Rus Articles Journal

Abbr. nazv. pro-@ or That I saw on price tags?

Prologue. Oznakomitelno - explanatory.

very much wants to address administration of others to food - grocery institutions with a request to pay attention to the inexhaustible imagination of the employees which is in full swing from the hidden source of laziness! Also you know what constrains? Yes elementary sense of humour which will force to burst out laughing at an essence statement masterpiece ! And so it would be desirable gravity and full inscriptions on price tags. Though, perhaps, I am not right, and with such desires how mine, that and you look, jokes will disappear from the face of the earth?

Action the first. Obshchepitovsko - digestive.

a Decade ago. I - the student flying through a step to the first floor of the educational case on a break between couples. Eatery in the best traditions of not so long ago passed Soviet period. Darlings radiating with forms of the cook on distribution of the first - second courses. Contrast to them - the sickly cashier (poor, and there is a wish to offer her compote with a roll) in a headboard of the turn terminating somewhere it is far at the end of a corridor tunnel. Lovingly printed on the " machine; Yatran the menu behind plexiglass on a wall whiningly says: Sandwich - salad - soup - goulash Most of students, seemingly, - Arabs. At least, almost all read the menu on - Arab - from right to left, since the price. I am run on tsiferka, sometimes mowing with an eye to the left. There is a good figure what there at us? Meatballs of g. ? Hm better I will take Pilaf with " pork; whether you know. There everything is clear at least with structure.

Action the second. Gastronomichesko - criminal.

Almost our days, plus-minus two years. An epicure in native dormitory area. The familiar tired faces of shop assistants which are occasionally smiling in response to a vigorous sincere joke. Ranks - regiments - packings. At all not the melancholy for Italy, but desire to taste for dinner of pasta conducts me in groceries. That here at us spiralk - horns - cockleshells - bagatelles. About! My eyes are rounded. Still - they have a serious occasion for this purpose. Something oblong, yellow color, similar to straws, packed into piece polyethylene with an epicure emblem, contains the most very interesting information on the label in a package. Products poppy. Straws , - the hand-written text says. I look around. Really legalized? Ouch - yay - yay and until recently the district police officer lectured my granny for several red florets, so unreasonably ascended in a kitchen garden.

Action the third. Konditersko - zoological.

Again our days. The same epicure, confectionery department - a cafe. Beginning of day. The department with flowers located in the neighbourhood bends under the pressure of a platoon of the men who are very smoothly shaved and radiating is meticulous sweet mix of perfume and - threefold Chanel`s la the article seventy three. Guessed? Holiday of spring! We with the colleague - not enemies to figures of our girls - employees, but all one - came into confectionery department behind a cake. If that - we will eat. - to present our business! The show-window dazzles raznotsvety cakes. With florets and uzorchik, round and not really. Eyes run up. However, difficult choice. In a minute I know precisely only one. Let`s buy any cake at random, tyknuv a finger. Except one. On the price tag about it it is hastily removed: Cake dog. with gribk. Something does not pull on Vietnamese cuisine today.

Epilog. Just epilog.

Oh, how many for us opening strange prepares reductions spirit! you stand in a queue So far, and washes away to tell the cashier: Maidens., tests. additional Pak., pozh.! But something holds me, and I speak wearily: The Girl, punch, please, an additional package! And, already smiling, I add: the poppy straws are not located .]