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What dunes in Europe are visible from space?

in the north of Poland on the coast of the Baltic Sea are lit up gray morning by the illusive moving landscape existing hundreds of years. The winds which are given rise by natural rhythms and the seas boundless dunes incessantly move. This geological phenomenon often call the Polish Sahara. The dune landscape strikes. Most of all impresses dynamism of the place. It is difficult to recognize him at each new visit.

The dune begins with the small sandy hillock formed near a stone or a plant. Such obstacle gradually has a small sandy hill. If the direction of wind remains long enough, then the hill grows, its navetrenny slope becomes flat and concave, and leeward - more abrupt, convex. There is a dune.

Today`s dunes are a result of difficult processes of formation of a unique local landscape. Dunes are in the continuous movement, the surrounding vegetation cannot hold them on the place. The sand limited from the North to the Baltic Sea stretched along the coast of the lake of Lebsko for distance of 18 kilometers. A form reminding huge language of 5 square kilometers they are well visible from space. These are the largest dunes in Europe. The highest of them - height about the twelve-floor house.

Finds archeologists indicate that in emergence of the sandy desert on the coast people played a role. In the Middle Ages the majority of trees in this area was cut down for construction of the ships and ports. Dunes were left without protection. Sand came to the uncontrollable movement and began to absorb everything on the way. Including whole villages, woods, fields and meadows.

A major factor of movements of sand are changes of weather. The short periods of cold windy weather and influence in the fall dunes most of all in the winter, annually pushing out them honor on 10 meters on the South. Nothing can stop them.

A few years ago people noticed that from sand of the most western dune something appears. Sand moved to the East, baring an unknown subject. It turned out that it is the FAU rocket - 2, remained since World War II. In these dunes nazis organized training camp for preparation of the connections of the marshal Rommel going to be at war to North Africa.

And though dunes released the rocket, they it is still tenacious hold the woods. Once the most beautiful in Poland the alder wood dies today. Trees with edge are already dead, they hardly stick out of sand. Filled up less still fight for life. When the dune comes, branches and leaves of trees are filled up with sand and cannot breathe and absorb carbon dioxide. Plants perish.

This drama is played for hundreds of years. Dunes and plants constantly battle with each other. Sand tries to destroy vegetation, and they are to break through sand. However the next storm or strong wind will ensure a victory of dunes.

Dunes - the unique natural laboratory delivering the mass of material for researches of scientists. In 1967 was in these parts founded the Slovinsky national park, one of problems of which - studying of processes of creation and life of dunes, ways of protection against them.

Scientists observe, study dunes, but do not fight with them. Sandy hills on the Baltic coast - the unique phenomenon which arose as the response of the nature to attempt to ignore its laws. It is too much bad improved people. The time also to stop.]