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How to open Cheteau Lafite of a harvest of 1982 in the presence of the princess of Monaco?

After design of aircraft carrying cruisers, drilling of superdeep wells and calculation of orbits of artificial satellites of Saturn so serious and extremely difficult business are process of opening of wine bottles.

Historically so it developed that the mankind had to pass a long and difficult way of civilization development of process of production of wine bottles from glass, their blockages traffic jams and search of ways of their opening.

In order that every time not to beat off a neck of a wine bottle the hammer not to puzzle, than exactly this time it is more convenient to pick out or press a stopper in a bottle, the best minds of the planet were forced to think up something. For this reason as a result of long technical evolution the mankind went to the inevitable invention and eventually invented, at last, a corkscrew.

History did not keep a concrete name of the inventor of a corkscrew.

Differently should establish it a monument.

However the first patent for improvement corkscrew designs is in the history imprinted.

is easy to draw a conclusion From here - means, already was what to improve.

B1795 - m in Great Britain the patent for improvement of a design was granted to year to a certain Samuel Henshall.

Improvement consisted in the metal plate of a round form soldered on a corkscrew in the form of a washer. This circle as envisioned by the inventor at the end of the eighteenth century promoted achievement of two purposes at once: in - the first it did not allow to twist a corkscrew too deeply, and in - the second, resting against a stopper, it forced it to be scrolled together with a corkscrew, thereby unsticking a stopper from walls of a bottle neck, promoting its easier extraction.

How many bottles are successfully openly by means of the convenient and practical corkscrew improved by Henshall with the soldered washer are definitely not known.

But in 1802 Englishman Edward Tomason patented the first corkscrew of double action. Technically the device for extraction of a stopper from a bottle thereby considerably became complicated. But at the same time, having divided thus process into several stages, it was succeeded to reduce significantly the physical activities used for taking out of a stopper. For example, Tomason`s device assumes an initial vvinchivaniye of a corkscrew in a stopper, with the subsequent turn of the lever sideways. The lateral arrangement of the lever for a conclusion of a stopper was patented too by the Englishman by the name of Land in half a century of trainings and improvements in 1855.

The first two-lever corkscrew patented again - Englishman Hili in 1888. As the proof of technical good luck of this design serves universal distribution of this model among fans and professionals of opening of bottles in their festive and everyday life. Such two-lever corkscrew is applied in bars from Burkin today - Faso to Greenland.

It is obvious that around the world more often than others representatives of one professional category happen to uncork bottles - to waiters.

Is natural therefore that cannot be passed by and not to pay attention on special waiter`s corkscrew - the invention patented by German Karl Veynke in 1883.

Idea of the German is simple: the corkscrew is twisted in a stopper then, resting the short end of a corkscrew against a bottle neck, the stopper is very easily taken when raising the long lever. Sometimes on the short end do several steps, for fight against unconventionally long traffic jams. This design is also very popular today, as at restaurants (waiters work wonders with this corkscrew), and in the form of pocket - folding versions.

It is as if the landing version of the Kalashnikov.

Progress in the space sphere or the last achievements of computer technologies is that!

In the end of the twentieth century appeared the corkscrew of new generation, a corkscrew opening bottles by means of air!

really embodies This corkscrew itself the new millennium, it is extraordinary elegant and effective!

Idea consists in introduction of a hollow needle to a stopper, completely piercing it, with the subsequent forcing of air by means of the button. As syringe. The stopper very effectively jumps out with the cotton which is slightly conceding on loudness to cotton when opening champagne, but efforts really should not be put almost.

This difficult art - is correct and beautiful to open a wine bottle - becomes available all.

Dream of all progressive mankind is achieved. Along with new spaceships, super tankers, computers and mobile phones, also the new era in a pneumatic shtoporostroyeniye comes!

Now practically any well-educated gentleman without fear okonfizitsya can open safely independently expensive collection wine like Cheteau Lafite of a harvest of 1982 even in the presence of the princess of Monaco.]