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How to take the credit in bank?

Money ended, as always, suddenly, and there are a wish to eat for some reason still. It often happens, especially after summer vacation when about money remember only when they are not enough even for a saving kefirchik any more. It is possible to try to borrow friends, but they have, most likely, a similar situation as the summer equally ruthlessly belongs to any pockets, even to the deepest. There is only exit: to go to bank and with the head to dive into the abyss enslaving, creditno - the monetary relations. And so, today`s article will also be devoted to how most quickly and without serious consequences to take the credit in bank.

The majority of modern banks offer so-called credits for urgent needs . Under this sentimental name the credit intended for any needs which did not manage to be driven into special credit programs (on purchase of apartments, cars, household appliances, at such credits money is transferred directly to the seller of goods) disappears. When you take such credit, you are not obliged to report to bank why you need money (if at you cheeks fell, and it is visible edges, then such questions, most likely, will not arise).

The credits happen mortgage and not demanding pledge. The credit without pledge demands a high official salary. And the majority of banks in the brochures recite the maximum sum of the credit, however in practice not each borrower will be given to the maximum. The sum of a loan depends on the income of the person, and also on special reasons of bank concerning each borrower. Most often banks give the credit which is not exceeding a decimestrial salary of the debtor. Besides, decreasing coefficients are applied in case the borrower often changed the place of work or has dependents (juvenile children). Generally, you can count on favor of bank if the income is not less than $400 for each member of your family.

The unsecured credits demand guarantors. Banks will be very glad if as guarantors you drag the relatives. But in principle it is not important whom you will bring, the main thing that the total income of guarantors allowed to pay off bank if suddenly the borrower of it is not able to make. By the way, keep in mind if your friend suggests you to become the guarantor, hundred times think as in case of his insolvency, the bank itself will choose with whom to have legal proceedings: with the friend or with you. If you have an apartment or the car, then the bank, of course, as the victim will choose you, will file a lawsuit and will surely win (hardly the friend will let to live you to himself to the apartment … the - that at you will not be any more). A rate of the inappropriate unsecured credits in rubles make 14,4 - 26%.

The mortgage credits are pleasant to both banks, and borrowers more. On the security it is possible to take very large sum at once (to several hundred thousands of dollars), at the same time in case of insolvency the bank quickly enough can withdraw pledge and realize it. The real estate, the earth, cars, securities, shares in mutual investment funds, measured ingots from precious metals, investment coins &ndash can act as pledge; generally, practically any property representing though some value. Banks are rather choosy to pledges, so, for example, apartments and houses have to be suitable for accommodation, and they can be put only entirely in case the housing is in share property, then the consent of all owners is necessary.

Before you will be given the credit, you have to collect all set of the documents confirming the property right to pledge and also to estimate it at independent appraisers. If the bank accepts your pledge, then you for all term of the credit lose the right to dispose of the property and to sell it.

Do not hope that the bank will lend you so much, how much is your property. The matter is that banks always reduce the estimated cost of pledge, for example, at pledge of the apartment its cost will be reduced by 30 - 50%, the &ndash car; approximately for 50%, securities - for 15 - 50%, &ndash gold; about 20%. Thus banks are insured against change of a market situation.

In general, there is a wish to tell that the credit - it is piece very not pleasant therefore, maybe, you just should tighten more tightly a belt (not on a neck).

Take care.