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How not to ache most and to save the kid if flu crept too close?

Are national - round preventive wisdom in practical application. Me all horror of mother of the chest kid when the person who got sick with flu on a visit comes is very familiar to

. You will tell that the clever person in such state on a visit to the kid will not go, but there are cases when flu does not prove within several days in any way, and the person, nevertheless, is already his carrier.

How to be saved? And to save the kid? These questions forced me to rummage mountains of special literature in due time and to collect national methods of prevention of flu on all familiar grandmothers. Results of searches surprised me with each new opening.

In - the first, nearly a third of all respondents (and read) recommended to do nothing for prevention. Say, the child has to learn to be ill, has to peretemperaturit, perekashlyat and peresoplivit from the very beginning that the organism learned to adapt to any infections. One more third of respondents strongly objected against such opinion as flu can pass almost imperceptibly for the adult, and for a children`s organism this opposite illness can leave SUCH consequences that will not seem a little. Otitises, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia - here the most simple of possible consequences of flu.

And other family interrogated by me skilled grippoborets began to transfer to a descent folk funds of protection from flu which I with pleasure also used.

In - the first, pulled down all available houses to my Mashenka`s room and neighbors have geranium bushes. Them it appeared exactly two. But also it was enough: this beautiful, but quite specifically smelling flower not only disinfects air around itself, but is even capable to tone up and invigorate with the smell. About flu I do not know, but the mood at me improved also from a type of beautiful is bright - scarlet and pink flowers against an ice-covered window.

In - the second, I polished the mountain of garlic, strung it on threads and hung up over an entrance to the room. At the same time and evil spirits pootgonyayu! - I solved with a smile. Laughter, but to me even those who insisted on need to have to the child flu so recommended to make laughter. To hang up on a neck of the five-months daughter a beads from garlic I, freankly speaking, counted already as search.

The third my step consisted in crushing of a huge number of green onions which I in saucers placed later on all house. Began to smell, I will tell you, drove away from our house not only influenzal guests, but also guests per se in principle. When even members of household threatened to leave the house, I cleaned saucers with onions.

In order that I not too worried concerning it, mother presented me an aromalampa and fir oil, and since then our house smelled sweet as needles. By the way, this option was everything to taste and is very universal: against fir aroma all other smells of the house including not really pleasant, became absolutely imperceptible. Besides, in the house began to smell a New Year`s holiday.

I did not begin to carry out the recommendation to walk more: on the street was minus twelve and the gale blew, and in such weather itself can acquire something more terribly than flu. Also I did not begin to experiment with homeopathic candles for kids on the basis of interferon: just my daughter is not that child who is able to afford to make over himself such experiments.

And here Masha drank tea with fresh raspberry at me constantly: and for prevention, and therefore that is tasty. We fray every summer raspberry 1:1 with sugar, we put in the refrigerator and we store till influenzal or anginny times.

I cannot tell that helped us to avoid flu that winter, what of above-mentioned means. Therefore described them all. To allow the child to peretemperaturit, perekashlyat and to that similar I did not decide. And this winter, I think, too I will hardly decide. The same as I will not decide also on repetition chesnochno - the onions epic.

I sit here, I sniff, and with horror I wait for epidemics. Also I think that it to undertake.

A you what you will advise?]