoiced, and I drank still a trifle and judged soberly - it is necessary to invite it to dance supposedly the chief - the chief, drove I will begin to whirl you in a waltz tuft. While I for bravery finished drinking cocktail, it rose and with the doll went to an exit. In total! Even I will not say that I worried at this moment. How many disappointment and humiliation... I in speed slipped away too. There are on the street warmly, I beautiful, in a good dress, slightly drunk.

I watch an art - the cafe shines sparks. Well also came. Villages for a rack also I tell bar exchange to me B - 52. And here I see in the distance the company sits at a little table, and the star Russian the priest - scenes heads it (a name I will definitely not speak, you never know... I do not know as at them at the rich there, will kill then still inadvertently), we will call it Andrey (it just especially and call).

Well they sit, drink have fun. I turned away, drank the cocktail - lit, reflected. Here Andrey sits down by me, so.

- What beautiful and very sad girl - dexterously notices it.

- What unusual manner to get acquainted, you do not want to patent? - also dexterously I answer. Smeezza, ghoul!

- I Can you pleasantly amuse, treat or make? To steam of cocksucking without departing from a bar rack - it I thought so.

did not begin to speak. - you Can make to me pleasantly. Show me your removed rear view... Oops! It it is disturbing looked at me. It was visible that under hair the thought

" wanders; And suddenly she does not know that before it Andrey Gandonov! Great and mighty, plenyashchy hearts of millions of Russians

- I will not leave you to long here one. Go for our little table. There it is cheerful.

I did not begin to resist long. Allowed to take away itself. At a table it was really cheerful. They noted some end of tours. Told ridiculous stories, any pathos. Andrey watched all the time for me and tried to draw into conversation. In principle, he is not a bad guy. Though can and it is drawn, type, I am the same simple persons as you, a bla of a bl of a bl...

as a result, began everything goes home, and Andryukha went to see off me, certainly. Anton is a pity does not see. Let knows, as it is possible to do without it. The singer on the way told me of a heavy singing share of the Russian popsovik - the inventor. Maids stick, and here one and only he so did not meet that yet. (Looks to me in eyes whether you are my half what I looked for for many years?) No, really quite good guy! Only foolish sings songs. What to him it was immediately reported about. He was confused a little, and promised to compose the song tonight (if I, of course, do not invite him to myself) in my honor because I am its muse now. So from the drunkard - unlucky persons I turned into the Muse of the famous singer Kandomov. I Believe

that if does not tell lies, then after a while you will be able to hear something: The Lolaaaa, do not disappear, Lola not uletaaaay... or still something intricate in the same vein. To spend the night I did not invite him. I am a muse now - virtue. I should sow kind and eternal. Here I had such day on Saturday.

On Sunday.............. Zhenka called and reported that Max is unusually good in a bed..... About it tomorrow. Now I cannot. A lump in a throat.

Monday, February 23

is A lot of everything

In the head full confusion! Again so much occurred!

On Friday we with Max went to restaurant. He invited me to a romantic dinner. (I hinted it for a long time that all these secular entertainments theaters - shmeatra - not for me. To me to eat well and to drink much). We went to Mefisto`s Lock. There is such situation Music, twilight It seems to me that I am in love with Max. It not such as all. It is inexplicable

. Some echo of the childhood. (When I was small and read novels, always represented how for me there will arrive Rhett Butler on a white horse, Batman on wings of night will arrive or, at the worst, Spider-Man will go down from the rooftop and will carry away far - far and we will long live - predolgo and it is happy - preschastlivo.

And so Maxim just my hero, well can not absolutely Rhett Butler, but at least Cherepashka Nidzya precisely). So, we sat at restaurant, laughed, drank wine and ate the rabbit flesh baked in pine nuts. Always there is a wish to tell about such moments Stop a moment you perfectly! You Think: This should be remembered well. Then to remember in the long winter evenings this spring, warm, happy day . On the other hand, somewhere around a stomach the imp " jumps; No, no, do not trust it deception. Never happens so well just like that. Somewhere the dirty trick rummages.

A so gentle Mack Whispers to me on an ear that I am its ideal that to it with anybody it was not so good as with me. And still my imp got into a mess: Next day Zhenka called and told that to her with anybody it was not so good as with Max yet. At me even the mouth opened from surprise, but I quickly recovered. Just already got used to such vicissitudes of life - began to ask. And it, naive soul, laid out everything as on a confession. Met it in the Mexican bar, laughed much, drank much tequilas (as it is familiar to me), then went to it.

- Not long you protected the maiden honor.

- Just - too long. I understood that as Max I should not pass it. It - super! You know, I davny - anybody did not meet long ago, already thought of how I will die the old maid. And now! I want to fly. Especially, you do not represent that it manufactured in a bed. - (I do not represent? Well why, the darling, very much even I represent) - I did not tell it aloud.

