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How to make beetroot soup with ears ?

I Suggest you to try to make beetroot soup with ears . I can assure that you will not regret, and on the contrary, you will lick fingers...

For a yushka:

1. 1 kg of claret beet;

2. 1,2 l of boiled water;

3. 50 g of rye bread;

4. salt, sugar, ground black pepper;

5. 5 potatoes, 5 carrots, 1 average bulb.

For the test:

1. 1 glass of high-grade flour;

2. little warm boiled water.

For a stuffing:

1. 100 g of champignons;

2. 1 large bulb;

3. 2 tablespoons of the refined vegetable oil;

4. 1 tablespoon of breading unsweetened crackers;

5. salt, ground black pepper.

Now in detail I paint all mechanism of preparation. Such beetroot soup needs to begin to be prepared for

one week prior to the planned date of its eating. Here for this week you need to clear 0,5 kg of beet, to cut it small straws, to lay accurately in bank or the enameled pan, there to place the crumbled bread (it is desirable a crust, but not a crumb) and, having filled in all this with warm boiled water and having covered with a gauze, to forget about beetroot soup about day of its preparation. By the way, it is necessary to keep beet in room conditions, not in the refrigerator.

In the day planned for a feast in a big pan cook potatoes straws, carrots ringlets, and I kiss the remained 0,5 kg of beet (do not cut even in half) a bulb (its after cooking should be taken). When all vegetables cook, switch off fire, cover a pan and leave to be drawn 1 hour. After that it is necessary to add to the turned-out broth what wandered week at you in bank (add a spoon and try, still add and again try. Here business is exclusive in your taste). Salt further, you posakharit and pepper your soup, bring to boiling and switch off, having left to cool down under a cover.

Now you need to prepare ears . This lovely name describes lepestochka - pies from the test. For hostesses with laziness: ears it is possible to replace easily pellets .

And so, ears . For them make dense viscous water-based dough, roll it on a table and cut in cubes. Each cube - future pie - ear .

For a stuffing it is necessary to protushit champignons with a lukovichka and to cool the turned-out mix. Here it is important that pieces of mushrooms and onions were the small size since pies - that small, on one sting. At skillful skilled workers in a tablespoon finds room 2, and even 3 ear .

We consider that the stuffing is ready, and we start a molding of pies. It is necessary to mold as you mold usual pies. Complexity all is in what needs to be zaleplivat very much - very strong (and it is very laborious work!). Pies are given the form of lepestochok or ears though balls too perfectly pass. That with ears to do is farther? And here that: they can be welded in salty water or to fry in the boiling oil (as fr). Process of cooking is similar to that at vareniki (we cook until emerges).

That`s all put.

Needed to pour beetroot soup on festive plates, to lay there ears and to serve separately dense sour cream. It will be remarkable if to all this yum-yum you will serve sandwiches from the freshest white loaf with a house zelets and house mustard!

Bon appetit!]