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Whether to be present to the man at childbirth?

Pregnancy and childbirth always belonged to one of the main Sacraments. Unfortunately, now secrets gradually disappear from our life.

Already several years as the secret disappeared: who will be born, the boy or the girl? Ultrasonography will show it on the third - the fourth month of pregnancy, and even earlier.

Though there are unique documentary shots on which it is visible how the baby tries to evade from a beam, harmful for it. But curiosity overcomes, and at the woman who only was registered in a maternity welfare unit, the first question sounds so: And when it is possible to learn for whom to us to wait, the boy or the girl? .

Certainly, ultrasound - the fine invention of mankind. Only it is impossible to use it every month. Even the X-ray and fluorography are not advised to do every year. And it is better not to apply to pregnant ultrasonography if there are no special circumstances.

Doctors who would have to stand guard health of mother and the baby channelize on ultrasonography. Yes, now all on self-financing, and money is very necessary to medical institutions. But not due to health yet the little man who did not come to our world.

Now we will return to the main Sacrament on Earth - to the Birth of the Person. Presence in the delivery room of the father became fashionable and the joke is popular: Why to some fathers allow to be present at childbirth? As compensation that were not present at conception .

There is an opinion that at this moment it is easier for the woman as she feels moral support of the husband. Let`s stop on the word moral . Unless to feel that we are loved, presence by a number of this person is obligatory? For the real feelings not a hindrance even distance in several thousands of kilometers.

Many psychotherapists claim that after such childbirth together sharply complaints of men to impotence increase. And, as a result, jumps up the number of divorces.

Perhaps all - not for nothing childbirth at all people and was shrouded at all times in secret, and men in inner sanctum were not allowed?

Question, of course, disputable. But whether the woman " wants; to show to the husband, how she suffered and suffered from pain how hard it was given the child? Frequent it is women from the so-called category eternally suffering . They will find any reason to cause pity. Gradually it becomes their lifestyle. But whether it is necessary for the clever and attentive man which near you, to prove it moreover in such a way?

From time immemorial some occupations were especially man`s, and others - female. Women gave life, and men owing to some reasons often had to take away it. It both hunting, and wars, and blood feud. Of course, always were, is and there will be exceptions. Let`s not list them. War - not a women stuff - the ancient philosopher told. Childbirth, as well as pregnancy - not man`s. Business of the Man - to protect, lend a shoulder, to warm tenderness And such Man needs to prove nothing.

And now we will walk on some points to understand: Whether all Is necessary - to the man to be present at the delivery room? .

1. The main thing is not for mentality of men, as if they did not summon up courage. It is a lot of cases when it was necessary to give help to the man who fainted.

2. I will not give statistics of emergence in men of impotence after presence at childbirth. There is no exact figure, but according to the informal data provided in some magazines, it fluctuates from 20 to 50%. There is a wish to ask women as now it is fashionable to be expressed: And it is necessary to you? .

3. Following to fashion. The Husband of my friend Svetka was present at Deniska`s families, and to you is weak? - the wife speaks, and the man agrees to please her. Blind following to fashion never before brought satisfaction. Always there was something similar. Childbirth in water, a hardening of children - barefoot on snow and so on

4. The woman gives to the baby life, and to the husband - the child. It is the biggest gift to both that, and another. So why at the same time to show the tortures? Unless you agree that the birthday man was present thus how you bargain with the seller at the choice to him a gift?

5. Any woman always seeks to look on perfectly . Childbirth is sacred, but most often the woman, to put it mildly, looks not as model. Now even more often on screens shots of the giving birth woman flash, and in the Latin American series they sometimes occupy one - two series. But from these shots not only men, but also women turn away. They remind a scene when strike to the hero blow in a groin. Look at the men at this moment!

Lovely women, believe, in several hours after birth of your Miracle, you will look as Madonna and child. And your man will look at you, as at an icon.

This list it is possible to continue and add at least 5 - 6 more points. But we will be limited to it.

As always to solve only to you to two. Why not to try if it gives you pleasure and will add happiness. And if is not present?]