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In what secret of youth of Sofia Rotaru? The last birthday the famous singer carried out

in the Crimean Mountains, near Youth Bathtubs which is located in Grand Canyon of the Crimea. In the bottlenecks width of a canyon does not exceed 3 - 5 meters, depth of the gorge reaches 250 - 320 meters. On a bottom of a canyon the river flows, forming on the way of deepening, similar to coppers or bathtubs. One of such deepenings carries the name Youth Bathtub .

It, perhaps, one of the most popular places at tourists who mastered a hard way here. Judge for yourself - about one and a half hours by bus on the mountain serpentine and still rather big foot walk.

But, speak, it is worth it. According to stories of locals, water in these bathtubs is so curative and useful that treats for all illnesses, and even does old to young people as if a magic copper with the boiling milk in the fairy tale The Fad - Gorbunok . And, really, the traveler, having plunged into the invigorating moisture, looks younger in the eyes that especially considerably on the speed with which he gets out from Youth Bathtubs where water temperature 9 - 11 even in a midday sun.

About the salutary force of this source there is a legend:

Highly in mountains the old man with the old woman in ancient times attained the age. Their hut fell into decay and it is not surprising: the old man was ninety years old, to the old woman eighty, and their children parted all over the world in search of happiness long ago. The tiny kitchen garden and a garden hardly - hardly gave them poor livelihood.

the old man Felt approach of death. One thought tormented him and the old woman: where to take money to organize a decent funeral? the Old man decided to collect by

the last forces, to descend several times to mountains, in the wood, to gather there dead wood, to sell it on a market in Alupka, to buy a coffin and everything that is necessary for a funeral.

it was surrounded Next day with a rope early in the morning, outdid the axe and, hard leaning on a cornel stick, went to mountains. Had long and often a rest until Ai - Petri where there was a lot of windbreak reached the bottom.

Having cut a big bundle of firewood and having charged with it a back, groaning and stumbling, trudged down.

Reached it one of sources which is fed by Kara - gol (from Tatar - the Black lake - the local name Youth Bathtubs ) . The sun was in a zenith, the heat and fatigue absolutely weakened the old person. He decided to have a rest and, having dumped firewood on the earth, greedy began to drink.

after that he very much wanted to sleep, and, having leaned a back against a pine, the old man fell asleep.

When he woke up, saw that the sun left on the West - day came to an end. The old man began to worry and hurried home. Having easily shouldered a bundle of firewood, nearly hopping, quickly began to climb down a mountain, on a habit talking with itself: - Not enough firewood was taken by the grandfather, very easy burden, it would be necessary time in two more.

Meanwhile the old woman, without having waited for the old man, decided to go to the wood to searches. Having seen the person with a bundle, she addressed him with words:

- whether you met, the good fellow, in the old man`s wood?

- Yes that you, mother, - the husband answered it, - went blind from an old age, perhaps, ceased to learn the old!

- do not laugh over me, old, and you sometime it will be, and my husband was about seventy years ago such as you. the old man understood

I then that he got drunk waters from a youth source about which the grandfather once spoke to it.

The old woman, of course, immediately wanted to get drunk the same voditsa. The husband explained to her how to find a source, and quickly went home. He suddenly remembered that many years the wattle fence around a garden and a kitchen garden that the gate is broken and that in general did not repair any more a lot of house of affairs which demand strong hands and a master`s eye.

Having been fond of work, he did not notice how there came night. Only then remembered the old woman. Threw run to mountains. In several minutes did a way on which several hours left in the morning. But the source had no old woman. Long he searched for the wife. Already despaired to find it when heard children`s crying in bushes. Picked up the child and went home.

There came dawn. Inexpressibly the old man was surprised, having seen that the child on his hands is wrapped up in the old woman`s tatter. It turned out that the old woman, with greed peculiar to women by youth, drank too much water from a miracle source at the foot of a hill Ai - Petri .

As they say - the fairy tale - lie and in it a hint We hope, Sofia Mikhaelovna was not overzealous.