Ya between the devil and the deep sea! Between two fires! Between a grater and onions. On the one hand the best friend. On the other side of Max with whom I fell in love. From the third party my deception. With all these headaches I somehow at all forgot that Max. dynamite me and bullshits! In any other situation the red bulb would be lit instantly: I was inflated, to me changed, I will revenge . Now the situation became complicated.

But, believe me, became complicated not so that I would swallow it. The plan ripened! But about it later. Now we will return to domestic the priest - a scene. Andrey does not depart from me. All the time calls, writes letters by e-mail. At work from it to pass is not present. The only thing that I in it like it huge super sports and super expensive red car! It on it three times taxied up for me to office. you Present to

: I leave glass doors of office in a white raincoat, white high boots, a white bag (is shorter as the bride, only she is not married). So, I all in white, get into expensive red sports Mercedes. Ooooooooooooooooooo! Two times from three, I did in time (absolutely incidentally) that I was seen by Anton. And yesterday we were with Andrey on some presentation of expensive underwear. He sang the unforgettable hits " there; hop - la`s la, hop - la`s la - I fell in love with you and I watched a fashion show of nogasty and busty aunts in pants haute couture. Then the most important - a buffet reception. We with Andryukha gathered zhrak and sat aside directly on steps laughed loudly because we discussed Irina Allegrova. He told so many any skabreznost to me about stars! (When we with it swear, I here to you will lay out everything as on spirit at once - together we will laugh). And here behind someone hails me, I turn around - Anton and Amin!

Well, is clear business she could not but bring the new lover to look at others willies through transparent pants. I hesitated, Amin with my Anton, and I with this figure of bottoms here - cultures. I did not begin to represent it even, lowed something. Perhaps, I think, will not understand that to what. Most it is a shame. All right, I think, with Robi Williams would sit, and that The Love it so stirs " blood;. Well we talked for the sake of appearance, discussed a fashion show. It turned out that Amin the guest of honor (Of course! Anyhow, it me was dragged for free to take a look, and for Amina it seems the limousine was driven). Anton stared at me in all eyes. I even schuffled - suddenly, I think, the skirt was lifted up and my cotton are seen. My answer, so to speak, to hrantsuzsky designers. After that, I faced a new problem. Andryukha - the thin organization of the central nervous system - understood why I did not want to represent him.

- You hesitate of me? there is no

- well you.

- Why you did not present me, did not tell that I am your friend?

- You see is my chiefs at work, rumors will go and so on Which - as I got out though, perhaps, he also did not believe me. - Let`s go from here, to me it is not cheerful any more. We started wandering to an exit, and on the street we were surrounded by crowd of maids - young children. All of them demanded the autograph, and looked at me the hating eyes.

Here it is life! I hesitate of the acquaintance to a pop star, and many would give a floor - lives just to stand with it by a hand. I dream of Anton, and he dreams Amina whom he, most likely, interests only as an accessory to a new suit from Seong - Laurent. Amine the CEO (it is not a secret for one lady at our office) is pleasant, and the director quite is content with the simple-minded wife whom brought about twenty years ago from the Bryansk village and so on. Certainly, we wish only what is inaccessible at present to us. Proceeding from it it is also necessary to develop strategy. I feel

Ya guilty that betrayed for 5 kopeks of Andrey, pretended that it I see the first time. But all this does well since confirms my theory. It is not clear to it why I hesitate of it, he did not get used to it. He will reach for me, will not solve secret yet, and I promise you that he will not solve it long. As, you understand, red sports Mercedes me will not prevent to

NEW yet!!!

Monday, March 23

I is a little more...

Ha ha ha! There was an awful case in my life!

we Sit with Andrey in an art - cafe. We eat - we drink. I as usual entertain him, i.e. he neighs at my expense, and I guzzle at his expense, respectively. Not rather equivalent exchange, especially, if to consider how I izgalyayus to spark wit. Well, we sit - we sit, suddenly it - aa - JSC Tsop! me by a hand. Also speaks:

- I will read the verses you now. Wrote

at night - Oooooo! - only also I could mumble. It should be noted that above all I hate when homebrew rhymers begin to read the homebrew, but immortal works. I do not know where to put eyes with shame.

you Sit as the idiot, in the head only one thought - not to razorzhatsya, looking at his stupid face obscured by a noble haze, half-closed eyes and so on. Well pure Lermontov, Mandelstam and horse-radish knows who else rolled into one. The man`s friends, I beg you, do not write verses. In general any do not write. All the same that you did not write all - shit a priori.

A to us sit suffer and squeeze out from yourself praise.

