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Whether men are able to love?

What becomes in the world?

What it became with people?

cancelled Tournaments, tournaments cancelled, there is no

As though on light either courage, or love!

In the first day of a meeting at us watch delighted eyes of the man, at the second - full desires, and in third - absent, without interest irrespective of, achieved the or not. On bigger at them should days, not money. According to representatives of this kind of men to contain the car more simply and the cheapest way, than the girl. What after that it is necessary to do to the girl?

Perhaps now we changed over? And girls have to try to obtain men and cajole them as sultan: coffee in a bed, for lunch three dishes and pie, for dinner meat is more, and after that still belly dance and Shakherezada`s fairy tale for the night? If you badly dance or suddenly an indigestion at Adored and Humoured it happens, then it will leave to other concubine more capable. Of course, I exaggerate a little, but all this meets in reality.

Very many, being afraid of loneliness and brands old maid play a role and concubines, and geishas at the same time. Really we, girls, so grew together with the ordinary what agree to transfer it and in the period of love? Even when presence of Romanticism and Knightly spirit over natural instincts and game of hormones has to prevail.

Where serenades under windows of darlings disappeared? Really all who were able to sing went to show - business? And other men - from those who have Van Gogh`s ear for music? Where their courage and fight for only one fine look of the beloved? Or you so were tired of difficulties of life that decided to simplify to themselves a task at least in a love field? Really, easier to say I want you and, depending on the answer to work further according to the simplified scenario. For the sake of saving of precious time.

Well, men if you are not able to love really, you have no time on buketno - the candy period, and it is more convenient to you to call the partners umenshitelno - common pet nouns not to mix the presents, then reflect when your passion calls you hare or cat - whether she forgot your name, or, maybe, is afraid to mix...

P. S. Proceeding from such state of affairs, it is possible to draw a conclusion: men are the romantics with knightly education able to love is a rare copy today, an endangered species which demands entering in the Red List.]