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As it is correct to be married? I Congratulate

, expensive. You wanted it so long ago, just dreamed waking or sleeping. Long before a wedding called it husband . Though he also frowned if you did it at its presence. Nothing, frowned - frowned, now - that let will try! Now it became the indisputable truth which can be confirmed also with a ringlet at you on a finger of which you everything not without analysis brag, and a desired stamp in the passport. He is a husband, and here you will not argue, you are married, expensive. Where it will get to from you now? Retreat became impossible or hard feasible. You achieved the.

But listen, please, to several good advice from the best friend. If you did not understand from whom exactly, then I remind: the best friend is I. Over time it, most likely, will change, but so far, I dare to hope, I still am in this status. Not for nothing I was a witness and carefully thought over repayment which took place worse than ever. Not serchay on me for it, I am not specially. The main thing that the wedding took place, the groom did not run away and safely trained for a new profession in the husband. Almost I see how you fight in ecstasy, having read this word. Further you should be same attentive and to try to keep this enthusiasm until the end of my narration.

So, my FIRST COUNCIL : do not get fat.

You go to gymnastics together with me, sometimes swim in the pool. I beg you, do not give up sport. You already skipped several classes, I understand, it from - for weddings as you explained to me. It is the powerful reason, it is clear: prewedding turmoil carries away a lot of time and forces. And after that to the hall which is in five minutes from your house to reach oh as hard and long. But, please, do not invent other excuses. Because they will remain excuses the same as there will be extra kilos on your hips, nayedenny for the last weeks.

Also I should not swear that your figure did not change at all. I am your best friend, and all - I can safely say directly you the truth: these trousers already hardly agree on your waist! You remember how you grew thin when you fell in love with the future husband (holy Christ, again ecstasy) - so what they hung on you? That is the same! So I should not show off here. I though not married, but which - that I understand in this life.

To the same council in a set there is small subcouncil - measure a wedding dress of times in half a year. While you will not be able to zip behind, you will feel cooling from the husband (ecstasy any more not such strong, I see). Yes, I badly know your husband and I cannot speak for him. But I rather well know men. Therefore I am not married yet.

My SECOND COUNCIL : do not give up work.

Or it can sound so: do not live off the husband. Children - it is clear, but as soon as they grow up, as soon as possible restore professional skills! You are a workaholic, and here before a wedding absolutely grew very lazy, began to ask for leave from work. And results of your work depressing: who was deprived by awards last month? You and secretary Nadia! Nadia - that is clear, she is always deprived. But you - that?

You were the best accountant of last year! And as your future husband was proud then of your achievements... For it it is not indifferent that you achieved success, and here to you, apparently, already all the same. So a wedding a wedding, and it is necessary to know when to stop. The period of euphoria cannot last eternally, as if you did not want it. Become reasonable, the darling. I remember, it at you still was present at institute. Not so hot... but which - that even I at you wrote off. Simply, most it was uninteresting this nonsense to be engaged. Well, laughed, and will be enough.

My THIRD to you COUNCIL : keep the hobbies.

When you took up the brush last time? Aha, as, last month . You have brushes and paints already all in dust. I understand that clear-out becomes when there comes the grandfather - the general who died two years ago, but that picture which you presented me on birthday, still is the main decoration of my walls. Considering that more nothing hangs on them...

Support the hobbies up to standard! I understand that now you have one hobby - the husband, but also about the others you should not forget. Dear yours and on fishing manages to descend, and does not get out of garage... even when there is no car...

And you, such talented, able to feel fine, able to express it, sit out of work with the cutlets and wait for beloved. And to its arrival and cutlets cooled down, and Russian cabbage soup turned sour so even your only remained hobby - interest in culinary art - remains unvalued. I understand that it is hungry. And you - that had dinner today? Is not present? I and knew... Think also of yourself sometimes!

FOURTH COUNCIL : change sometimes.

No, I do not speak about cardinal changes as then, in the ninth class. When you dyed a hair in color of a valerian and put on wide trousers with a fly at knees. Change both externally, and internally. The monotony quickly bothers. Of course, the husband loves you such what you are. Though here now you do not need to brush the hair...

Watch the appearance, update clothes, do a different make-up. It is important that there was no such typical situation when the husband suddenly understands that he married one, beautiful, and in wives - that another, not such beautiful and mysterious .

Remember how you gathered to it for appointments as took from me a red blouse with big cut. By the way, you did not return it yet... As you carefully did a make-up and consulted on me what ear rings to put on. (As a result you put on others, and why was to consult?) But not about it now the speech...

Change both in mood, and in style of behavior. Today you are a modest woman, tomorrow - it is a little free, then - well, not a lioness what of you, to hell, a lioness? Well, stay though a cat, maybe, a cat and it will turn out. But as if you did not change, try to look and behave always at height. You are a WIFE, and it has to be worthy this proud rank!

Well and the last, FIFTH, COUNCIL : get divorced, while the getting is good! Not to take a steam bath over performance of above-mentioned councils.]