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In a pursuit of an ideal figure To grow thin or not?

Who did not think of weight loss? We constantly think of the appearance, of the figure. Often we are not happy with the body. We do not like the hanging-down folds over favourite jeans, we consider our legs too full.

Darling, problems in a family and at work left, it is not got on at institute - what to do? How to distract itself from problems? Someone goes to the bar with friends and gets drunk and someone comes home and gets drunk ! Well, that is, jams the grief - roast chicken, French fries, chocolate cake, ice cream Tasty to impossibility, but it is very harmful the Black strip passes

, and we understand that it is time to become reasonable. It is necessary to grow thin, take shape. Many even go on a rigid diet to prove to darling who left to another that he lost not facetted " diamond; lost, but did not throw, and he still will regret about it.

Sometimes even the person who never thought of the appearance, did not consider himself full and to it extra kilos did not prevent to live and enjoy life, sharply goes on a diet. To think long over why the person decided to grow thin, it is not necessary. It is enough to turn on the TV and to look on world stars. As Victoria Beckham pacing on a podium in a dress from Roberto Cavalli, the dancing Paris Hilton in expensive night club or Renee Zellweger, with ease grown thin after shooting " is beautiful; Bridget Jones`s Diary on 45 kilograms... After such life the head will begin to spin at anyone.

Thanks to mass media for constant reminders that leanness got out of fashion, in fashion rounded shapes, chubby and rozovenky faces now. But for some reason speak about full less often, and all attention is riveted on thin persons.

If all of you - consider yourself as the stout person or saw in yourself couple of extra kilos, you can go on a diet. But do not go into extremes, you remember that health is more important and that people around have to love you entirely, all you even if in you 100 kilograms.

How to pick up to itself a diet somewhat quicker to see result? Instant diets do not exist and if promise you instant loss of weight - do not believe.

Affect different people of a diet differently, someone will dump 20 kilograms, and someone will not lose any. There is a huge number of diets. Popular diets are Kremlin diet and Juice diet . The Kremlin diet allows to consume a large number of meat and eggs that usual diets allow only in limited quantity. The juice diet prophesies weight loss by replacement of food with various juice from vegetables and fruit. It is very simple to get acquainted with these diets, they are easily available, as on the Internet, and any literature, and even in mass media.

Do not do a diet by a way of life. You do not mislead yourself thought that, controlling the food, you control life.

Even among world stars of show - business punctures happen. Cycling on a diet - weight loss can lead to various diseases. If to torment the organism with starvation, rigid diets, there can be an irreversible process and you will not be able to gain weight any more but only to decrease in the eyes every day. Such refusal of food is called anorexia.

The youth driven to despair by society, shouting of a beautiful body, is more subject to suggestion. Sometimes after application of numerous diets when the person does them by a way of life, there can be pathologically increased feeling of hunger which cannot be satisfied, followed by weakness and pain in subspoon area. This disease - bulimia. Fear to recover from an overeating forces patients to resort to such methods as reception of laxative and calling of vomiting. All this causes accustoming, and bulimia in the started form can lead to development of epilepsy and cardiac arrest.

Before going on a diet, it is necessary to consider all the internal diseases, to consult at the expert, and then to mold a candy from the body. The diet has to bring joy, and otherwise you will not achieve desirable result. Pick up a diet so that products, which to you to liking were a part.

I can share the experience. In me there were many kilograms, and there came that moment when you understand that it is already heavy to go and move. Life became not in pleasure, but it so seemed to me before I have a ball The most difficult was to force itself not to eat. I went on hunger strike. Then caught sight to me Kremlin diet but having sat on it more than 3 weeks, I added 2 kilograms. The huge number of diets, expensive is also not present, passed through my organism. Nothing helped, caught sight to me Juice diet seemed to me just saving. Well and there was a dirty trick. After 2 weeks dietary sokopitiya it became clear that I began an allergy to all fruit. Kefiric diet from Larisa Dolina - imparted to me hostility to kefir. Now I cannot even see bags of kefir on shelves in the shop.

I decided to make own diet. Refusal of bread, alcoholic drinks, sparkling water, pasta, sweets, the list long, painfully to continue. My council: before going on a diet, it is necessary to arrange day of hunger strike, it is possible more, but only without prejudice to health and health. You pass by the refrigerator, there was a wish to eat - drink to juice or green tea, these are irreplaceable assistants to the people watching the weight and health. The more days hold on on these components, the it will be easier to get used to any diet. The only thing what I could not refuse to myself, is sugar. Earlier I added 3 teaspoons on a cup of black tea, but drink of green tea reduces need for sugar. In a week you will already add one spoon instead of three. My result: in 5 months of 16 kilograms, and already more than half a year I do not gain weight, and I hold the, affording sometimes those products which entered in " earlier; black list .

To grow thin to look fashionable and beautiful, is not necessary. It is necessary to grow thin for himself. If you feel that excess weight threatens your health, then that is another matter. Choose a diet for yourself and consult at the expert. Grow thin for health, and health will make you beautiful.]