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As I got rid of a syndrome emotional burning out ?

Eh, my life - a can...

Yes well it in a bog!
I do not know

how in others, but in my head this animation song was lost quite often. Long time did not pay attention, but experience came over time: started singing Water - to drink vodka soon. Own sign such. Then it became interesting (I terribly curious and rested) why happens to me as occurs? Personal rich statistical selection and open spaces of the Internet helped to find the answer. Sat down, reflected and understood how it is possible to live burning, but not burning down! Or without getting wet

it Became clear that experts have a similar state of mind and mind the syndrome " is called; emotional burning out . For severe men it could seem a shameful whim of the mollycoddle, but on life it was medical reality as which doctors understand the reaction of an organism arising owing to long influence of professional stresses of average intensity .

At such to a work at full stretch gradually emotional and intellectual exhaustion, physical exhaustion and personal dispassionateness by the principle " develops; on everything to spit . The organism so was tired of everything that it sees the rescue only in full or partial switching off of emotions as reactions to any influences from the outside. For many the elementary exit from a psychological corkscrew - to green horror native hard drinking which is capable to disconnect everything that moves. At discordant with this way after the classic there is a question: What to do? .

And I will tell you simply and on - friendly what needs to be done. Also I will warn in a familiar way: easily will not seem. So, all actions recommended by experts are directed to neutralization of the prime cause of an illness: removal of working tension by healthy methods, increase of professional motivation, alignment of balance between the spent efforts and the earned reward, optimization of nature of the developed relationship in labor (it native) collective and the personal reactions.

And to realize read, advise nepokobelimo to follow simple rules :

to try to count and after careful consideration to distribute the loadings, to use a time - misses for rest from work which are necessary for ensuring mental and physical wellbeing;

to learn to switch periodically from one kind of activity to another;

at work it is simpler to span to treat the conflicts, and to people to a shirsha ;

not to be engaged in nonsenses and not to try to be the best always and in everything;

have more to communicate emotionally, it is exclusive dry - only because when the person soberly analyzes the feelings overwhelming him and the probability " shares them with others; burning out considerably decreases, or this process is not so expressed;

to seek for keeping fit, having believed in the fact that between a condition of a body and reason there is a close connection: improper feeding, abuse of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, weight reduction or obesity aggravate manifestations of a syndrome of emotional burning out. I cannot brag of

that their embodiment passed in my reality easily. But, eventually, it was embodied-! A laudable obstinacy, patience and work - where you want, will finish. Moreover, rules became mine conscious unconscious here only could not smoke to throw, well it is fine, not all at once.

Water became Solo the marker warning that the limit of my physical, sincere, intellectual and other capacities is reached for today and it would be time for a body on rest. Either in a bath, or to the gym. On a sofa pulls recently more and more seldom that most of all surprised my friends. Life became simpler, people are kinder, however, than money around did not begin to earn any more, but not to earn all bucks.

What else? Yes, the last time sang a song of the animation hero already aloud, under a New Year tree, but sober. What and to you I wish.]