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Whether popugaychik have feelings? Part second.

A there is a wish to talk about fidelity of popugaychik a little now. While the couple has no posterity, the male all the time looks after a samochka, and does not even watch others " aside; seductresses .

But when chickabiddies appear and mummy spends in a lodge, especially much time if it is the second or third laying then begin to be shown truly man`s lines. As soon as its samochka disappears from the sight, he right there begins to look after a free birdie. Naturally, the new darling does not reject his courting.

But another is interesting. In some way lawful spouse almost at once learns about change. Perhaps inform it on it on women`s radio ? Men often show so-called male solidarity in these questions.

And here, taking off for several minutes from a lodge, it begins so to fray to razluchniyets that it does not seem to that a little. It is necessary to otsazhivat encroached on the family center in other cage.

At us was such free very beautiful in our opinion, samochka. But, as well as at people, in the wife it was not chosen for some reason. We often had to otsazhivat it that it was not pecked. When we passed by its cage, it, having hardly caught sight of us, fell on a floor of a cage and began to fight, imitating real faint or attack .

And it was worth departing far away, she at once rushed to a sidewall of the cage and something shouted towards the open-air cage. It is a pity that we do not understand bird`s language. She can shouted: Not guilty I. He

There was one more samochka. It the first took one of lodges. It was interesting to us how many at it eggs, but she constantly sat in a lodge. And when we opened a cover, it did not take off, all birdies as usual do, and sat on a lodge bottom, having widely spread wings. It too in a lodge did not allow a male.

Once all of us - snatched the moment when she took off to drink waters, and opened a cover. Eggs were not. But it continued persistently to fool the partner and us.

It is known that the samochka only lays eggs and nasizhivat them. The male feeds baby birds and it at this time. He is engaged also in education. There are among them presents fathers is also such which are limited only to feeding.

It is very interesting to watch education younger generation . The male long explains something to a chickabiddy, the slap a wing is used then and if it does not help, then and an easy peck. Often without maintaining long and, probably, boring education, the chickabiddy pretends too that he wants to peck importunate daddy and then flies on the opposite side of the open-air cage.

Popugaychiki - very curious birdies. Repeatedly it happened that the cage suddenly was open, and birdies everything flew away. Each of us thought that he after feeding forgot to close a cage. But once we caught our birdies in the act . Popugaychiki already turned one wire rivet in return and diligent worked on turn another.

Also also ours departed mischievous person or nurse as then we began to call it. But before departing, she long strolled on to a roof the open-air cage, maybe, drawing our attention where we also noticed it. But was already late

Despite an open door, not all birdies flew away. There were what had baby birds needing parental attention. However, once departed and mummy and only father remained absolutely alone and fed baby birds.

To it it was very lonely, and he in every way tried to draw to himself attention of all birds who are flying by by a balcony: sparrows, Indian starlings, gorlyashka. We hardly could sustained three days before revival to buy in a poultry market to the popugaychik deserving award of the real father several friends.

Here such they, these little and amusing birdies - wavy popugaychik.]