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What jellyfishes are?

Ancient Greek myths say that once upon a time there were once three sisters of Gorgona - Sfeno, Evriala and the Jellyfish. Here in honor of the last also called an animal. Good there were sisters, only at a view of them all live was turned to stone, and is not sophisticated - instead of hair they had moving snakes. And other look did not inspire trust.

But you be not afraid to look at jellyfishes. Actually they are very beautiful. Fancy small lamps, chandeliers, saucers and umbrellas with feelers, and all this translucent, ephemeral, often painted by the most delicate blue, lilac, brown and pink paints. Their slow graceful dances in water bewitch.

It is possible from them and to harden . However, not from a look, and from a touch. Poison of jellyfishes will paralyze the small fishes who carelessly swam up to them. But also to people from jellyfishes gets.

Jellyfishes belong to the class of coelenterates. They are arranged simply - something like a two-layer bag or a cap lined. The external layer of cages corresponds to our skin, and an inside layer of cages, the lining is a mouth and a stomach. However, a mouth - not absolutely and a mouth as the remains of undigested food are removed through it too.

Most of all at jellyfishes so-called strekatelny cages are interesting. All jellyfishes possess them. They look as the capsules filled with poison. In a cage the long hollow thread is twirled in a spiral, a makhonky sensitive hair outside sticks out. Slightly touch it, the thread is turned out from a capsule and stuck in the victim. On a thread poison is injected.

The person too large catch, and, in most cases, a burn of a jellyfish is not deadly to a jellyfish, though is very unpleasant. However the larger the jellyfish of this look, the is worse than a consequence from a meeting with it.

What sizes there are jellyfishes? The most different - from a pin head to two-meter giants. You want concrete figures?

The jellyfish tsianeya hairy, caught in North - the western part of Atlantic in 1865 is included in the Guinness Book of Records. Its hat was 2,28 meters in the diameter, and feelers stretched for 36,5 meters. That is, if to stretch feelers in different directions, length of such jellyfish will make 75 meters. This longest animal on Earth!

Feelers of a tsianea are thousands thin and sticky malinovo - brown threads. Congestions of jellyfishes form fields of a burning web of tens of thousands square meters. Conan of Doyle " is narrated about this jellyfish in the colourful story; Lion`s mane . But the story is not absolutely exact, is hardly capable to kill the person tsianeya.

The farther from native coast to the South, the it is more in the sea of jellyfishes, the stronger they sting. In the Mediterranean Sea us can to make happy jellylike creations with such beautiful names as hrizaor, a haribd, a kotiloriz. In 1976 there for the first time there were shining Pelagia`s jellyfishes, contact with whom is capable to cause not only burning pain, but also shock.

Live in the Mediterranean Sea and a fizaliya - surprising creations which main area is in warmer southern seas. Frankly speaking, the fizaliya is not absolutely a jellyfish. It is a colony from several hundred jellyfishes and polyps, each of which carries out any function. One of them get food, others digest it, the third protect a colony from enemies. But externally it looks as a separate organism.

This organism is very beautiful. Present, by the sea the float of the size of the head of the person painted in iridescent colors from blue and blue to lilac and pink floats. And pulls to take it in hand. But under this swimming bubble there are 15 - 20 meters of poison-bearing shchupalets!

Poison of a fizaliya is similar on action to cobra poison. The casual touch to it causes the most severe burn, the body becomes covered by blisters, lymphatic glands bulk up, intercepts breath. Also deaths are described.

So, going in the winter to get warm on chuzhedalny coast, be careful...]