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You want to think the head? Play cards!

We played 10 games with Tal:

In preference, in a point and on billiards. Tal told

: Such will not bring!

V. Vysotsky Honour of a chess crown

- And what you think of all this the head? - I asked the interlocutor and heard: You know, here I have a head only in order that is. There (in the country of an outcome - B. R.) the head was necessary for a beating and for a cap. And here - nobody beats and the cap is not necessary.

As if the head is - and as if its functions shrank to a minimum. Besides, the person just does not know where it can be put (except a pillow). All potential, all baggage which was saved up for the previous life vanishes.

And here task: as it to force to think. And whether it is necessary to do it? Perhaps so everything well and simply - to live without thinking? For us all will solve! All will prescribe us! For us others will think!

The question is not idle: whose head we think?, It seems, everything is obvious: balls turn (even if barmy), some thoughts haunt As if it is available all signs of thought process. And actually?

We will begin with life. What, we can check all things and products which we buy regarding their usefulness or uselessness? And any there political trends: we can confirm or disprove what to us is told by public figures? No, is not present and once again not! The only thing that we can - make a choice. To choose the candidate where - nibud by the principle by contradiction : which is more opposite, we reject that. We can choose to ourselves, say, the iron: from a variety versions and the prices will be won by those, use of which is clear to the last point and which price will not lead to a full usykhaniye of your pocket.

We learn all shortcomings of our choice only after use (full or partial): whether the chosen candidate or the iron is good whether they cost those expenses which we incurred. And only after that - a first-hand experience - ourselves will become heralds of truth about the iron or the candidate. And our listeners will think our head.

And, however, there is a wish to think that we think own head? And how to reach it? And where it in general can be used? I can make the recommendation: play cards!

Someone from readers right there will exclaim: I don`t think! Yes, can seem strange, but I am convinced of a recommendation correctness. Especially as I recommend to play cards not on money (in point in preference, in nine both other, and other), and in cards at the computer.

From the point of view of the intellectual the card play is not the fountain. Chess - another matter. There both strategy, and tactics, and intelligence, and partners, I`m sorry, with other manners. And cards? No, not that is obvious!

It is difficult to object to it, but nevertheless I played both cards, and chess since the childhood - from 9 or 10 years. And to these games I was dragged by passion, desire to win, win money.

In chess played with the neighbor on beer (for fun, of course: if he received all beer which he won, - to be to it a beer alcoholic!) . The desire to win led to the fact that I began to study the theory of chess game (but it is good to play did not learn).

In cards played for money generally in nine . In this game and rates small, and rules simple. Nevertheless, memory and the minimum combinational abilities were necessary for game. When matured, got acquainted with preference, but it for me was very heavy - I did not become the player and furthermore the fan of preference.

About chess always heard that they develop combinational thinking, accustom to count the courses (and against it you will tell nothing: you will not be able to lose the opponent`s courses in mind - you will lose game).

And that useful in cards, is asked by you. I answer: the habit to achieve result change of an order of movement of cards is developed. In other words, if something is impossible in a deal, repetition in a new combination can bring a desired outcome.

My arguments for a card play on the computer:

1. Against you not the partner, and the car (it has no manners at all).

2. It is not necessary to study long rules and the theory - everything is simple.

3. The car does not strain you as the player sitting opposite.

4. Game can be interrupted at any time without any damage.

Besides, for me a card play as unloading: was tired - from 5 to 10 minutes a pause on games. It becomes easier, brains switch from one to another - it is possible to continue to work. Freecell is quickly loaded, works without failures. As a rule, easily gives in to an apportion, but sometimes it is necessary to start the same option several times.

Well and that? Well, in cards it turned out. And where all this can be put?

It seems to me, the habit will automatically lose some combinations to work at development of the decision (as well as persistence in achievement of desirable result).

Also you know, there is a feeling that combinational abilities at development of decisions in real life improved after several years of game.

Want to think the head - play cards!]