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Where was born Barmalya?

Who does not know who such Barmalya, can not read further: I will not explain. But such, probably, is not present. But, when you ask people a question where he was born, all smoothly answer: In Africa! Means, he is African? But it is not told anywhere that Barmalya - the Black. It has a white skin and a rascally red head of hear. Means, he is a colonialist or the descendant of colonialists? The drill, the German, the Englishman (but it is obvious not the Portuguese)? Adventurer, seeker of diamonds, slave trader?

But why updated and improved after eating up by a crocodile it comes to Leningrad? The foreigner would not let in 1925, even very good foreigner, even on doctor Aybolit`s patronage here. Means, Barmalya - the repentant Russian bandit who returned home for implementation over it psychological experiences for the purpose of adaptation of criminals to peaceful life? Perhaps, even subsequently it became the hero`s prototype Clockwork " orange; Stanley Kubrick? And that, stories very similar...

But if joking apart, then a story of the birth of Barmaley is told in Lev Uspensky`s book Name of your house. Sketches on toponymics .

And that to the terrible villain Barmaley, I was lucky... in April, 1966 to find out from where and as it was born, at the largest authority on to a barmaleevedeniye at Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky.

Many years ago Korney Ivanovich walked on Petrograd side of our city (it is such area it) with the famous artist Mstislav Dobuzhinsky. They came to Barmaleeva Street.

- Who was this Barmaley in honor of whom the whole street was called? - Dobuzhinsky was surprised.

- I, - Korney Ivanovich says, - began to think. At some of empresses 18 - go could be centuries the doctor or the perfumer, the Englishman or the Scot. It could carry a surname Bromlya: there Bromlei - not a rarity. On this small street it could have a house. The street could be called Bromleeva, and then when the surname was forgotten, to remake also to Barmaleeva: so best of all in Russian sounds... But the artist did not agree with such guess. It seemed to it boring.

- the Lie! - he told. - I know who was Barmaley. He was the terrible robber. Here is how it looked...

I on a leaf of the sketchbook M. Dobuzhinsky outlined the furious villain, bearded and moustached...

So on Barmaleevaya Street was born spiteful Barmaley.

Most likely, and was. Because Barmaleev Street - quite pleasant place for walks. It is very narrow, slightly bent and almost all houses on it are built by the most famous Russian architects of the beginning 20 - go centuries. Probably, there is no inhabitant who was born in the city on Neva who would not hear the name of this street. Now it is called Barmaleev Street, but not Barmaleevaya as earlier. And many are sure that in honor of famous Barmaley.

Parallel to this street some more the same small small streets - Plutalova, Podrezov, Podkovyrov and Polozov lie. There is even such local joke - a riddle: on these small streets drunk cannot get. He will stray, creep here, then podkovyrntsya, then he will be cut, and after all misadventures he will fall into clutches terrible Barmaley!

The perfumer imperial could not live here. Before 20 - go centuries were warehouses with goods for army here, and on streets if there were houses, then izbyany, alternately with taverns. The area was poor, soldatsko - craft. Plutalov, Undercuts, Polozov and Barmaleev were merchants who held warehouses still here at the beginning of Catherine the Great`s reign. And the fifth street was called Preobrazhenskiy on church which burned down after revolution.

These small streets - one of the oldest in the city and such small that nobody tried to rename them in Krasnopetrogradsky, October and May Day. But when the church burned down also the name it was released witty philologists from the commission on renaming suggested to call it in honor of 23 - the summer sailor who died at suppression of the Kronstadt mutiny - Podkovyrova. If not a memorial board on one of houses, all think that so the street always and was called.

And here from where there was a surname Barmaleev - it is unknown. It is supposed that the merchant was Tatar, and his surname sounded somehow differently. And it is possible, a surname - derivative of a name Bartolomey.

Here so people, that without knowing and without wishing, become well-known and remain in the history... And characters of children`s fairy tales receive the street and the birthplace.]