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On whom bronze Kutuzov astride sits?

Holding high army posts in the Ministry of Defence, Budenny paid to creation and support of the state munitions horse-breeding centers much attention. At the studs which were under its authority works on removal of a new roadster breed of the horses suitable for army service were conducted. Works on its creation were carried out by big group of selectors, scientists, experts at the head of which Semyon Mikhaylovich appeared, certainly. The powerful result became a result of twenty years of the dressed-up work and life. Very few marshals of the planet can brag of such achievement. In all horse catalogs of the world there is a head devoted to Semyon Mikhaylovich Budenny`s child.

In 1956 when the marshal Budenny was already on deserved rest, the government made the decision on elimination of a cavalry in general as type of military forces. The most part of a livestock, irrespective of age and breeding value, overtook on slaughters. The whole herds sent the Don and budennovsky horses for slaughter or for work on logging. On a slaughter there were akhaltekinets, the Latvian draft horses, the livestock of thoroughbred saddle horses of Essentukinsky plant was cut out entirely. In 10 years hammered more than 7 million army saddle horses. Every day one thousand racers was sent to meat.

The old marshal with a heavy heart perceived carrying out this reform. Using the authority and former communications, Budenny managed contrary to the state resolution nevertheless to rescue thoroughbred horses. Its efforts created and put on army providing a special horse cinema regiment.

- our cinematographers will have to take somewhere horses for filmings! - Semyon Mikhaylovich cunning smiled, convincing the party administration of need of creation of unknown division. Tens of experts - horse breeders kept qualification, work, a profession, and hundreds of magnificent horses were rescued, recovered, trained.

the Horse regiment participated in shootings of all battle scenes in all domestic movies with participation of a cavalry. Such movies as War and peace Waterloo Adventures of imperceptible avengers White sun of the desert Run Two companions " Served; and many others could not be realized without participation of the horses rescued thanks to the marshal Budenny.

Near the marshal - horses were a cavalryman always. At Semyon Mikhaylovich`s dacha, in Moscow region Bakovka, the stable on seven stalls was arranged. For the summer he took horses from a kavpolka and left their itself and when ceased to ride, watched riders from a bench, gave advice.

The stallion of budennovsky breed by nickname the Sophist was the last horse of Budenny. The horse was given birth in 1945, prepared by Pavel Mikhaylovich Turkin and presented to Semyon Mikhaylovich soon after war.

All post-war parades were carried out with participation of horses. The marshal Zhukov on a white horse reviewed Victory Day parade. The marshal - a symbol of courage and a victory, just Soviet Georgy - Pobedonosets is beautiful and was graceful. Though in bronze right there cast it though on medals mint. Not to liking there was such image to the generalissimo Stalin, he knew better who should be the main winner in great war.

Budenny on the black Sophist reviewed the troops later, joint account on it at Red Square reviewed seven military troops. Beautifully the grounded horses on granite cobble-stones of Red Square caracoled. So far they were not replaced with open limousines.

Marshall Budenny was on friendly terms with the last horse the Sophist twenty five years. People around were not tired to be surprised to their unusual attachment to each other: The horse felt Budenny`s approach when that just went on the yard: without seeing the owner, the horse hid ears, joyfully neighed. Semyon Mikhaylovich approached the favourite as to the person, whispered something gentle to him on an ear, and that, having put the head on the owner`s shoulder, listened to it. Tenderly stroking the head and a neck of a horse, Semyon Mikhaylovich treated him with crackers or carrot. A horse, having softly been absorbed in a master`s palm, faded, slightly mowing with an eye. Then he obediently and accurately executed commands, gave serially legs, kneeled, went for the owner as the child for mother .

Last time Semyon Mikhaylovich saddled at the age of eighty four years on the Sophist. The rider, saying goodbye to the last horse whom he decided to give on stud, told weepingly: Well, old times, good-bye! It is unknown who whom will endure, we with you both old men .

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev very much loved the state awards. And to receive and hand. Marshall Budenny became Hero of the Soviet Union in 80 years. In 85 it already was three times a hero.

Semyon Mikhaylovich Budenny died in 1973 at the age of 90 years and was buried at the Kremlin wall. When the old marshal died, the Sophist cried. At stud said that it stood in the stall, and at it it is unceasing tears were shed. The sophist, as well as all horses, possessed special telepathic intuition. He knew that his friend did not become. He stood and cried until the marshal was buried.

The image of a favourite horse of Budenny is immortalized in the monument established in Moscow before the museum - a panorama Borodino fight - the Sophist served as model to the sculptor

H. B. Tomsk, to the author of an equestrian statue of Kutuzov.

The marshal Budenny did not receive an equestrian statue. Only the bronze bust in the homeland of the hero was established still during lifetime. The name of the marshal Budenny is imprinted in names of the cities, steamships, streets, schools.

Forever became history the main business of life of Budenny: one of the best domestic breeds of horses - Budennovskaya riding became the best monument to its activity officially recognized and approved.]