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About whom the Soviet writers spoke: Too red-cheeked talent ?

on January 10, 1883, 125 years ago, at Aleksandra Leontyevny Bostrom as she called herself in spite of the fact that it had a civil marriage with the new husband, the son whom Aleksandra named in honor of Bostrom Alexey was born . This event was preceded by serious passions. In 19 - summer age Sasha Turgeneva (this was her maiden name) was married to the landowner Nikolay Tolstoy . At that time for it it was very good party, and less than in ten years " is not casual; Turgenev girl gave birth to the husband of three children - to Alexander, Mstislav and Elizabeth.

But it knew the husband to a wedding a little and with horror was convinced - it is the most real owner, ruthless to foreign opinion, easily flying into a rage, and these minutes of causeless anger not just dangerous - deadly. Once the young wife, having been in the family way, dared as it seemed to the usurper, to make eyes at someone. The count Tolstoy did not find anything better how to shoot at the wife from the gun, it is good that missed the mark!

What most of all you are afraid, as a rule, of and occurs. Exhausting the spouse small cavils, it is constant searching on its cases of lovers, the count Tolstoy courted trouble. The emaciated and almost crushed woman stretched to the first more or less standing man who beautifully looked after and only and heard delighted female sighs when played music and sang romances. Their communication with Aleksandra quickly revealed, the jealous husband took away the incorrect spouse far away from the Samara region and vented the rage the fact that more often than usually, forced the wife, dependent on it, to execution of matrimonial duties!

What to be in a bed with unloved, let and the lawful husband, dreaming at the same time of far darling with whom it is impossible to be at present in any way... Probably, very terribly. And here in such conditions Aleksandra Leontyevna also managed to become pregnant! But even such tiransky attitude towards mother from the father never stirred Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy to rejoice both a fatherly surname, and a fatherly title. Not to me, of course, to judge the classics, but the timeserving, seemingly, in a varying degree was present at it nearly since the birth.

And Tolstoy just is farther did not hold the spouse. In despair it even shot at the lover of the wife, but whether a shooter was unimportant on life, whether was successfully turned out by Bostr, but murder did not happen but only a slight bullet wound. It was a last straw of patience for Aleksandra. And then there was a court in which all assessors and most of attendees sided with the deceived count. He fought for family ideals!

Perhaps, someone expected that the dishonored countess will arrive the same as Anna Karenina? It did not occur - she left to the lover and gave birth to the son (that, from the husband). Here future writer also grew in such conditions. His mother and the stepfather paid it enough attention, but Alexey Bostrom in his soul everything - disliked, otherwise with what it is possible to explain that fact that after Alexey grew up, he was sent not to a gymnasium (on a rank), and to real school? The Count, you speak? - as if asked Bostr, - and you learn together with country children !

By then they move to Samara. Exactly here they are found by a message that in the French Nice the count Nikolay Tolstoy dies. Read the burial service over him in Samara, and Aleksandra Leontyevna conducts on Alexey`s funeral in hope that someone from relatives of the count will undertake care of the future of the guy. But, having spat once in a well, it is difficult to wait that water will remain not turbid. Nobody in their party even looks. And only the father shortly before the death decides to click once again on a forehead the former: in the will it does not leave to Aleksandra kopeks, but Alexey becomes the owner of a state in 30 thousand rubles. For those times, when the meat pound on a market cost something about 4 kopeks, quite good money!

On them young Tolstoy enters Institute of technology in St. Petersburg . Here he studies three with a half years when all educational institutions are closed from - for revolutionary disorders (1905). But the count does not care about revolutions, he right there breaks abroad, having entered the Dresden polytechnical institute. However, in one of stuffy summer evenings it suddenly understands that he needs urgently to see mother. It comes to Samara, but a little late: not to rescue mother any more, she dies at the son on hands of meningitis

the Most passionate desire of Aleksandra Leontyevna - that Alexey became a writer. And he did not dare to disobey the will dying. Next year its first verses, however, are published them a lot of imitation. And five more years later the first novels of A. N. Tolstoy - " were issued; Odd fellows and Lame barin .

From the beginning of World War I the writer becomes the front correspondent, describing a feat of the Russian soldier. Meets February revolution enthusiastically - at last the democracy replaced the monarchy. But the pleasure is premature: October revolution, apparently, drives the writer into the corner: in this Gehenna fiery two elder brothers perish, then Bolsheviks shoot fatherly brothers, and several relatives, including women and children, die of hunger and cold.

Tolstoy manages to escape. From Odessa it goes to Paris where starts the most serious novel which decides to call Sisters . the Original version of the novel finds broad support from emigrants: hatred and rage to the Soviet power and splashes from each page! But seeing that nobody manages to dump this power, neither white, nor to troops of the Entente, nor Japanese, Tolstoy habitually changes the beliefs and tries to implore forgiveness at the won proletariat.

Whether it is necessary to say that the novel Sisters (first part of the trilogy Purgatory ) quickly changes the political and vital estimates? He literally corresponds, and already Roshchin causes in the reader feeling of indignation from - for what cannot understand obvious in any way: against the people it is impossible to go at all! And Telegin, on the contrary, from the tupogolovy cretin who wants to sink Russia in brotherly blood, turns into the hero who for the sake of the working people is ready to put the most expensive - both love, and life.

But it is not a limit yet. After John Read , the creator immortal works 10 days which shook the world on counters the wonderful fantasy " appears; Aelita, or Decline of Mars . In it Tolstoy draws an idealistic picture supposedly wait a moment, bourgeoises, after victorious red revolution on Earth not less victorious red revolution and on Mars surely approaches!

If to reject any ideology and a temporary component, the book is read on hurrah but we will not forget that it became a peculiar indulgence which allowed Alexey Tolstoy to return to Russia where he very quickly wins love of Stalin. even Malyuta Skuratov , the executioner Ivan the Terrible , he managed to adapt so that the people read and thought: and, however, with them, opponents of strong will and a firm hand, it is necessary to arrive only this way - to take down the head!

Do not think that I want to belittle somehow Tolstoy`s talent - if it was not talented, his books would cease to concern people long ago. But the talent today to please to one, tomorrow to another, the day after tomorrow - to the third, it seems to me too the Nobel Prize laureate Bunin was expressed to

about Tolstoy extremely accurately: Too red-cheeked talent . Later this phrase attributed to both Gippius, and Chukovsky, and even Solzhenitsyna.

It is necessary to add that Tolstoy to the latest sigh created. And, very much it is even quite good. Its front Ivan Sudarev`s Stories influenced the Soviet people not less, than journalism of Ilya Ehrenburg or Konstantin Simonov`s . It is a pity, Alexey Nikolaevich was not fated to live up to the Victory Day - he died on February 23, 1945 when over Red Square the artillery cannonade of festive salute - in honor of fighters and commanders of Red Army which finished defeat of fascists hooted]