- You predo me was . And heart broke And you do not love me . And what to do to me?

- Something in such spirit wrote. I literally do not remember, but the essence precisely transferred. Crimson sits, looks to me in the face. It is a shame - horror as. I feverishly think what epithet to pick up after reading of its creation. Pancake to roll up eyes. To exclaim: Ah, it is delightful! And to fall dead under a lunch little table. But I am afraid of

, even so he does not distinguish a jeer. Only will inflate an Adam`s apple and will go further to create proud Gogol. In my life of such prenepriyatny moments there was much. I know

Ya that it is necessary to make not to wound anybody`s self-esteem. During reading, I izgebnutsya also by a hand, free from it, prebolno pinched myself for a bottom. Slightly jumped up from surprise, but achieved result - couple of avaricious teardrops alone stiffened in corners of my widely open eyes.

- cannot be! I do not trust! Really you wrote it for me?

- For you and about you - Strong squeezes my hand and drags it to the heart.

- Thanks! - teardrops shamefully dry up without having rolled out from eyes. I hide the face in hands and I mutter: Sorry, I should leave .

I Run in a toilet, type could not master the feelings, such here I am the thin sincere organization. In a toilet nearly I fall from legs from a laughter. The Svezhepopisavshy aunt with horror jumps aside from me. Companions, well do not write you verses! Or at least do not read them to the ladyloves. Let to herself in the top box of a little table, the tetradaughter who is tied up deafly tightly by a red bow very quietly lies.

As for Max - put rubbish. Could not refuse to itself pleasure and again overslept with it. I can do nothing with myself. On the one hand I nevertheless have to it feelings. He, the rascal, knows that the way to the woman lies through Evstafiyevuyu a pipe (it in an ear) and skillfully uses it. On the other hand, it is madly good in a bed. (Wanted to tell still that after three-week acquaintance, at last, allowed Andrey to the bed. It was awful

! One and a half minutes of a bessvyazanny derganye then wild cry: Everything, everything, I already skorooooooooooo!

Then the half-hour story as it could more, but simply: a) drank wines superfluous), b) was a little tired after a yesterday`s concert, c) forgot where to insert, d) the member to the necessary size could not grow, e) did not find time to learn to strike properly. and so on, but separately I will tell you about it).

And so slept I with Max again, more true did not fall down (you will not fall asleep with it), and was engaged in different useful in affairs. He whispered me on an ear takiiiiy words. Such special words which open a way to a heart female and to several openings. I was in the seventh heaven. Then as the true masochist met Zhenka and that shared with me the secrets of secret penetration into her openings. It should be noted that Max did not abuse a variety. I know that the geek it is spiritless. Well I know! Now I know for certain. A week ago solved: if it is impossible to me with men, well I am not lucky with them, I this way and that, and all the same in any way! And so I decided to be honest. It is simple to say that I think. Well not to stupid, of course, I want to offend nobody. Just I want to tell the truth. It is easy and pleasant to tell the truth, as we know. Here what from this left. We met Max once again and began to stir.

Spoke - said and here I as I will blurt out:

- I have to you admit something to

- And laid out everything. And about the best friend, and that got into her mail without demand and that it stole the address also wrote. Laid out everything as on spirit. Only Zhenkino did not tell the name. Any muscle did not tremble on the Maksovy face. Showed no sign that changes me on black.

- I do not know now what to do, admit or not? The girlfriend I do not want to lose also you too. What to do to me?

- In this situation I am a bad adviser. (Looks away, maybe, there is a hope that conscience remained?) . Want I I will talk to it? What is her name? Oops! So Zhenka also not one at it! Well, dear companions, so business will not go.

- You know, I nevertheless decided to tell it. You here not and, even I will not stain your name. I will take and will call right now!

- Right now? You will be upset and will spoil to yourself all evening. Let`s postpone the truth for later. there is no

- I cannot wait more I will go I will call. there is no

- give nevertheless then, now I want to bring you to shop and to present you something what you dreamed long ago of. Ha ha! Got, cattle!

- What sum can be had? - instantly I quickened, having instantly forgotten about the best friend. - Any, my dear, only do not forget that I am not called Mr. Gates.

- Well you that you. Millions are not necessary to us, we will quietly be limited to thousands

So what we have? A full box of expensive belongings, one lover - shcha - shcha - shcha already I finish one lover - the geek, the happy girlfriend who bangs the lover - the geek and big gimory on a bottom. How to me to untangle all this? Whether I will have sometime quiet family life? The good husband, to steam of children - the handsome, couple (and it is possible even one) lovers - good children. That all as at people. I am afraid to remain nevertheless the old maid. Oh I am afraid .

Continuation, I hope, follows... ]