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What to take with itself in maternity hospital? Notes first-hand.

the Idea to write this article arose at me when I for the fourth time heard as the wife under record dictates to the girlfriend by phone the list of things which need to be taken in maternity hospital. And as the child at us appeared quite recently, and the list was still actual. Before childbirth we with the wife very attentively read all recommended literature, several times asked the doctor that needs to be taken, attended all seminars, but for some reason all recommendations were consolidated to the short list: documents, dressing gown, slippers and laying. All the rest as it was approved, in maternity hospital is. Yes, in maternity hospital there was everything that is necessary for the newborn, and here for mother - no.

So if you average mother with average earnings, give birth in ordinary city maternity hospital and to lie in free chamber and if you have no opportunity to call the husband or relatives when something suddenly was required to you, then this list can be useful to you.

1. you will be going to maternity hospital So far (in day of childbirth), ask someone from relatives to make to you cheese sandwiches, to put couple of bananas and a bottle of drinking water. You will not be able to define when precisely give rise therefore you risk to be left without dinner. And there is a wish to eat and drink (to drink - especially) very much. Take the word to my wife.

2. the Catheter for a vein - when to you will give injections before childbirth not to prick a needle several times (ask the doctor - can, in your hospital they are free of charge).

3. Hygienic laying - a thing extremely necessary, especially in the first few days. Take the thickest and wide. The producer marks them six drops or night (night).

4. the Absorbing laying for a breast - they will be necessary when milk goes, and the kid will not be able to use all volume yet. We bought the cheapest, on 58 rubles for 28 pieces in packing - at first was enough for a week. Now for bigger term.

5. 2 pieces of children`s soap - one to you, the second to wash away the child. Take without smells and impurity - you should not risk, causing an allergy.

6. the Piece of a gauze the size approximately about a man`s handkerchief - to wipe when the child srygnt after food.

7. Sea-buckthorn oil. It will be necessary when the child begins to suck a breast that nipples did not hurt and did not burst. Oil was bought for the third day therefore a little time was wasted. Though it very much helped. The wife did not wash away oil even before feeding as said that it interferes with appearance of the milkwoman in children. It is absorbed at once, but badly washes off from clothes. (Nurses also recommended vitamin E instead of a sea-buckthorn).

8. the Interesting book - is useful in the afternoon as at first the child only eats and sleeps, and to do nothing - boringly.

9. - you put Phone with an alarm clock on vibration and you put under a pillow, in this case you do not wake other children when time to feed at night comes.

10. Some sum of money. You do not know what can be necessary, and in hospital there are always a drugstore and some little shops.

11. the Dressing gown, slippers, a towel, a cup, a spoon, a soup plate, a toothbrush and paste, a hairbrush, socks are a standard set for any hospital.

This list which is not closed to add or clean is your business. We only advise.

A now questions which should be set to the nurse when bring you the child the first time:


As it is correct to b to feed? Even if you are prepared theoretically, the help of the skilled nurse will not prevent. It will show how to give a breast and how to hold the child that it was not sick to feed.

2. Where to take a feeding up? The feeding up is a sterilized milk of other mothers at whom is it much and they decant milk. It is useful to you if own milk comes not at once. Do not hesitate to learn when where and at whom it can be received. Children lose flesh in the first days, and if loss is essential (from the point of view of the doctor), then the child they can put under a dropper for the whole day, and you will be as the cruiser to go by the chamber of intensive therapy (CIT) and to roar, having heard as your child cries (you will not let there). And do not agree for anything to chamber near PETE - nerves it is possible to lose loads.


As it is correct to b to swaddle? As a rule, one - two times are enough to understand how to wrap the child in diapers. Also learn to do surely of a diaper a cap is a brilliant invention of the Soviet medicine when it is possible to make the cap fixing the child`s head of a piece of matter.

Well and finally two important, from our point of view, council.

Drink more liquid, especially Kalmyk tea (green tea with milk) - there will be a lot of milk.

Prepare for a trip to maternity hospital in advance. Our doctor was mistaken in the forecast almost for three weeks, and we by naivety ignored harbingers. When went to register paid chamber and to meet the doctor, it turned out that before childbirth few hours therefore got to free chamber and to the free doctor (but it was not worse at all).

If something from written here to you helps - that we will be very glad! Health to you and your kid!]