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What is the Darwin Award?

the Naturalist Charles Darwin established that the effect of natural selection is that the personality has to be more developed, than her predecessors. In honor of this hypothesis in the USA the Darwin Award is annually handed to people who made the greatest efforts to improve a human gene pool. In essence organizers encourage original idiotic ways for self-destruction. Thus, the gene pool of mankind is cleared of the idiots capable to think up IT! The Darwin Award is awarded by certain rules.

Posterity. It is the fundamental principle therefore the main requirement to applicants for the Darwin Award - as a result of accident they have to lose ability to conception of the child, and it is absolutely unimportant, than it will be caused.

Reliability and efficiency. History has to be truthful and occur in the current year. But if in some well the skeleton of the last year`s winner of hide-and-seek suddenly is found, it can apply for an award this year.

Maturity. Only adults are capable to make rather silly acts. Besides it is impossible to dismiss also that the applicant has to be rather adult to have at least a theoretical opportunity to conceive the child. Therefore the age qualification - is also more senior sixteen years.

Originality. the Real applicant for the Darwin Award will not repeat others nonsenses. The true idiocy is always unique. To become the true winner of the Darwin Award, the candidate has to possess so enormous nonsense that all simply fell on knees and Misters for the fact that our children and grandsons should not have any business with his descendants rendered thanks.

Independence. to apply for the Darwin Award, the dead has to or ruin himself with own hand, or allow to ruin himself only by big nonsense. The casual and ridiculous death from - for others mistakes is just bad luck.

Gloss. the Real winner does not give to anybody a reason to doubt the brainlessness. In advance considered and well documented nonsense made repeatedly - all this signs of bad genes. And now - about some winners of the Darwin Award. ATTENTION! Do not try to repeat described. For repetition you the Darwin Award all the same will not be given!

In 1992 forty-seven-year-old Ken Charles Barger from Newton in Northern Carolina was conferred the Darwin award. At night it woke phone call. Half asleep instead of the receiver Ken grabbed lying a row Smith - a fine linen the thirty eighth caliber, brought it to an ear and mechanically pressed descent. In March, 1993 the direct-sales representative from Florida whose car crashed into a column received an award. Police investigation established that while its car rushed with a speed of hundred thirty kilometers per hour, her driver studied the textbook on marketing.

In 1994 the Darwin Award was awarded to the person who, without having thrown money, tried to shake out from the automatic machine a small bottle from the cook - Coca. The automatic machine fell to the cheapskate and crushed it.

In 1995 owners awards became at once six residents of the South Egyptian village of Nazlat Imara who tried to pull out the chicken who fell in a well. The first in a deep well the eighteen-year-old peasant, the owner of a chicken went down, and drowned. After that it was followed by his sister and two brothers, any of whom was not able to float. Then two peasants came to the rescue is more senior and too drowned. After a body of all six rescuers were taken from a well. Pulled out also an ill-fated chicken who survived.

1996. Christoph Azninski (30 years) was the most courageous person of Europe, he cut off the own head. Azninski drank with friends when it was decided to undress and play in man`s games . At first they beat each other the head with icicles, but then one of them grabbed the chiansaw and cut off part of the leg. To surpass it, Azninski seized him a saw, swung and cut off to himself the head.

In 1999 in vicinities of Tehran the Iranian hunter died - it was shot by a snake from own gun. Other hunter told that the dead tried to capture a snake alive and pressed her head to the earth a gun butt. However the snake was twisted around a butt and a tail pressed a trigger. The bullet got Ali directly into the head.

Not less ridiculous and tragic story happened to the inhabitant Los - Andzheles, being going to do repair on a roof of the house. Being a person reasonable, he providently took care of an insurance and tied round a rope which second end tied to a bumper of the car which was in the yard in advance. But forgot to warn about it the wife who decided to be passed on shops just at this time. It took the wheel and sharply jerked from the place. Broke the poor creature from a roof and dragged on a rope behind car to the first shop where his wife stopped.

Quite often ridiculous death occur among the mountain skiers executing such jumps and somersaults on steep slopes of mountains that observers are surprised rather not to a lethal outcome, and to the fact that the majority of them nevertheless manages to survive. Ho of all competitors was left behind by the fan of jumps with a bungee. Ha the springing rope it jumped from the bridge down, hoping to enjoy a free fall, but did not calculate a little. Length of a rope was fifty two meters, and bridge height over the autobahn - only forty three. The thrill-seeker broke in flat cake.

In 2000 the German soldier bought a hammock and decided to hang up it at a back wall in a barrack where lived with the neighbor. Without having found anything the best, the hero hung up it between two wall cases. When he laid down on a hammock, cases fell to it and prishibl to death

The same year the Palestinian seller came to the smith with the grenade which he used as the weight to weigh vegetables. He asked the smith to add to it a little iron that that weighed more precisely. The grenade exploded, having killed the seller and having wounded the smith.

In 2002 awards were conferred four young people from Oklahoma who on the eve of the Independence Day decided to check readiness of the pyrotechnic means, having chosen as the ground the platform near the huge tank with fuel. Its explosion was visible for several kilometers.

And at last hit of all times and people! This case ideally meets all requirements to applicants for receiving the Darwin Award. So!

Fanaticism of the British fans is known to all. If Wales wins, I will cut off to myself eggs! - Jef told the companions in club during broadcast of the championship on rugby between England and Wales. His friends thought that 26 - summer Jef jokes. However, after a victory of Wales with the score 11:9, Jef went home, castrated himself and in such look reached back club where shocked with it friends. It is natural that Jef was taken to hospital where he was immediately hospitalized. According to doctors, for an osushchestleniye of the purpose Jef sober and without any anasteziya used couple of stupid wire nippers. Process of castration took at least ten minutes.... It was the first victory of Wales over England for the last 12 years.

Good luck not to become you the winner!

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