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Office chair takes away from you health. How not to allow it?

the royal throne was the First ancestor of a chair as scientists consider. Though the throne in consciousness of the simple inhabitant represents something sublime, haughty, but nevertheless it concedes to the modern descendants in that, as for convenience.

From that long-distance time the chair underwent a set of changes, but inevitable was a question of convenience and comfort, it always distinguished a chair from the primogenitor and, having looked at the younger brother, a chair, the next time are convinced of it.

Today there is a big variety of chairs, both for work, and for office. And we already for a long time perceive a chair as an element which quite strongly entered our life, but nevertheless still not up to the end we understand how it is necessary to behave with this silent house creation, despite its seeming simplicity. What do I mean? The matter is that we still did not learn to use correctly if you want, it is correct to behave with it, apparently, simple, but such necessary and such interior element habitual to our eye. As hygienists speak, you do not want to lose health - do not buy to yourself furniture. Of course, they sneer, but in these words there is an element of truth.

It is necessary to use correctly furniture or it is correct to operate it, speaking to technical language. And if with house chairs more and more or less clearly, then affairs with their office fellows leave much to be desired. If externally they a little in what differ from each other, then the functional component at them is identical. Here the main problem also consists in it. In office chair we behave as well as in house, and it is not correct. There are certain rules which each office worker has to know and if constantly to follow all these rules, then work will become much more effective and will give you a sheer pleasure.

According to WHO data (World Health Organization) every third office worker has any disease of a backbone, most often it curvatures (different scolioses, kifoza, lordoza). And matter is not that quality of chairs leaves much to be desired, with this is that the party of a question everything is all right and now a set of the firms which are letting out qualitative furniture, and that we as I already spoke, not absolutely correctly understand how it is necessary to behave correctly in a chair.

So what needs to be remembered?

In - the first, a bearing. You remember about scolioses. Yes, yes you award with it yourself if you do not hold a correct posture. This simple rule which you hear since the childhood, but you forget about it with enviable constancy. Remember, the correct posture, it when a back densely adjoins to a chair back. You will tell that a pier, it is inconvenient and to sit so long very hard. Correctly, you just did not get used to sit so. For this purpose I would recommend just to a thicket to get up from a chair, for only 10 - 20 seconds, and again to sit down for continuation of the business. This small cunning will not take you a lot of time, and the result will be quite notable. Besides so you will quicker get used to the correct landing.

In - the second, you watch the legs. Pay attention as legs at your colleagues behave. Someone crosses them in the straightened state, someone puts feet on a crosspiece etc. Deduction of feet exactly on a floor while hips are parallel to a floor will be the correct option. It allows to relax muscles of legs and a waist as much as possible. Besides, it will negatively not affect blood circulation in legs. This moment is especially important for women as at them the risk of development of a varicose illness is big, especially if they lead an inactive life. At all other arrangements of legs there is a risk of development of violation of blood circulation.

In - the third, you watch hands. Ideally (and you aspire to an ideal, isn`t that so) hands have to be on armrests of your leather favourite so that the ninety-degree corner between a shoulder and a forearm was created. Settings of many modern chairs allow to carry out this tempting idea. Especially it is important at the rest moments when you lean back on a back of a chair and lower hands on armrests. It as much as possible relaxes muscles of hands especially as sitting in a chair, you work generally hands as I understand therefore also rest is necessary to hands corresponding.

In - the fourth, every time when you sit down, pay attention whether this chair under you is correctly adjusted. The matter is that settings are in the habit to get off that is called.

In - the fifth, never forget all aforesaid. And only then the chair will seem to you rather convenient.

In conclusion I want to remind that only the correct use of your most devoted office friend will not allow to turn it into your worst enemy.]