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Ink: an easy way to draw attention to eyes or difficult science?

Eyes - a window to the soul - it is said in a proverb. Beautiful eyes - jewels on each face. They carry out a role of sophisticated tempers or incorruptible critics. They should be noticed. Most of people admits that at a view of the person they first of all pay attention to his eyes. Beauty of eyes can be emphasized with both a simple, and difficult make-up.

Ink use belongs to easy ways. Classical and the most popular black ink is. It approaches any color of eyes and any make-up. Modern ink very far left on the structure from soot mix with oil which used in the ancient time. Now tens of various substances are its part. Melanin makes the all-strengthening impact, protects from external factors. Lanolin feeds eyelashes, preventing their fragility. Keratin - a protein which is a part of eyelashes, strengthening them. Castor oil stimulates growth of eyelashes, has anti-inflammatory effect. UF - blockers protect from the sun. Pantenol promotes a thickening of eyelashes. Proteins of sprouts of wheat (often specify simply proteins ) promote growth of eyelashes. Glycerin, chloride a benzalkoniya also timerosat - preservatives which kill microorganisms, preventing their reproduction. Vitamins (And, E, F, B5 pro-vitamin) strengthen, feed, humidify, stimulate growth, give elasticity and silkiness.

Depending on structure ink can possess various properties and appointment. Water-soluble ink is the simplest and sparing for eyelashes type of ink. It easily is dissolved and washes off.

Waterproof ink. Polymers and sugar which envelop eyelashes are its part and protect them from water influence. Such ink only paints eyelashes, without extending them and without giving them volume. Besides its washing off requires a special milk.

the Extending ink. Increase in length of eyelashes happens at the expense of pieces of fiber of a sintentichesky or organic origin (nylon or silk).

Volume ink. Volume to eyelashes is given by wax microgranules, and the brush of such ink has the brush form with evenly located bristle, or the brush is specially bent.

the Tightening-up ink. The effect is reached in either the mechanical or chemical way. In the first case of an eyelash are bent by the tightening-up movements by a special brush with a short bristle. In the second case the keratin and pitches forming a layer which dries on a surface of eyelashes are a part of ink and pulls together eyelashes, tightening up them.

sensitive eye Mascara. In its composition at least of preservatives, it does not irritate eyes, is recommended to those who carries contact lenses.

the producer can add additional quantity of proteins, melanin, a keratin, UF To all above-mentioned types of ink - the filter and other substances. In this case on packing the words " in addition will appear; vitaminized or nutritious or both together.

Medical ink. It is the transparent gel which is not containing dyes which part castor oil, vitamins, keratins and proteins is.

Despite the seeming simplicity, use of ink demands implementation of certain rules. The first and most important - never you stint, buying ink. Market purchase can cost to you health as nobody knows that economical producers put in a tube. From the point of view of microbiology and chemistry ink has to be faultless, it is applied near eyes. Therefore in it there should not be pathogenic microorganisms provoking conjunctivitis, or causing an allergy of components. To whom then make a complaint? To the shop assistant in the market? Therefore we go to shop, and it is even better - in salon.

Color of ink has to coincide with the fact that it is specified on packing surely. Also on packing the structure, type, the producer, date of production is specified. By the way, expiration date of ink of 6 - 8 months. If the pleasant ink the best and to podkhoditva in all respects, but it the last also give it to you from a show-window - refuse purchase. You do not know how many time it was opened - closed and other customers tested on themselves. Qualitative ink practically has no smell and if is, then only easy natural and sweetish. Medical ink surely smells of something.

Good ink paints over eyelashes for once, without sticking together them, does not pour and keeps till 8 o`clock, has creamy structure (extending can be a little more liquid). If it too liquid, then sticks together eyelashes and if crumbles, then it is overdue.

Ink cannot be stored long, it is necessary to change it each 1,5 months. So for economy use it as often as possible (it is not so a pity and it will be unprofitable to implement recommendations). Ink cannot be laid for later as air got in a tube and process of drying is already started. The ink which got on a tube carving can be removed with water or means for removal of cosmetics from eyes (surely fat-free). It is necessary to do it regularly to interfere with penetration of air into a tube.

There are short rules which need to be observed when using ink that it gave to eyes expressiveness and a charm, emphasized their form and made the person attractive.]