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What can be better in winter cold, than tea with gingerbreads?

in the Winter so tea wants hot, and to it something tasty and sweet...

" gingerbreads; Vyazma actually absolutely simply prepare. Look at


Here my recipe.

Necessary ingredients:

1. 3 glasses of flour;

2. 2 tablespoons with butter top;

3. 1,25 glasses of granulated sugar;

4. cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, vanillin, ground muscat pepper and ground carnation;

5. walnuts and raisin;

6. dried peel of a lemon and orange;

7. 2 eggs;

8. 1,75 glasses of warm boiled water;

9. 0,5 glasses of jam.

Pour in a pan 0,5 glasses of warm water , fill 0,75 glasses of granulated sugar there and you cook until weight does not become viscous and dense. Surely disturb that did not burn. When syrup thickens, filter it, add 50 of of butter (or creamy margarine) . After that put the turned-out weight to be cooled (up to the temperature of 70 - 80 degrees).

Sift 3 glasses of high-grade flour , add to flour a little cinnamon, a coriander, cardamom, ground muscat pepper and a ground carnation - all on slightly - slightly. For fans of refined gingerbreads: crush in paste walnuts and raisin , small cut a dried peel of a lemon and orange and add to the main listed spices. It is also possible to use vanillin .

Enter into flour with spices 0,75 glasses of water , stir and add sugar syrup. Now you should stir carefully dough a spoon.

Of course, nobody will not begin to interfere hot dough with hands therefore you should cool it. And here when will cool down, start, be so kind as, manual hashing, but only after addition of couple of eggs .

Roll well mixed dough with a rolling pin on a table, cut out from it identical rectangles. On each rectangle put a spoon of dense - dense jam (better apple) , evenly smear a stuffing on a dry biscuit and you stick together its edges so that the rectangle turned out besides.

Prepare a pure baking sheet, evenly wet it, but only that water did not flow down, and lay out on it the turned-out gingerbreads. Now look at

on a baking sheet and be convinced that distance between each gingerbread not less than 1 cm


Sprinkle gingerbreads with flour (only very carefully, do not strew a baking sheet), carefully run a hand over gingerbreads to remove surplus of flour, and then grease each gingerbread from above and on each side with egg water (water and an egg yolk 1:1).

gingerbreads can be baked Now. The oven for baking has to be warmed to a maximum. To heat gingerbreads are in it about 15 minutes. During this time prepare glaze.

Take 0,5 glasses of boiled water and 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar and properly boil thoroughly, constantly mixing.

There now, gingerbreads baked, glaze is ready. Your task to pour over gingerbreads glaze and right after it to put ready sweets on cold.

Simply, truth? Now tasty and sweet you are provided!

Pleasant tea drinking!]