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Which of the Soviet marshals was sent in a stock ? Part I. Stalin petrel.

the Great Patriotic War gives many examples of unexpected prompt career take-off and falling of officers and generals. It also is clear, the raging copper of events mixed characters, persons, destinies. The good luck, someone`s extraordinary abilities which were not demanded in usual life smiled to someone, were shown in a fighting situation.

But take-off in three and a half years from a modest military rank the lieutenant colonel to stars of the chief marshal of aircraft was the only thing. Who this outstanding personality? Alexander Evgenyevich Golovanov, which highest military position - the Air Force commander of distant action.

The lieutenant colonel and the first army position of the commander of a dalnebombardirovochny regiment of a special purpose A. E. Golovanov received the first military rank in February, 1941. The lieutenant colonel for the person of the military tells the first military rank much. As a rule, get to army ordinary or green lieutenants. The first military rank of the senior officer and a position of the commander of a regiment - it is not casual. It is inaccessible to ordinary people. But Golovanov was not usual.

The biography of this person is prompt. Among his ancestors there is a hero of the Crimean war admiral Kornilov and a narodovolets Kibalchich. In revolutionary events of 1917 our hero, on his own saying, on the early childhood did not take part was to it during that time of only 13 years.

But in two years adventurous strings of character make itself felt and the former cadet of the Moscow military school of Catherine II, having hidden age and suddenly having grown old for two years, voluntarily enters Red Army. Serves as the intelligence agent in the shooting regiment which was taking part in fights with Denikin and Makhno.

After war - VChK - OGPU - People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Choice again conscious. Future marshal seeks to be on an attack edge where it was still possible to prove those years? To get to ranks knights of revolution the offspring of a noble sort had to look for recommendations of the famous figures.

Alexander Golovanov was not an ordinary security officer. Giving to service more time, than any of his colleagues, nevertheless, it sought not for usual advance. Always pulled it there where the maximum tension of physical forces where smells of risk was required and adrenaline storms.

Equestrian sport, motorcycle races, firing - here the incomplete list of hobbies of youth. And not just young security officer was in time everywhere, and achieved impressive results. For example, in shooting sport it won a country champion title.

Likely, not incidentally Alexander Golovanov`s choice, the motorcycle racer, the equestrian and the shooter, fell on aircraft. All country at the suggestion of the Stalin management was ill by plane. It was time of unprecedented achievements and records. In 1932 Golovanov graduates from TsAGI aviaschool where the famous pilot M. M. Gromov was his instructor.

In a year, in general, the graduate green still is considered as the pilot from god. Career in merchant air fleet quickly increases. In 2 years of flight practice it is charged with the responsible special tasks, then he is a commander of aviagroup, the head of department of GVF, the pilot - millionaire flying day and night in difficult meteoconditions. The chief - the pilot of Aeroflot and again special tasks: Halkhin - the Goal, Finland.

What special tasks are? In the book Day M V. Suvorov calls Golovanov Stalin petrel carrying out personal secret orders of the leader and even delivering objectionable to punishment. Other authors disprove it.

At the beginning of 1941 A. E. Golovanov addresses Stalin with the letter in which he states offers on creation of distant bombing aircraft. How you think whether many of the Soviet citizens had an opportunity to address directly the leader? And from among those who had such opportunity whether many addresses the leader considered personally?

But the laconic letter of Alexander Golovanov was considered, the author was invited for conversation, called in armed forces and charged formation of a regiment. And, besides, not just charged. The resolution of the Politburo demanded from heads of the Air Force, Narkomata of defense and Aeroflot to give immediate help to the commander 212 - go a bombing aviaregiment at stages of formation and to provide it to all necessary.

To the middle of June, 1941 the regiment was ready to fighting work. And the first fighting departure pilots of a regiment, generally the same former pilots of GVF, as well as their commander, made already on June 23, 1941. About future of a regiment and its creator in the following article.]