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What is D &D or For what the Master in board role-playing games is necessary?

Which of you can brag what he is personally familiar with the storyteller? And among my acquaintances there is the real author of fairy tales. He is called still the Master. He tells the fantastic stories to those who wish to play board role-playing games. And players help it to create these stories. Its fairy tales are full of adventures and happen in the world where at any time it is possible to meet the most improbable monsters or to find unprecedented treasures.

Each player chooses to himself the character. Who plays the heroic soldier who the powerful wizard who the priest and who the swindler and the thief. Here all as in life. The soldier is strong and well owns the weapon, but will not call him the intellectual. The wizard is weak a body, badly copes with the weapon, but is strong the knowledge and can use spells. The priest makes feats for the sake of the deity, as well as the wizard, he can use magic. But it has a divine magic. Swindlers are dexterous, not bad own the weapon and can make different tricks, for example, - to open the locked door a master key.

These games received the name Dungeons &Dragons (in abbreviated form D &D) that in translation means Vaults and Dragons. It does not mean at all that adventures always occur in vaults and heroes should battle only against dragons. But characters quite often travel around forgotten ruins and battle against furious monsters among whom firedrakes occur.

To get to this fantastic world, it is necessary to gather in some cozy town. It can be just the room or a lonely little table in cafe. It is possible to gather where - nibud outdoors, for example, on the seashore. It is desirable that there was a horizontal surface where it would be convenient to throw dice. The Master and his scenario of future adventures is still necessary. The master can take the ready scenario, but my acquaintance usually composes him.

Existence of the scenario does not mean at all that all actions of players are thought in advance over. In this play the course of events in many respects depends on actors and their good luck. The scenario only defines what players in the adventures can face. And the Master tells players where there are their characters and what they see. And here is how to arrive in these or those situations, players solve.

For this play special scenery are not necessary, and actors do not need suits and the weapon. All this can be described words, and they in imagination of players will recover. That it was more clear as it occurs, I give a small fragment from game:

Master: The wave throws out the vessel which acquired seaweed to your legs.

Valorous Soldier: I take a vessel in hand, I remove from it seaweed, I try to consider that inside.

Master: Glass of a vessel is opaque, and it is corked.

Valorous Soldier: I open a vessel.

Master: From a vessel there is a gray cloud and the roaring voice " reaches; I am free! Now I can conquer the world!

Valorous Soldier: Oh! And to cork a vessel back already late?

I mentioned about good luck of players not for nothing. Often in game there are doubtful situations. For example, whether the hero`s sword on the opponent got and if got, then what damages put it. For permission of these and many other questions special dice are used. They if necessary can be replaced with six-sided playing cubes.

Well and the most important - the special game atmosphere and creative approach, both the Master, and players is necessary. Then game will give all pleasure. Game will give someone the chance to feel the hero saving the world from crash. Perhaps, someone, having won against fear of rodents, for the sake of the friends will expel from the cellar of huge rats. And it will be simply interesting to someone to live in the fantastic world, solving some momentary problems and not raising at something grandiose.

It is less to you gray everyday life and more fantastic adventures!]