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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? The framework is southern.

we understood last article to what sign druids gave the middle of February to management. From February 9 to February 18, as well as from August 14 to August 23, the Framework got the period southern. The tree is known not widely, but possesses a number of remarkable properties.

However, at first we will talk about what the above-named sign promises the wards. The most important is health. Given rise under the sign of the Framework southern, most likely, will not begin to complain of health. Dynamic and sure, they feel at home everywhere. Conveniences will not prevent, but also their absence strongly will not grieve.

Frameworks like to be the focus of attention. Aspiration it is supported with bright character and ability to solve the most complex problems. Sensitive, not only seeking to influence on people around, but also subject to others influence, they are usually one-woman men. Possible petty intrigues are not perceived seriously if and it happens, then only with boredom.

Under the sign of the Framework southern Galilei, Darwin, Goethe, Brecht were born.

A tree a framework southern, the Latin name Celtis australis, is from the Mediterranean. It is widespread in arid and warm climate of Europe and Asia. The sort of frameworks contains up to 70 types growing in tropical, subtropical and moderate zones of the Northern hemisphere.

Frameworks usually trees, are more rare bushes, with roundish krone. Leaves oval or uzkoyaytsevidny, mown in the basis and jagged on edge, very rigid, up to 15 cm long. Small ordinary-looking flowers appear along with blooming of leaves. Fruits - stone fruit on long shanks with thin dryish pulp, long remain on branches after a leaf fall. Trees are photophilous and thermophilic. Droughts are not afraid, grow almost on any soil.

The immediate family of frameworks - elms. Both of them from family ilmovy and at them much in common. The main difference in the form of fruits. If at elms it is the flying wings, then at frameworks a fruit edible, tasty and useful. In Tyrol do national sweet of stone fruit of a framework.

The southern framework grows to 20 meters in height. Straight line trunk, krone dense, spherical. Leaves average in comparison with other types of a framework, up to 10 centimeters long on both sides myagkoopushenny, from above - green, from below - it is gray - green. Fruits darkly - purple, almost black, spherical, to one and a half centimeters in the diameter.

Distinctive feature - very rapid growth of young trees, in a year the youth is extended almost on half-meter. Having borrowed place in the sun framework calms down . Lives till 500 years. Warmly, as well as all frameworks, loves, but maintains falls of temperature to 25 degrees of a frost. Well grows in street landings, it is steady against winds and the satellite of the cities - I will be able. Plentiful root offsprings well strengthen the soil.

Fruits of a framework contain oil, tannins, vitamins, acids and pectins. Broth from fruits and roots is applied at diarrhea, dysentery and as the prophylactic for strengthening is warm - vascular system, increase of protective forces of an organism.

For extraordinary properties the framework is called an iron or stone tree. Its dense and heavy zelenovato - yellow wood, differs in the fortress, hardness, flexibility, elasticity, durability and is well polished. Make joiner`s and carved products, wind musical instruments of it.

The durability of wood and firmness against rotting caused its wide use in construction since ancient times. I will give the well-known mausoleum of Sultan Sandzhar as an example, Turkmen the historian - an architectural monument of the 12th century.

Throughout many centuries did miracle amulets which carried with themselves or hung out in the dwelling of wood of frameworks. Also today, in kishlaks of Central Asia, it is possible to meet usual pieces of wood of the framework called " trivet; hung out over gate or at an entrance to the house. They are urged to preserve the dwelling against an evil, dirty eye.

The following sign of a horoscope of druids - well-known to us a pine. About it - the following article.]