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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Belladonna.

C 11 till February 19 in a flower horoscope, having replaced vedmatsky The Mistletoe, the sign Belladonna bosses. At the people born under this sign, pleasant appearance is combined with internal beauty. The subtle intellect is capable to understand the person from the first meeting, but the self-respect will not allow to go counter with own conscience.

As the result, Belladonnas hardly meet with other people, but if the friendship, then " was tied; do not pour " water; and forever. Are able-bodied and successful, quickly do career, reach much in life. Establish strong families, but in a pursuit of career can sometimes destroy family bonds, having forgotten about relatives.

In the last offer there is a hint on discrepancy of character. Let`s look whether there correspond qualities of a sign of a horoscope to properties of the plant.

A belladonna - a perennial grassy plant of family solanaceous up to 2 m high. The rhizome is many-domed, with fleshy branched roots. The stalk is upright, in the top part branched out, trimmed, with dense pieces of iron and hairs. Leaves are ovoid, pointed, are seated by the smallest pieces of iron. The top leaves are located in pairs, lower - next.

Blossoms and fructifies in June - August. The flowers - hanging large, are located in bosoms of the top leaves odinochno or in pairs. A fruit - brilliant, juicy, it is black - violet berry of rounded shape, with numerous seeds. Do not take in head to try it, all parts of a plant are poisonous.

There is such combination: not striking beauty and the danger concealed in it. The Latin name Atropa belladonna as if includes the warning of these indissoluble forms.

Patrimonial name The belladonna received Atropa from the Greek goddess of death, senior of three goddesses of destiny. Klofo held a spindle and a thread of destiny in hand, Lakhezsh took out a sphere from a ballot box to trace everything that will occur in human life. Atropa ruthlessly cut with scissors a life thread.

The specific name belladonna came from Italian bella - beautiful and donna - woman. It is connected with the fact that in Ancient Rome the belladonna was important cosmetic, women dug in its juice in eyes to expand pupils, and also rumyanit them cheeks. Perhaps then there was a saying that beauty demands the victims? Imprudence in the handling of such cosmetics quite could lead to sad consequences.

In a wild look the belladonna meets in North Africa and Asia Minor. Grows in the broad-leaved mountain woods of the Carpathians, the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Top Transnistria. It is cultivated in the Crimea, in Ukraine, in the Baltic States, Krasnodar Krai.

The belladonna is cultivated for the sake of receiving alkaloids - the atropine and a giostsiamin which are contained in all parts of a plant. The main alkaloid of a belladonna - atropine. It expands a pupil, suppresses secretion of sweat glands, almost all glands zheludochno - an intestinal path, speeds up heartbeat, weakens smooth muscles of bronchial tubes, a stomach and intestines, has strong spazmolitichesky effect.

Atropine excites a cerebral cortex in high doses and can cause motive and mental excitement. Probably, from - for such properties the belladonna is called still by a sleepy stupor, mad berry, devil`s berry, a drunk bush and mad cherry.

Presently in traditional medicine refuse the use of so dangerous herb, however earlier extracts and extracts of a belladonna with wine and juice accepted as inside, and as external cure for pains of a different origin.

The medieval Aesculapian of the 16th century Tabernemontanus in the herbalist described that the cut and enclosed grass of a belladonna treats all ulcers and tumors, the inflamed stomach and a liver, satisfying at the same time heat.

However, in the Middle Ages not only medicinal properties of a plant were used. From it prepared the ointment applied for unleashings of the " language; defendants during trials of witches. Ointment caused hallucinations, and the victims under torture told everything that demanded from them. Did of a belladonna also poisons and love potions.

In our world there is nothing only useful and beautiful or only dangerous. As we see, a belladonna - not an exception.]