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What to diversify the range of house binge with?

to Celebrate a holiday in the noisy company where - or at in advance defined small restaurant - it is very practical. It is not necessary to think especially that offered, ordered. Ate, drank, have fun, paid off and - on houses, to quiet cozy apartments.

In house conditions of problems it is more. Poor owners of a celebration go all out, but try to make evening memorable. It is a pity for them sometimes, but aspiration quite clear.

Than we try to surprise guests? Usually main weight lays down on the tired-out hands of the general of kitchen - hostesses of a holiday. Everyone has the company recipe of hot or cold appetizer in addition to which there has to never be something, what and yet exactly today at anybody was not.

And drinks usually standard, what in shop is. For a solemn occasion of a bottle it is possible to pick up with bright labels more beautifully, let a look will please some time.

But and a standard set it is possible to diversify. You remember? Mulled wine, punch, grog All familiar names. Whether but they are familiar to all not by hearsay? Perhaps you will try? At the same time and from the hostess you will turn away blow. She will be grateful. So, went.

Punch . The name went from Indian panch five. It means that in classical punch there have to be five components: rum, wine, honey, sugar, fruit juice. But today not everyone adheres to such strict compounding. In house conditions it is possible to pick up something simpler.

In addition to three bottles of red wine a floor - liter of water, 200 grams of sugar, three tablespoons of black tea, 5 gvozdichek and on one cleared lemon and orange will be required.

Tea is made and we draw a quarter of hour. We pour sugar to a pan and we heat on very weak fire. In caramel we fill in red wine and, through a strainer, tea. We hold a pan on fire so far sugar completely will not be dissolved, then we add spices and freshly squeezed juice of a lemon and orange. We cover and wait until all mix becomes hotter.

More hotly, it means at most 80 degrees. It is impossible to boil. To warm up repeatedly too. If did not use before cooling, so to that and to be, we drink cold. It is possible to simplify even more the recipe and instead of squeezing out juice of fruit, to open the package bought in shop. And it not necessarily has to be a citrus.

Mulled wine . In a free translation from German - the heated wine. That is it is not recommended to drink cold. Preparation will require a bottle of red dry or moist wine, a two-three of tablespoons of sugar, a slice of a lemon or orange, ten gvozdichek, couple of sticks of cinnamon and spice.

What spices? On the taste. Usually it can be an anise, honey, ginger, black and allspice, bay leaf, cardamom. At desire add apples, raisin, nuts. Do not limit the imagination.

To bring wine almost to boiling, to add all other ingredients and to insist minutes 15 - 20. Also as well as punch, it is impossible to boil and warm up. To drink hot, inhaling fumes of wine. Well, almost inhalation.

Cold fruit punch . Under cold fruit punches ordinary use glass vessels in the form of a bowl or a jug. From a bowl it is possible to spill a soup ladle. In a vessel we pour out a bottle not of dry champagne, we add 200 grams chopped cubes of fresh pineapple, on 50 grams of berries what you will find. Usually it is raspberry, strawberry, blackberry. In the winter frozen will quite fit.

Drink before giving to a table, we insist about two hours. During this time berries and pineapple will absorb in themselves alcohol, and champagne will develop a fruit taste.

Grog . Drink was invented by the English seamen. People are simple therefore also the recipe is simple. The main thing - rum availability. On part of rum two parts of water will be required. Not on the contrary. We heat water, degrees so to 70, we dissolve a little sugar, a slice of a lemon and we pour in rum in solution. We mix, we spill. Instead of water tea quite will approach.

Ayrish of coffee . Prepares in the portions. On a bottom of the warmed-up glass we pour 30 milliliters of whisky, we add one - two spoons of sugar. It is possible to mix, it is possible to leave at the bottom, without mixing. From above, trying not to mix layers, we pour coffee. The third layer - whipped cream.

Try. I think, you will be satisfied.]