Rus Articles Journal

Who there?

I why in the middle of the winter when it is so cold also drafts, someone knock at the door all the time?

- Only today there will be a miracle!

- Today - magic night! Make a wish!

- you have a plan for the next year?

- you distributed debts?

Ya, helpless, evergreen, vechnozanyaty and it is eternal in warm socks, drowsily I squint and I cannot understand in any way what all of them want from me and why I have to begin new life exactly tomorrow. And why I in general have to begin it if it so magically began thirty six years ago, and magic comes to me every day?

Ya already got confused who from great when was born and which of them, great, udumat to celebrate new year in winter. I work with two lunar calendars, one of which - for gardeners - fans, - to understand when begins east new year . They are such shameless, these new, with the plans and promises

This morning I was woken by my remarkable friend.

- I have still the Mongolian calendar, and in what we with you watched, originators forgot 29 - e February! - in a tube Oshor - a lama anxiously breathes. - With Christmas coming you! I am not even puzzled with

Ya. Because to me magic came: I hear how Oshor - the lama goes from the house to datsan - it goes, and in a tube the frost its high fur boots, breath and tremendous tunkinsky air crackles. My concrete apartment loses walls and becomes fresh, frosty and white

A still I have two warm patches under a blanket with Madagascar and two more warm patches under a blanket with some mad sobachention. Magic morning.

And in the afternoon I read articles. In my office as mice hid two cat and the daughter. They almost do not breathe when there is a record. But if to put cats out of doors and to leave only the daughter, cats will begin to rustle, swear and ring balls if only they were let in. They like to listen as they write a sound. This such day magic.

And in the evening one more my remarkable friend to whom by plane of half a day, reports that legs do not freeze in the Mongolian slippers. My friend is chilled, and in slippers to him is warm, and he gets into them under a blanket. I chose these Mongolian slippers with all responsibility for legs of the friend, with soul. And in itself they - magic. They - a gift from a big Mongolian camel. At a camel big shaggy soul, warm eyes and long eyelashes. So my friend will forget about cold soon. And it is evening magic.

And at night - the goldfinch Prishchepkin sneezed at night. My remarkable goldfinch. He comfortably ruffled up on a branch and looks at me cunning a beady eye. He is proud of what yesterday I saw in Alexander Petrov`s movie My love just the same goldfinch. It was traced is not present, it was just copied from my Prishchepkin. And here it is my night miracle.

And in the morning to me the letter for which I very much wait will come. I precisely know what will come - and it will be magic of the next morning. And any plans for life. And any new year. Here only these, strange, will begin to knock at the door again and to congratulate with next come date, wishing learned in kindergarten progress in work and happiness in private life .

Definitely, it is necessary to cancel doors and figures. And, stirring lean legs in one zero gravity from tsifronavta, numerologa, originators of calendars and historians, to ask all of them to cease to do of space a writing-book leaf in a cage with plans and views of new life. Because she is not new. So that`s that.

By the way, there came new day. Happy New Year!]