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So all - to do with old magazines?

Mikhail Abrosimov, author of the article What to do if old magazines take too much place? offers, in fact, one way - to scan. Paying tribute to the present, technological effectiveness and originality of the solution proposed by the author, all - together with many readers should be noticed that an original problem - so all - to do with old magazines - remains unresolved. And options, it is necessary to notice, it is a lot of.

1. To present or give. to Whom? Well who needs old magazines?! Quietly. In - the first, not such they and old. In - the second, all new - well forgotten old. In - the third, maybe are necessary.

To the familiar businessman, which has the hairdressing salon or beauty shop: clients in a reception with pleasure will read glossy magazines, sitting in easy leather chairs.

to School or regional library. If, of course, the subject of magazines allows.

to Collectors. If among your acquaintances and your familiar familiar such people is not present

, it is possible to submit the announcement. Do not forget to mention in the announcement of shipment at own expense.

And in general - enter I will give for nothing on Google also you will be pleasantly surprised. Yes, in our mercantile time just crowds to the people are ready absolutely gratuitously, that is for nothing to do much good practically for strangers, that is you. And further - to sell something unnecessary, it is necessary to buy at first something unnecessary, and we have no money ! Stop - stop - stop... Unnecessary at us just is!

2. To sell. Here to you especially will be helped by already mentioned article

How competently to write the announcement for the Internet? . By the way, it is possible and to try to sell on eBay.

3. To change. to Similarly previous point. By the way, it is possible to change one pile of magazines for other pile of magazines which you did not read yet and which at the moment are of bigger interest to you.

4. To throw out. If grudges, then at first to read laws of reproduction of a junk and then to throw out. If it is all the same a pity, then to read Where what you do every day conducts you? to consider how many money is cost by a regular rearrangement of old magazines from the shelf on the shelf, from them raise dust a wipe, a perestupaniye through them and a spotykaniye about them, and already absolutely without regret to throw out.

5. To bring to the dacha. If it at you, of course, is. If personally you do not have it, then it is possible to try to bring not to the. Has something in common with to present or give . Option - to bring to work. Colleagues in a smoking-room or in kitchen behind a coffee cup with pleasure esteem. It is checked.

6. To use as material for hand-made articles: for collages, a panel, figures of origami, confetti for New year.

7. To hand over in waste paper. Kill a beaver - rescue a tree . Joke.

8. to Use in order that to hide money . And that the subject is burned will not help potential malefactors at all. Only imagine a huge pile of magazines with the note hidden in them. It is troublesome and unprofitable to take away all. To look for - long and tiresomely. Definitely option.

9. To open the library. As we see, the problem of old magazines is actual for the population. And to begin the business, it is necessary to find a problem and to offer (demanded) version of its decision . Ideally the bribe can be raised as from those who want to get rid from waste paper and from those who want to read magazines for last years. Before with enthusiasm to get down to business, it makes sense to read the articles Schools of Life about what needs to be known to open the business. Then, when the library will get on feet, it will be possible to think of remaintaining it in an electronic format...

10. To use as a support. Are people whom do not feed with bread, let`s put a cup of tea or coffee on the book or the magazine. Here we will also not deprive of them comfort! And the other day, you trust or not, it was necessary to combine for a while two cages for a chinchilla that she could jump freely from one in another, so old Cosmopolitan very much even helped.

On the future. And whether these necessary things are so necessary? Perhaps has everything - sense to write out the periodical press together, by sharing the cost? Read and gave. Also there are no problems where to put old magazines.]