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Whether popugaychik have feelings? Part one.

Somehow at the end of April when I came from work, the husband met me by news: - you Present to

, I caught a parrot today!

- As caught it? We have not Australia, - I was surprised.

- Very simply. Popugaychik sat about rabbits and pecked grain. When I approached, it, naturally, departed at once. But I was for some reason sure that it will arrive again. Took a big rag and hid. And it, really, in a few minutes returned. I quickly threw over it a rag and caught. However, when replaced in a box, he fine pecked me. But I all the same did not let out it, - being proud of the dexterity, he added. - Look at

in a box. Arrived directly to your birthday.

I slightly - slightly slightly open a cover and I see a wavy green popugaychik. Next day the husband buys a small cage. Having consulted to sellers on a bird`s market and having learned that it is a samochka, buys brightly yellow male.

It became the beginning of our new hobby. Having read in literature that one couple will not be engaged in acquisition of posterity, we bribe some more birdies. And here when them there are already eight - ten, we begin to notice, their characters and habits are how individual. It is possible to tell that each popugaychik is personality .

That couple with tenderness looks after one after another - it is known to all. But I want to tell about other cases of manifestation characters . So to speak, a small sketch from nature.

In ours to pack there was a samochka marble the coloring, is almost twice less than the others. But it it is constant touched one and all: will peck, from scattering sshibt from a ring or a swing. It made all this cheerfully and with some mischief. Especially it gave pleasure to it to break romantically the adjusted couple . Birdies never felt it and did not hit it back .

Was still it is white - a blue popugaychik. In the evening all birdies rose to the cage top curtained by dense material, by a lodging for the night. But, if at this time on the TV broadcast the next series of the Mexican series, then our hero sat down on a reechka that well it was visible the screen, and sat, without having stirred 10 - 15 minutes. And only sometimes he turned the head in my party and began to nod, as if exchanging the impressions concerning the events which are taking place on the screen. It was so hilarious that we looked at it more, than at the screen.

So proceeded long enough, month two or three. But one morning we saw that he spent night on a cage floor. We attentively examined it and the only thing that was noticed, there was an uneven beating of a heart. To tears it was a pity for our favourite, and the husband to distract a little me, told: You See what bring your series to? .

At this time our mischievous person began to look after him touchingly. She constantly cleaned to it plumelets, fed from the klyuvik, brought blades. Flew away only to bring still something. Where her unruly mischief got to? It was the real sister of mercy.

To our big regret, a popugaychik everything is died. And his nurse became very serious at once...

To be continued]