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In what secret of a salt lamp?

Being in a thicket, by the sea or at a falls foot, you easily feel the salutary force of the air filled with negatively charged molecules - aero ions. They so influence our health that they are called " air vitamins;.

It is considered that the optimum quantity of negative ions in environment has to be within 1000-1500 on one cubic centimeter. However in the room where several people work at least, the quantity of negative ions falls in five - seven times.

How to raise their number? First of all, to air the room. But there is also other way.

Over any chemical surely there is an atmosphere from its vapors. And, the stronger to heat substance, the more vapors soar over its surface.

Molecules of vapors of the salts which are strong electrolytes easily break up in air to ions, positive and negative. Concentration of negative ions, and rather easy ions which are not burdened additional " is important for us; makeweights groups of atoms. Such ions are the ions which are formed as a result of evaporation of ordinary table salt.

Of course, and at the room temperature over salt there is an atmosphere from ions, but if to heat salt, vapors becomes much more. This circumstance is the basis for curative action of a salt lamp.

Plafonds such lamps cut out from integral pieces of a mineral a ship`s biscuit, so on scientific call rock salt. Its structure - chloride sodium and insignificant amount of impurity.

Inside plafond there is a small glow lamp. The main lack of such lamp of ordinary life consisting that 95% of the electric power given on it turn not to the public, and in heat, in a salt lamp turns into advantage.

A bulb in salt plafond both lights and heats it. Rock salt allocates ions, including, both lungs negative, and air which we breathe becomes curative.

Together with ability to ionize air, salt lamps allow to turn the air which is in the room in pure and pleasant. Why?

The charged particles of dust soaring in air electrically make a start from each other and from other objects, walls, a floor. Also continue to soar infinitely long in air, getting finally into our lungs. Ions discharge dust particles, and those gain ability to stick together with each other, to be integrated and settle down.

The same effect is inherent in the salt caves, known from antiquity. Long ago it is noticed that the people having diseases of lungs, for example asthma in the caves or mines which are in salt layers feel much better, as a hand removes their illnesses. Here too beneficial influence of easy negative ions is shown.

Practically also salty sea air affects people, that is why people aspire exactly there in the summer, they do not accept river beaches near the hometown.

Here also leaves that the salt lamp is a tiny analog of a salt cave or the sea coast. There is also a difference: in salt caves high concentration of ions is created at the expense of a big surface of walls of a cave, at the sea - at the expense of the huge mass of salty water while in a salt lamp it is caused by salt heating.

Therefore even lamps, small by the size, possess a totality of salutary properties. The salt lamp helps with treatment of many diseases: allergies, asthmas, bronchitis, rhinitis, immunity strengthens, raises a vitality, harmonizes mentality.

And not only. Computers, TVs, microwave ovens, radiate electromagnetic waves and promote formation of harmful positively charged aero ions. Include a salt lamp, and negatively charged ions neutralize an adverse effect of electronic equipment.

Besides salutary properties of a lamp involves also its esthetic influence. It is pleasant to behold a lamp. It gives a charm to an interior. The muffled shades of pink, orange and yellow flowers create the special mystical atmosphere of the room. The salt lamp creates a cozy situation, allows to relax.

For the first time this fashionable home decoration appeared in countries of Western Europe a little more than 10 years ago, and today they can be got freely in many cities of our country.

It is a fine gift.]