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Nonalcoholic cocktails, or Than pokhmelyatsya, if not alcohol?

What to do if you lead a faultless healthy lifestyle, you want to drink tasty, but you do not want to take this disgusting alcohol? Or when you not so became an inveterate drunkard that acceptance doses next morning to you will only damage? Do not grieve, there is a mass of nonalcoholic cocktails just for such cases.

Take several various juice and syrups, the more exotically, the better, milk, fresh cream, add several berries or pieces of fruit. Spices will not prevent too. Do not forget to prepare ice pieces. Also start. Several simple recipes are given below, but it is not obligatory to adhere to them at all - your imagination has to solve everything. Well also to decorate your cocktail, at least with a celery branch.


A bloody Eye

can be Returned to normal after search with the help Bloody Mary in which there is no vodka at all: add salt, pepper, and 1 egg yolk to tomato juice. A name to this cocktail - Bloody eye probably, it is given because recommend to drink it to the one who already in standard and eyes it were poured by Tomatno

blood - orange cocktail

Worcester sauce - 1 teaspoon;

Orange juice - 40 ml;

Tomato juice - 60 ml;

Kayensky pepper - 1 pinch;

Ice - 2 - 3 cubes.

Pound and throw ice into a glass, add Worcester sauce, orange and tomato juice, strew with pepper, properly mix and filter through a sieve in a glass.

Citrus cocktail

Orange juice - 200 ml;

the Lemon - 1 piece;

Honey - 100 g;

Egg white - from 1 egg.

Crush a lemon with a peel, mix with orange juice and honey, at desire add white. Shake up on the mixer within 5 minutes. Recommend to drink in a volley.

Moose milk

Vodka - 4 tablespoons;

Granulated sugar - 1/4 glass;

the Fragrant water prepared from flowers of an orange tree - 1 tablespoon (you watch how it is exotic!) ;

Lemon juice - 4 tablespoons;

Ice - 6 cubes;

Milk - 1,5 glasses.

Mix all ingredients, except milk, ten seconds. Add milk and once again stir. Two portions will turn out.

Morning on Monday

Kefir or curdled milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt, and is the best of all koumiss - 200 ml;

the Cucumber - 50 g;

Black and red pepper - on 1 pinch;

Sugar - 3 teaspoons;

Salt - 1 pinch;

fennel Seeds - 1 pinch;

fennel Greens - a teaspoon.

Well cool fermented milk product. Small cut or scroll a fresh cucumber in the meat grinder. Crush fennel seeds in the coffee grinder, small cut fennel greens. Mix a cucumber with fermented milk product, filter and add pepper, salt, seeds and greens of fennel, and also sugar to the filtered drink. Shake up all this in the mixer or well a promeshayta.

The recipe from Nebraska

the Cabbage brine - 1/2 glass;

Olive oil - 3 teaspoons;

Pepper - to taste.

Have a snack on bacon piece. Also there are no problems. Remains a riddle why cocktail was so called. Well, from where in Nebraska the cabbage brine will undertake? As everything is simple

! As two crude eggs

Ice orange juice and two crude eggs.

Mix and drink.

Mixes with egg

If you basic admirer of natural opokhmelitel, then at your service following recipe: mix in a glass crude egg with a vinegar tablespoon, add salt, pepper, carefully mix and drink.

Egg - 1 piece;

Vinegar - 1 hundred-fishing a spoon;

Salt and pepper - to taste.

Muscat cocktail

Tomato juice - 3/4 glasses;

Cream - 2 tablespoons;

Egg - 1 piece;

the Ground nutmeg - to taste.

Drink in a volley.

Speak, this cocktail also a smell beats off...]