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How to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl? The instruction for the beginning kotovladelets of

Is several ways of schooling of cats and cats to a toilet bowl. Some of them are so difficult that many fans of these lovely animals refuse the idea, even without having tried to start its realization. The way about which I will tell is absolutely simple and available even to the beginning koshkovladelets.

not I Thought up it, it contained in the book which I do not have several years, and I do not even remember its name. It is as follows.

1. For a start your favourite already has to be able to go to a tray. And it is absolutely unimportant where there is this tray. Your task - to move this tray is closer to a toilet bowl. My cat, for example, chose to herself the place in kitchen under a sink, and we moved from there, after each use of a tray rearranging it on 3 - 5 centimeters on the way to a toilet bowl. My cat`s copy got with character, and we repeated a way of a tray from kitchen to a toilet bowl three times. Perhaps, you were lucky, and the tray of your favourite appeared in the place necessary to us at once.

2. When the tray at last costs where it is necessary, at the bottom of a toilet bowl, the most important begins and interesting. At this stage unnecessary newspapers and magazines will be necessary for you. Whole pile.

After each use of a tray we enclose under it newspapers or magazines. Only do not hurry, do not raise a tray above, than by 1 - 2 cm for time! Otherwise your cat can suspect wrong and begin to dictate the terms. Be patient. If your animal shows any signs of persistence, - stop. Let`s it get used to reached. Also you watch that the design from a newspaper support and a tray was steady and did not collapse at the most inappropriate moment.

In the course of a tray raising reduce quantity of a filler in a tray by the increasing height. Ideally - at all not to use a filler from the very beginning.

3. When height zhurnalno - a newspaper pile will become sufficient big that the tray appeared flush with a toilet bowl, be convinced that your favourite quietly jumps in a tray and uses it for designated purpose. Now there comes the important historical point.

The pile of newspapers cleans up completely (there where the cat will not reach it), and the tray is put directly on a toilet bowl. Some advise

to use an additional seat. I just prefer to lift available. When on a toilet bowl there are no plastic constructions, it is steady and firm. Feeling of reliability - what is necessary for your favourite in the course of schooling to a toilet bowl. Be convinced by

that the tray rises strongly, and is not unsteady. And let your animal descends in it few times.

4. And the latest that you should make - to hide a tray. Better - to take out from the apartment. We hid the on very high mezzanines, is far for banks with paint, for densely closed doors. The main thing that your favourite at all the search talent could not find for it on a smell. At it the choice just will not be become: he will be forced to make what we from it so long tried to obtain.

Having jumped on a toilet bowl (and there is no place more, but the cat already got used that it is necessary to jump to descend in a toilet) and without having found a habitual tray, the cat will remain above. Perhaps, will lower pads inside if the design of a toilet bowl allows. Also will make the affairs!

My white fluffy young woman for small affairs sat down inside, lowering all paws on step a toilet bowl, then rubbed clean water from above, as if digging in. For big affairs it was attached by all paws on an edge of a toilet bowl and did a clever muzzle in process.

Attention! If the technique on your animal did not work, and at a stage of destruction of a tray there was a failure, return a tray on the place (to a toilet bowl) and try once again. It will not turn out - begin to cut through a hole in the center. At first small, then is slightly wider, even wider. There will be no sides yet. We throw out sides, and - voila: we receive a cat with all conveniences! So longer, but it is more reliable. You remember, our animals all - think differently, than we. If to work rather gradually, they can not notice differences.

Process of schooling to a toilet bowl can borrow from 1 week to 2 months, depending on complaisance and ingenuity of an animal. At any stage it is possible to return back if something is impossible. Cases of total failures with schooling by this technique are not known to me. Everything will turn out if you want it!

of Good luck to you!

Main postulates:

1. the Door in a toilet never has to be closed tightly.

2. the Cover of a toilet bowl has to be always lifted.]