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What is Yellow submarine ?

So funny are called the musical animated movie - Yellow Submarine what in translation from English means Yellow " submarine;. In world culture it remained is well-known, first of all, and it is considered that it was considered the best performance of " ensemble; Beatles in cinema.

The movie was shot when popularity of world renowned ensemble reached peak, and Beatlemania proceeded. And the Liverpool four still surprised all with versatility of the talents.

Fans and experts on classical music, as well as aficionados Beatles well know that Yellow submarine was published absolutely incidentally. The famous musicians were tied with the American company Yunayted is an actor contractual obligations. And they provided shooting in three movies. Thus, Yellow submarine had by the way. The artist from the Western Germany Heinz Eydelsman worked on the movie. And already on July 17, 1968 the movie began to be shown on screens.

For Beatles the movie did not represent anything special. And none of ensemble of it especially hid. All because, according to all members of a legendary quartet, it is not the movie, but illustrations to songs of authors and performers famous for all at all. And against told difficult something to object if you know that it is valid nobody from Beatles did not take part in the movie. However in the movie four new songs were heard: Now all together All this is too much Only the northern song and Hey, bulldog! . The last from four new songs was recognized as the best. But, if to be objective, then it not absolutely new. John Lennon wrote it earlier, but for any reasons it did not get to the previous albums. And here it appeared to the place.

In the movie also other songs, already famous, but still favourite by many were heard. It All you need is, is a love . And Yellow submarine too. It was executed by Ringo Starr. Executed perfectly. Information will not be exhaustive if not to tell that from beginning to end in the movie instrumental music of George Martin sounds.

It was the satirical animated fairy tale. And it was pleasant to the audience humour Beatles . It is penetrated by ideas of philanthrophy. In it the drawn Liverpool four enters fight with monsters. And uses not the weapon, but justice, music and, of course, love for fight against them. By the way, in the movie the famous musicians do not hide the sympathies at all. They it is unambiguous against war and militarism.

The audience apprehended the movie as something unusual, extraordinary. What is the time passed since it came out... And here that surprisingly: the modern audience after viewing of the movie remains with the most warm feelings from what was seen and heard.]