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What is auster? There are no

a limit to the human genius. Careful people invented and continue to invent complex mixes for sobering up similar. - victims in a condition of sobering up not only to invent that, they also to prepare not in forces something more difficult, than fifty grams of vodka mixed with fifty more grams of the same product.

The recipes published in literature are full of contradictions. Here, for example, in one article I read: Not to freshen the nip neither beer, nor, especially, vodka At all. Even if the opokhmelka will not provoke vomiting and will get accustomed in an organism, the simplification will be only fleeting. Having accepted 50 grams, you only will achieve one - prolong sufferings .

And right there, probably for strengthening of action of this passage, recipes of several opokhmelochny cocktails which part both gin, and brandy, and " are are recommended; real rye " whisky;.

The rule second - to move, strain and try to survive less the hungover storm in a dream. A dream - the best doctor .

But to bar where pour a miracle - cocktails, nevertheless it is necessary to reach? And where to take on it forces?

Especially as the third council right there follows: not to neglect everything and not to wait an illness, having lowered hands, and to take these or those medical actions . In a dream, perhaps?

And all this in one article. What to tell about different sources where how many authors, are so much also opinions. And it is correct because that to Russian it is good, to the German - death .

To all recipes of an opokhmel, as well as in general to all medical recommendations, it is necessary to listen carefully, being conformed with features and opportunities of an organism.

The cocktails intended for an opokhmel are called auster. What in translation from German means oyster . And not because in their structure there is an oyster though she also is provided in some recipes, and that this cocktail should be drunk in a volley, all the same, as an oyster you swallow. By the way, the chokanye is not provided, everyone drinks when he takes in head.

Also such version flashed, according to which Napoleon who overzealously celebrated a victory near Austerlits demanded sobering which then and was nicknamed an auster. But this legend is so groundless, as well as that according to which " cognac was favourite drink of the commander; Napoleon .

Of course, auster it is possible to naklyukatsya too, as well as usual cocktails, and, in turn, usual cocktails it is possible to freshen the nip perfectly. The border between them very unsteady, but nevertheless is. In auster, as a rule, the low content of alcohol. But enter such components which besides alcohol promote simplification of a drunk state into them. Such, for example, as tomato juice, egg, meat broth or yogurt. And there is a lot of pepper. You will notice it at once.

I give one of the most widespread recipes :

Vodka - 1 - 2 tablespoons;

the Egg yolk - 1 piece;

Salt - big shchepot;

Pepper red and black - on 1/3 teaspoon;

Vegetable oil or olive - several drops.

Oil a wide shot glass so that on an internal surface of a shot glass there was a thin oil film. In a shot glass let out a crude egg yolk, salt, red and black pepper. Pour in vodka and carefully stir. Then close eyes, a nose, forget about health and drink what was added one drink. In 10 - 20 minutes there will come the noticeable simplification of a hangover.

The recipe of this auster passes from the book into the book, from the website to the website. Probably, readers are attracted by the beautiful phrase about a wide shot glass and olive oil. Well, a wide shot glass - it is clear. With a narrow shot glass no opokhmel will turn out. And with olive oil a defect. Well it grease a shot glass ? From within or outside? Perhaps it is better to splash with all the heart? What to waste time on trifles there! But, how this council often repeats, oil nevertheless plays some role. Perhaps, a greasing role for a yolk.

There are different versions of this recipe. Usual vodka is replaced, for example, with pepper brandy, gin, tequila and other hard liquors. Sometimes recommend to add 1 - 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce, lemon juice. The version of the recipe where suggest to add not 1 - 2 tablespoons of vodka, and " is absolutely unclear; several drops .

Mockery is some.]