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How to eat the problem?

you Think that it is unreal to finish the problems? In the millennia people test in this case, and difficulties in life do not become less. And what if once again to try to solve old problems, but as did not try earlier? You think that nonconventional methods exist only in medicine? They everywhere! Here a little especially for you.

Eat the problem!

Reception the first. Approaches if the problem zastaret and there is no wish to strain too strongly to find the solution. The clean sheet of paper undertakes (if it white, then it does not mean yet what pure, do not forget!) very much - very small sizes. On it small handwriting writes a problem essence (for example: nobody gives me a violet python). Paper with this record is carefully processed: it is cut off superfluous (we will tell, corners on which nothing is written).

Further responsible moment: smyaty. Try that your problem occupied as little as possible spaces. It is ready? Then it is time to work: before going to bed (it is very important to do described at this particular time since in it part of a secret of a method) safely swallow of the small curtailed bumazhechka with the problem (to USE RECEPTION ONLY ONCE so think before the choice of a problem). Please, be previously once again convinced of its purity! You can wash down the problem with something liquid (but nonalcoholic, differently problems can only increase) or to put in what you use as a dinner (do not forget that there is before going to bed everything - harmfully!) .

Everything works because you look at a problem on the other hand. Now not it torments you, but you are it! There is a focusing of consciousness on the problem caught in unusual circumstances on Wednesday, unusual for it. RESISTANCE DISAPPEARS. Your brain cooperates with you more effectively. Besides, the most pleasant what you already sleep at this time (you remember that it is necessary to eat a problem before going to bed?) and your problem is corroded in a stomach and processed in the head!

Reception of the second. Not to everyone will want to chew paper even if and for the sake of noble purposes. And all - as is good that your stomach is not able to swear, and I would get that from it for this article! Well, it is possible and to make for it pleasant. I think, to you too the following reception will not be useless. Not too extremely, but it is effective and it is possible to emphasize many unusual emotions.

Mechanisms on which this piece works, I will not explain. I will better describe to you it, and you will finish thinking about other moments and you will test. At once I will make a reservation: alone you will not cope. Immediately call the favourite little man to yourself on a visit! If after usual communication the problem did not disappear, means it is NECESSARY to eat IT! (if to you the girlfriend came, do not mix: it is necessary to eat a problem, but not darling, of course, though …) . Slightly below the method disappears.

Darling it is necessary to put on a stomach or on a back (there now, waited, at last, for the fact that YOU ATTENTIVELY READ THIS ARTICLE!!!) . Now you take in advance prepared sweet weight. If you do not want to create anything original, then honey, jam at the worst, in general what you love more will approach. (Be convinced that at your partner is not present on this delicacy of an allergy, and that these can be born … well, you know, - new problems). Now write to

on darling or darling the problem with the help of this sweet weight. Than? Connect the imagination! The finger is not suitable for the similar purposes absolutely. Better use a feather of a svezheepoymanny ostrich (well or at least goose if you are able to get). Try that what you nacherkat or nacherkat on others body, looked adequately. Decorate with all there will be enough imagination for. Photograph for memory and … as if it is softer to tell it?. Eat EVERYTHING, should drops!

It is good if at the one whom you covered, there are no problems, but if it not so, then safely let`s the partner write about his troubles on itself. Only be not overzealous. Both receptions are most effective for the first time. It is not necessary to chew paper with the problems again and again. So their number will not be lowered. Better every time try to think up some new career of the decision. For now at desire you can try the aforesaid.

Let you will have no problems!

of I … bon appetit!