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To whom will Brahmaputra obey? The place where the leg of the person would not go is difficult to find

on Earth. Such this being that will creep everywhere. And on tops of the highest mountains, and in the deepest caves and hollows, and on poles, and even in space. People adore receiving thrills, moving in the novel ways.

Special appeal is caused by routes where the person battles against water elements. People slide on boards on a surface of ocean waves, jump to Niagara Falls, go down in kayaks on the rapids rivers. But for the present did not conquer this river of people.

In spite of the fact that the majority of the rivers in India bears female names, this is called by the rare and proud man`s name - Brahmaputra that in Sanskrit means god Brakhma`s son . It bears the waters across China, India, Bangladesh and East Pakistan.

Mostly it flows quietly and slowly. On it without any caution local boats and boats slide. However in one town, in the gorge Dikhang, at border with Bangladesh, the river abruptly makes Great turn . Here it breaks through rocky spurs of Ridge Tanggula and Himalayas, begins to flow on the South, and then on the West, practically in an opposite direction.

This break is given to the river hardly. Seventy five (!) falls located on a site no more than forty kilometers long. And on this scanty site Brahmaputra loses nearly three thousand (!) height meters. And as the river flows through the deep almost impassable gorge, it is not surprising that this fact long time remained the unknown.

Generally the gorge Dikhang on which the river flows deserves some attention too. It is the deepest canyon in the world. Its maximum depth makes 6009 meters, and extent - 320 km. It is comparable on length with American the Grandee - a canyon 446 km long, but that much more small, its depth does not exceed 1600 meters.

Where the river moves across Tibet on the East, throughout 1600 km, it is called Dzyan - On. Long time was considered that, having reached India, the river leaves under the earth. But one hundred kilometers to the south other huge river follows from the same mountains. However, it flows already in the opposite direction, and Brahmaputra is called.

Or perhaps two rivers actually are one? The river riddle tormented great geographical discoveries, many during an era, and only to the middle the XIX price of improbable efforts succeeded to prove that it valid one river.

Now to make it simply, it is enough to look at Earth through the program of Google - Earth.

To prove - that was proved, but nobody could float through abrupt thresholds of this most mountain river of the world so far. And attempts were. And the first ahead of the planet of all were Russians. In 1997 the team under the leadership of Sergey Lagoda decided to conquer hurriedly the obstinate river, but came across not so much physical obstacles how many on bureaucratic obstacles. As a result time and money ended, and it was not succeeded to pass a route completely.

The following attempt was made by a national Olympic team of the USA together with a national team of China. Alas, and they were waited by failure. They overcame practically all route, but some water obstacles and remained unsubdued.

All came to the end with the tragedy. One of oarsmen, Doug Gordon, was pushed out by powerful streams from shoal towards the main stream, and it appeared out of a zone of reach of safety cables. His companions needed only to observe how the boat was involved in the following threshold and disappeared. Neither Doug, nor his equipment managed to be found.

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