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What king of the states was an elder brother of Napoleon and what from this left?

on January 7, 1768, 240 years ago, in a family of rather poor Corsican nobleman, lawyer 22 - summer Carlo Buonapart and his spouses 18 - summer Legation (on the fifth year of their marriage) the firstborn who was named Joseph was born. However, the happy father did not manage to realize himself yet happy as Legation was pleased by the spouse with what carries under heart of the new child. And further spouses revolution nearly swept, they ran separately from the authorities, but some miracle of Legation succeeded to keep the child. It was born already on August 15 the following, 1769. It was also future emperor of France - Napoleon. And all in a family there were 11 children (four of whom died in infancy).

History manufactures sometimes not dull kolenets. In year of birth of Joseph France bought Corsica from the Genoa republic. It appear all differently, it is hard to say where the talent of Napoleon Bonaparte of a military leader would blossom. And so the mother country where he also achieved all the son of the poor lawyer could dream of was his main goal.

By the way, Napoleon, having been born the second, got a number of advantages. In - the first, the main demand for all their childish pranks was always from the elder brother behind the back of whom future commander could, as if now told to model any situations. And, in - the second, in those far times the eldest son was in most cases forced to continue business of the father while younger could choose to himself business to liking. And Napoleon wholly used this factor.

But we will return to Joseph. It the first of brothers came to Ottensky seminary, but did not graduate it as Carlo Buonapart died on February 24, 1785 from cancer. It was necessary to return home to the guy where it was forced to accept business of the father in the hands.

It is necessary to tell a couple of words about the founder of a sort. It at the birth of two eldest sons father Carlo was a poor lawyer, and several years later managed to move forward very well, thanks to resourcefulness and ability to risk. Which - which of researchers draws a parallel between Corsica of the third quarter of the 18th century and Chechnya of the end of the XX century. Both in the first, and in the second case of the central power figures - buffers which, on the one hand, would be loyal to the federal authority were necessary, and with another - would have enough influence on the compatriots to constrain their anti-centrist moods and, the it is more, the armed performances. Big communications father Carlo both with the authorities, and with underworld, allowed it to become one of key figures on Corsica. And not casually both of its eldest the son and the daughter Elisa were trained in the most prestigious educational institutions of France.

By the way, father Carlo also did not think to put on the second son - him he for a role of the head of clan did not even consider. Especially as Joseph proved to be the skillful businessman, even without the aid of the father (when he died, the firstborn was only 17 years old) managed to hammer together a quite good kapitalets and successfully marrying the daughter of one very influential and rich Corsican. And if not progress of Joseph, Napoleon could hardly study and do quietly military career

Should pay tribute to future emperor - he never forgot about the family, making it sometimes imperial gifts. One of the first such gift was received by Joseph - Napoleon achieved that in 1796 it was entrusted to it to organize management of Corsica, and in a year he became the member of council of five hundred from Corsica. And though the elder brother dreamed to play more significant roles, for the time being he is necessary was near to Napoleon, on anybody the younger brother could not count so, how on the senior. And only when the emperor got on feet very firmly, he offered To Joseph throne of the king of Italy.

But Joseph peremudrit. He dreamed to occupy the emperor`s throne France. When there is one war another, you never know can happen to the commander-in-chief?! However younger solved maneuver of the senior: if you do not want Italy, then receive a throne of the king of Naples and both Sitsily. To refuse for the second time - means not to receive anything, and in 1806 Joseph arrived to Naples.

By and large the master from him did not turn out. Brought up in need and severity, he in Naples as if from coils broke especially as the spouse could not follow with it to Italy. But the elder brother of Napoleon did not miss: the place of the wife beside it was taken by the duchess Atri who within two years presented to Joseph of two beautiful daughters. However, youngest was born how this communication broke up: Napoleon subdued Spain meanwhile and on a throne he needed the checked person who, naturally, was in Joseph`s face.

It were hard years, both for the most newly made king, and for the bleeding profusely state. In the country revolt and, by and large, the power of Joseph who was renamed into Joseph I broke out, kept only on the French bayonets. It had supporters, but it is much more than opponents. And the people did not want to fall in love with it, having called newcomer Don Pepe Butilca though he drank no more than the others at all

However, even if he also washed down, it was quite explainable. He constantly was we restrict enemies, and more than once damned that day and hour when he agreed to arrangements of the younger brother. The ruin and hunger were added to revolts, and Joseph was very susceptible to them. A little let down to the elder brother and younger, having issued the decree on dissolution of 2/3 Spanish monasteries: the brotherhood right there crept away on guerrilla groups.

Joseph made attempts to change a situation repeatedly. He decided to found the Exchange in Madrid, but it did not rescue, cancelled jurisdiction of landowners, entered alienation of monastic and communal property and the earth, but also it did not conceive any role as peasants were too poor to buy this land. And, at last, having despaired, he distributed a half of the personal property to the Madrid poor - but also it was a drop in the ocean.

By 1813 position of the Napoleon who got beaten in Russia was very disastrous. It was felt by the worst enemies of French - British who passed to resolute actions to help Spaniards with fight against an overseas yoke. Joseph rushed about over the country, and on December 11, 1813 abdicated.

It returned to France, but also there it was not expected by tranquility. After defeat under Waterloo the elder brother of Napoleon corrected to himself documents addressed to monsieur Bouchard also jerked across the ocean. The benefit of money for comfortable life in Philadelphia quite was enough, it transferred them to the American banks beforehand.

But long Joseph could not live in the USA, in 1832 he returned to Europe and lodged in England. 8 years later it appeared in Italy where died on June 28, 1844 in Florence. However, buried him in the homeland - in the Parisian Nursing home. As you can see, many only think that the tsar`s profession the easiest. On the Spanish throne Joseph Bonaparte took wholly ]