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Whose tea chaisty?

are difficult to choose Presently the real tea that both tasty, and fragrant, and invigorated The abundance of names and grades on counters of shops interferes with the choice process. So far you will reach an essence until you create own taste and addictions, you drink too much almost all available grades on trade counters.

And only you will get used to a certain look Lisma as for some reason this grade suddenly disappears and appears Lisma with taste of a lemon or with other aromatic additive. In a year - other range of tea in shops changes cardinally, at least, a half of grades precisely disappears and others appear All this just tricks of producers and processors of tea - the remarkable product long ago recognized in Russia. If at once to consumers to lay out the most charming grade, then where to put multiton mountains of the others?

Quite recently two main grades were in deficiency - Indian and Ceylon. Sometimes drank rare - the Chinese tea. Slightly later tea especially domestic - Krasnodar, almost not conceding on quality foreign appeared. The presents the Indian, Ceylon, Chinese and Krasnodar teas did not lose the positions and till today. And the people still knowing drank and drink tea with mint, with a dushitsa, a St. John`s Wort and other teas, infused on local environmentally friendly herbs and leaves of bushes.

People practically cease to mow manually - life changes. Together with outdated mowers also teas which they traditionally drank leave. Try to dig out roots of wild forest-steppe cherry, to clear them and to potomit in boiled water a little! It is the best of all to take water from a spring and to make tea in a cauldron. You will not see such saturated and mysterious tea color in any other! It is necessary to drink at once and surely under stars at a kosterka

there is no cherry? And nearby, wild forest blackcurrant grows in a boggy nizinka. Several broken branches, together with berries made and slightly pritomlenny in a marching kettle, will impact to your drink such relish and aroma that long time of anything else will not be drunk by you.

Along a stream or on the coast of the rivulet thickets of mint which also with success can satisfy any tea thirst grow. And how many advantage for calm of nervous system and a sweet dream! By the way, mint in a sleeping pillow - an infallible remedy from a headache.

There is on our open spaces such remarkable plant which is called respectively - Ivan - tea. However over time even rural fans of the nature begin to be confused and argue on a subject - what blossoming grass it is possible to call Ivan - tea and the more so to drink its broth. Still argue on some grades of a clover, a bogorodsky grass, a sage To such disputes nest numbers!

Original forest tea can be made on a forest glade if to gather bushes of strawberry or wild strawberry, and of course, together with juicy berries. Almost all our edible herbs and berry-pickers suit for tea leaves of some special tea. But very best of teas is allsorts from backs, leaves, berries and fruits of all above the listed herbs and plants. Only it is necessary to make scale of aromas and tastes on the discretion and, preferably, personal by practical consideration.

Similar collecting local tea and a pivala in old times our grandfathers! And our grandmothers prepared this collecting for the future - for the winter when to drink summer Russian tea from a cup and a saucer of the Chinese painted porcelain are how again to plunge into fertile last summer and with good hopes to think of summer future.]