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Indigo - people : to trust or not to trust?

They are given birth for performance of noble mission - rescue of Mankind. The people allocated with supernatural abilities and the superdeveloped intelligence. They among us, there is a lot of them and they wait for approach of time H . At that very moment, when others will lose hope, the elite will unite for achievement of the Prime Target - a survival of human race. They are people with aura of indigo color, people are seers, people are guides.

What is it? n Synopsis - ache parts of the movie X-Men or outline of new fantastic series? - you ask. Neither that, nor another. It is the theory based both on scientific and on the pseudoscientific facts. It is impossible neither to prove it, nor to disprove. It exists on equal terms with theories about UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations, the Loch Ness monster and the Yeti.

On the one hand, indigo - this convenient explanation of phenomenal abilities of some people to anticipation, telekinesis, healing and other strange manifestations of superconsciousness. With another - an opportunity to shift to someone`s shoulders responsibility for destiny of mankind in anticipation of the future cataclysms.

Indigo it is senseless to deny the fact of existence of people - because in different corners of Earth really there live persons capable to move objects only one power of thought, to speak on dead languages, to read books palms, to see not worse than the x-ray device and so on. And whether they here are given birth for performance there is nobody the highest mission - it is a controversial issue.

Further - it is more. Followers of the theory claim that indigo is been two types. At the first supernatural endowments are shown at once after the birth. The second can open in themselves a certain gift only twenty eight years later and later. They are called dozing indigo. And the abilities which are shown after awakenings can at all and not lie outside human opportunities. Simply woken up indigo with ease will find itself on one their intellectual fields, it will be much more brightly and is the most talented than others. That, actually, to mankind too only on advantage.

Diligent followers even made a calendar awakenings for dozing indigo:

a wave the Alpha (given rise during the period from 1958 to 1968, the period awakenings - from 1986 to 1996);

a wave the Beta (given rise during the period from 1968 to 1978, the period awakenings - from 1996 to 2006);

a wave Scale (given rise during the period from 1978 to 1988, the period awakenings - from 2006 to 2016) ;

a wave the Delta (given rise during the period from 1988 to 1998, the period awakenings - from 2016 to 2026);

a wave the Omega (given rise during the period from 1998 to 2008, the period awakenings - from 2026 to 2036) .

As you can see, the two first indigo generations (waves the Alpha and the Beta) already woke up. The wave Scale - is in process of awakening. And time of the Delta and the Omega did not come yet.

And, it is considered that two last indigo waves will surpass by intelligence all previous. Sounds not bad, considering that their hour awakenings it is necessary just for a while blossoming our children and grandsons. There is a wish to believe in such promising genealogical prospect.

Followers of the theory also claim that they indigo are born in recent years in large quantities and make up to 90% of all newborns. Means, kindergartens are already overflowed by future geniuses. Oh, and will have on a school bench to those remained ten percent a rough time, to a lump has not the luck to fit in in fashionable indigo color.

In parallel there is a question: and what, after 2008 people - indigo will cease to be born? In this respect followers, besides, have a remarkable answer - will be, indigo will be born. Only much less than in the last fifty years.

That Such statement says also that indigovost it is not descended In it, just - that to trust and there is no wish. For a syndrome indigo was an excellent stick - a lifesaver when business concerned treatment of some (nowadays very widespread) deviations from behavioural norm. To whom, for example, hunting to agree with ADHD made to the child by the diagnosis (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and is simpler - a hyperactivity) or ADD (attention deficit disorder - the slowed-down activity)? It is much more pleasant to believe that ADHD or ADD - not a medical sentence, but the first signs indigovost that is future endowments of the kid.

Generally, indigovost it is possible to explain anything. From haughty behavior (people - indigo behave as royal persons, realizing the exclusiveness and the highest mission) to sudden faints (they do not take out compulsory immobilization - for example, long idle standing in turns). From " porridges; in the head (often indigo face absolute misunderstanding in society) before existence of different phobias (they are afraid because they have strong intuition). Even absence of certain talents can be explained easily - superabilities still doze (give time, and people - indigo will prove).

Excellent theory, in my opinion. It is not deprived of sense and can quite be useful in life.

And whether here decide to trust in indigo really.]