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Reference points in schemes of a mortgage: what, how much?

the Mortgage entered everyday life of Russians, but its availability leaves to wish that is called bigger In total - burden periodic (monthly and not only) of payments for the housing credit against an average salary, let and taking into account money in an envelope it is very notable for personal, family budgets.

Those who in details count payments (then risk to miscalculate below) are right, keeping account of the income and expenses.

for the aid to all potential borrowers on a mortgage is presented the squeezed statement of its schemes. It rules of the game concerning repayment of the credit, usually - long-term (10 - 30 years).

In similar affairs it is important to consider balance of interests . The bank earns the profit , the client - receives the consumer benefit .

It is more favorable to bank the long periods, then from one conditional client more money arrives. Though at smaller terms (till 12 - 15 years) interests of bank are protected by the scheme of a mortgage which is picked up specially for . The client within the established mortgage schemes can choose option, feasible for the budget. We will count these scenarios on fingers . From one to to six. Let`s understand the main terms of a mortgage , we will orient on behalf of the client of " bank; in the choice of this or that option.

1. Spring a mortgage - the elementary and most clear option, with a little mechanical name. Knowledge of a physics course will not be necessary here. Let`s manage calculation of equal (monthly) payments . The client repays the housing loan the period behind the period, equal parts. Over and over again the debt rest smoothly decreases, decreases also the sum of bank percent on the credit. So spring stops to the last payment and safe (it is desirable!) to closing of a credit line.

2. A beater - overny a mortgage - periodic changes of an interest rate are probable . More difficult option, like chess in comparison with checkers. However swimming percent (so, that additional amount that it is necessary to pay to bank every period over part of a principal debt) only possibly. More or less. And in both parties of rather sizes. An environment whether you know! Option for clients well-founded, with stable financial opportunities.

3. Spherical a mortgage - you pay later . Sphere - the main sum of the credit, with percent, is subject to payment closer to the end of term a credit line. But then - the size of the current obligations of the client will be large! But several years housing will cheap manage.

4. A mortgage with the return annuity - additional micro - the credits . The client - periodic payments to bank - acquires the special rights for repayment of annuities - as if the new credits, in the help today . And tomorrow - payment for everything! The client such " reminds a spherical mortgage, but actually; payment delays does not receive, one loan at the expense of a series of other credits is just repaid.

5. A mortgage with the reconsidered rate - in advance, when opening the credit are established future (at that time) of change of a payment for use of means . The option is simpler a beater - an overny mortgage, but for the client as well as always, financial stability is actual.

6. A mortgage with participation in an increase in value - for production, commercial real estate, and so forth. Investment bank in interesting object. Money - in business, profit - we divide!

Such is short running in delicious possession of a mortgage where all housing problems, at least in the theory, have to be solved. Choose

, clients!