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How to learn to cry... beautifully?

Speak, men do not take out female tears and at the sight of them, like mad, start carrying out all desires of darlings... So - that it is so... probably... But only here personally from my tears the husband starts not to indulging my whims, and nautek: to friends or to the neighboring room. And I, in general, understand it: my roar of a wounded beluga, gray from shmygany and a smorkany nose and plus to everything the ink flowing on cheeks look so... not esthetically, as the mirror in a bathroom, probably, if could, would turn away to a wall from such excellent look !

I understand that decent young ladies so do not roar. They languidly sob, gracefully blot corners of eyes with a lacy snow-white kerchief and turn in three quarters - so that it was visible how one tear it is almost lazy slides on a cheek (but does not drip from a nose tip), and the second tiny teardrop shivers on tips of moist dense eyelashes. Sounds beautifully - but how to realize it?

My first opening in art beautiful tears consists in what to cry intentionally it is necessary on absolutely sober head - without emotions and hysterics. That is, if you want to cry beautifully, on public reserve the offenses and bad mood on other case - and at present you need endurance, a little bit cynicism and, of course, sense of proportion. Be not fond: present yourself the actress who plays the sobbing lady, but as soon as the director shouts - It is removed! her tears dry without trace. It seems thought of everything... Let`s roll?

Attempt No. 1 . One promises... You absolutely do not love me! You promised to take vacation!. - sadly I reproach the husband by the shivering voice and nervously I crumple a handkerchief in a hand... In the eyes there are tears... So far all according to the plan. The husband discontentedly comes off the computer, badly so, cautiously - generally as it is necessary! - askances at me and begins to fidget in a chair. Wonderfully, I just well done!. Oh no! The lump is driven to a throat, I begin to think that - HONESTLY - we will not get to the sea only because the husband agreed to change some there Ivan Sergeyevich and... everything was gone. Tears slide from eyes, the tip of a nose reddens - and my person becomes similar to the burned slightly charlotte. The husband screws up the face and pressed in the chair, and I rush in a bathroom where the damned mirror is just not bent from disgust. Total failure!

Attempt No. 2 . It is possible to think what, except you, at work absolutely could not be changed it how it?. You think of all, except me... on me, probably, it is simple to you to spit! - so, so far everything goes not bad. The voice gruffishly shivers - ideally, teardrops in number of three pieces, pulse normal, heartbeat stable, a nose as it should be - judging by reflection in a mirror door of a case, slightly pinkish shade.

Kerchief... Are h h - the devil! Ink! As I could forget about it!? Black paths flourishes plow the powdered cheeks also make me similar to some monster from a horror film. Again failure... My God, at me that, as in the song of " group; VIA GRA everything will turn out only from attempt No. 5?!

Last attempt . The last - because my husband just will not transfer bigger concentration of tears for several days and will hand over me to the psychiatrist. Gather, expensive, you also not through such byryer gap!. A voice - it is plaintive - shivering (aha, the husband began to blink!), eyelashes wet and fluffy (long live waterproof ink!), the person a little pink (the shop assistant about a foundation did not lie!) ...

My eyes are slowly filled with tears which begin to flow down on cheeks - large, beautiful... the lovely sight is simple! I hide a half-smile under a scarf - with pride of myself, and in an attack of false despair I turn away to a window, holding a bearing and giving to the husband the chance to see several graceful droplets on eyelashes. He something lows, mutters, then jumps, embraces me for shoulders and begins to console. I keep while he does not say treasured: I will refuse... let`s go, as well as gathered... I have the right for holiday, eventually!? Well you!? ... I turn to it, hardly constraining a happy cry, poorly to it I smile and utykatsya in a shoulder...

Victory! Real victory!

Of course, it is possible that I just finished the husband in a week infinite tearful experiments ... But what now difference?]