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Who needs gold?

Gold - the first of the metals discovered by the person. For centuries it was used as a criterion of value and in jewelry. And not only. In the ancient time considered that gold possesses not only a powerful material value, but also mystical curative properties.

Ancient were convinced that having at itself gold will not know grief, and the more gold, the it will become more joyful at it at heart.

If prizhech gold area under heart, then it helps to cure heart troubles. If a gold needle to pierce with

an ear, then the made opening will not grow any more.

If the child has a gold necklace on a neck, then it calms him, protects from paduchy.

If to hold gold in a mouth, it will help at a throat illness, will make a smell of a mouth pleasant.

Gold plates in Ancient Greece and Rome used as bewitching means. Was considered at ancient that gold helps to get rid of diseases, mental disorders and shyness, and the gold ware does not allow the neighbourhood with poisons.

Now this noble yellow threw, thanks to the properties, found for high resistance to corrosion, conductivity, uncommon chemical firmness, plasticity broader application.

Gold in many countries is a basis of monetary system therefore the enormous amount of gold is kept in cellars of banks for providing the released paper money. The main share of gold mining goes to bank underground safes.

Gold is used in medicine, namely about 2% of the general production go for prosthetic dentistry. Here apply alloys, about breakdown 585 and above. They are firm and strong, do not give in to effect of nitric acid.

Except prosthetic dentistry gold and its alloys use for production of jewelry. On jewelry in the form of earrings, pendents, chains, rings, brooches there are about 10% of the extracted gold.

Recently and the industry began to show keen interest in gold. In equipment gold and its alloys use more than on prosthetic dentistry, but it is less than on jewelry - about 7 - 8% of world production. Engineers very seriously treat this metal, to them gloss of gold, how many its chemical inertness, good conductivity, a possibility of receiving a superthin foil and wire is important not so much.

Gold is very expensive and technically necessary material. Thanks to high chemical resistance gold is irreplaceable for any production of contacts, thin technical devices including such extended as resonators, generators of frequencies.

In equipment gold is used also in the form of alloys with other metals.

Electronics became the main direction in use of gold today. A lot of gold goes for protection of copper in micropayments. Electrodes in quartz generators - silver, but gilded from above, for ideal conductivity and high chemical resistance. Gold alloys widely use for production of contacts in radio equipment, in the telephone equipment.

The details made of gold and their alloys, successfully work at the most responsible sites of the most difficult electronically - computers. Not incidentally speak: the future belongs to cars with gold brains.

Gold coverings apply in the aircraft equipment to production of reflectors. Coverings from gold - the thinnest gold film outside and from within, covering a casing of engines of supersonic planes, protects them from corrosion and thermal influence. Gold coverings protect spaceships from infrared radiation.

The most smooth smooth surface of the telescope was managed to be created 80 at the end - x years. This surface which is raised dust by the thinnest layer of gold has cambers which height does not exceed a layer from three atoms.

Gold is applied also as welding material - gold seams maintain temperature to 870 º Page

In 1991 the British firm Offshore electronics production of a high-precision hygrometer - the device for determination of humidity of air is arranged. The main detail - the thinnest metal core with a porous surface of gold. The device is capable to catch one million moisture impurity in air.

Even in light shows at concerts and discos, effective advertizing use the lasers on gold vapors giving red color.

In general, the world consumption of gold on technical requirements makes about 50 - 60 tons per year.

Gold has high cost, but expenses pay off reliability and durability of products.]