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What will show Beijing - 2008? (150 days before opening)

Less than half a year remained to 8. 08. 08 - opening of the main start of the fourth anniversary - the Olympic Games in Beijing is appointed to this day. Around it occurs already now so many that to follow a news flow very difficult. One booking turmoil of what costs. Already there passed the first stage of sale of tickets where 1,6 million tickets were sold out, but soon the second where it is planned to sell out about two million throughput tickets for Games already approaches.

And volunteer competition?. These are peculiar Olympic Games among volunteers! 3000 people who will serve Olympians are already selected, and soon will join them one thousand more. To volunteers at the Olympic Games the requirements from which main thing is a knowledge of a foreign language. At future Games athletes will be able to talk to volunteers in 55 languages that is very welcomed.

Having departed a little from the Olympic turmoil, it would be desirable to talk about Russia. I will begin with " channel; Sport : on it it will be possible to watch the Olympic Games almost round the clock. The rights for broadcastings are bought also Channel One it is also planned that NTV + too will redeem a package on display of the Olympic Games. Therefore it will be possible to contemplate the main sports action practically to everyone, except for only those who have no TV. We not only were given an opportunity to see practically all Olympic Games entirely, - from the channel of VGTRK to Beijing there will go the biggest group of journalists - 127 people. So we will not be deprived of information from the Olympic arenas.

In 150 days prior to the Olympic Games Beijing, the capital of future games, is already almost ready to the beginning of the main celebration. Except the city and sporting venues, athletes also are ready to Games. The Chinese athletes intend not only to hold the best Olympic Games during all the time existence of Games, but also to win first place in a medal count. Now everything is already planned and painted. China intends to overtake born leaders of last years - Russia and the USA. In many respects they hope that during competitions there will be very strong heat which can prevent many athletes to perform at the Olympic Games adequately.

You know, I wanted was on it to finish article, but learned about one interesting thing. It is accepted that at the Olympic Games everything is free, but there was everything a little bit not so. It appears, in Beijing everything will be free, in particular food, a campaign in gaming machines and washing of linen, but drying will be paid. Therefore if you wanted to dry things, then either you pay, or hang out on ropes in number. But as as I already told, the strong heat is expected, extra charges will not be required.

As I already told very much about the Olympic mascots, would like to add small specification in this material. Already now in the markets it is possible to buy clumsily sewed mascots which are made of low-quality fabric. They though cost many times cheaper, but have no such attractive appearance as those that are sewed especially for sale during the Olympic Games.

As it appeared, Steven Spielberg will not stage opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing any more. This news not really excited the public as organizers right there declared that opening of Games will be carried out up to standard. Spielberg left the post in protest at the fact that China does not use the influence on Sudan for a solution of the problem of Darfur.

From, apparently, bad news I would like to pass to good and at last to please admirers of computer games. SEGA and International Sports Multimedia vypustitofitsialny game Beijing 2008. Game will be developed with assistance of the International Olympic Committee. As developers declared, first of all they will be guided by youth.

On it I finish the next Olympic review and I begin to collect information for the following that it turned out even more interesting, than present. To be continued.]