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How to learn to prepare levashnik? You do not know how to cook

levashnik? Yes it as easy as shelling pears! This that dish which manages to all from the first. Tastelessly just does not happen! Take the word and when you prepare, you will see that I was right...

For preparation of levashnik it is required to you:

1 400 g of high-grade flour;

2 2 eggs and 1 yolk;

3 0,75 glasses of boiled water;

4 0, 5 teaspoons of salt;

5 1 tablespoon of cognac;

6 2 tablespoons of sugar without top;

7 300 g of low-fat cottage cheese (fans of greasy food can use fat cottage cheese);

8 200 g of refined sunflower oil;

9 1 tile of dark or milk chocolate.

We prepare levashnik so. by

It is poured in a flat dish water, we add to it sugar, salt and cognac. Separately we shake up eggs and we enter the turned-out foam into water. Carefully we mix.

Is filled on a table flour by a hill and we do a funnel in the center of a hill. In this funnel it is necessary to pour in liquid weight from a pan now.

needs to knead very intensively dough on a table Now. The lump will turn out rigid - rigid, the dough more abruptly, the better for you: and it is convenient to work, and taste at finished products is more pleasant.

After careful hashing of the test it it is necessary as it is possible to roll more thinly - here and the steepness of the test is useful.

the Rolled dough should be rarezat on small squares. The inside of future pie should be greased with yolk water (a yolk and water 1:1). Then on one half of a small square it is necessary to put a cottage cheese spoon (you can poslastit it, only do not go too far! and to add raisin). Now it is necessary to stick together edges of pies (here it is possible to arrive doubly: or to make triangles, or rectangles) and to lay out them on a pure surface for 10 minutes to razlezhatsya.

At this time on a frying pan heat vegetable oil. Its layer has to be not less than 1 cm! Pin a fork each levashnik and fry in oil about 3 minutes.

From ready pies surplus of oil has to flow down, after that levashnik are ready for ornament.

In this place should tell that this dish needs to be eaten hot therefore your actions from oil before giving of ready levashnik on a table have to take time minimum the moment of withdrawal of pie.

And it is absolutely simple to decorate - it is necessary to water a little each pie with the chocolate kindled previously. If speeds to you are pleasant not to occupy also to you experiments, use not only black, but also white chocolate. If in a stuffing you have a raisin, can use it as ornament if in a stuffing only cottage cheese, mine to you a good advice: you do not fence anything on chocolate.

I Warn that COCONUT FLAKES is CONTRAINDICATED! If the soul is torn by

to parts and demands ornament, slightly - slightly powder pies with icing sugar.

Give levashnik hot, laid out on a beautiful dish in one layer - that the stiffened chocolate was greased.

Bon appetit!]