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Of whom were afraid in a Christmas-tide or That it terrible evenings ?

the Christmas-tide are two weeks of holidays which begin with Christmas and come to an end with the Epiphany.

the First week, since the Christmas Eve, is called in the sacred evenings and the second, till January 19 - in the terrible evenings .

On old Slavic beliefs, communication with a next world is especially strong at this time, at this time guessed, judged by signs about weather. About all these fascinating, interesting, and sometimes, ridiculous, Russian beliefs the book of the remarkable Russian historian and ethnographer Ivan Petrovich Sakharov " tells; Legends of the Russian people .

Sacred evenings received the name thanks to a ban to work during a Christmas-tide. This cheerful week carol-singing, games with masked and festivities was arranged.

And here in terrible evenings people tried not to leave the house at all. The matter is that on representations of the Russian people, in days when heat and light begins to increase, the evil spirit especially is angry and creates dirty tricks. Besides, believed that the Lord lets out from hell and paradise of soul of dead men, rejoicing to the Son`s birth. Therefore the second week of a Christmas-tide sometimes was called even devilish nasty .

Having condescended on the earth, souls of ancestors come in being at home, to relatives, and after the Epiphany come back to a next world again. On beliefs if during a Christmas dinner to look from an outer entrance hall to the house through a door crack, it is possible to see the last died relative who sits at a table together with live. Not for nothing for the come spirits cooked special bread, a kolivo, pancakes and left all this for the night.

By the way, was considered that from - that souls come to our world, Christmas fortune-telling truly shows the future.

Our far ancestors considered that in time terrible evenings it is impossible to do something, without being rechristened, even to look out of a window. The likhomanka - a thin, blind, armless being who fills on left the house cold and other diseases can be behind a door . Likhomanka can even get into the house, and then troubles for all year the grandmother - the midwife who comes at dawn enough! helped to be protected from these terrible evil spirits, washes lintels with mix from salt, ashes and coal, and wipes a towel. Men, by the way, should not have been present at this ceremony since at them nothing could turn out.

Our ancestors and of witches were afraid who came back from a sabbath and could zadoit cows to death. To be saved from trouble, to the poselena strengthened the burning candle over farmyard gate.

Residents of villages and so-called of a fiery dragon were afraid . This is an evil ghost who flies by air and shines red fire. The most terrible is the fact that he can go down on a chimney to the house and accept shape of the young handsome guy. It is necessary to the girl who will fall in love with him very hard: it will fascinate her by the courtings so that without it she and that does not want to live-. But it was possible to get rid of a fiery dragon - on a zagnetka filled snow, and dirty perished from it when it fell to the house on a pipe again.

Only in dark Christmas evenings could appear of a svyatochnitsa - the ugly beings covered with hair with huge nails. They live in non-residential premises and can attack the person and cover with wounds him the long sharp nails. To Pay off from them it is possible only jewelry, it is their weakness which to resist svyatochnitsa not in forces.

In Christmas evenings also of the Beech , the ugly being who sticks with a cunning question can meet. If guessed, the evil ghost will disappear and if is not present, all life it is necessary to suffer, thinking over the answer.

Especially dangerous in terrible evenings there are also wood goblins . It is important to monitor the speech incidentally not to tell: That his wood goblin carried away! . The evil spirit will not keep waiting for itself and in a trice will execute in a fit of temper the pronounced words, and then already will not find the innocent person anywhere.

Do not doze at the Christmas nights and of a ghost . They can bring the person on a cemetery, to a bog, disturb him the we howl also a roar of chains, frighten, having suddenly appeared from the furnace. But occur among ghosts and kind: they can help to find a treasure and to be saved from intrigues of evil spirits. If to trust one of ancient legends, hidden ghosts took away the guessing girls from the dangerous place, having called them by maternal voices, and on bad later the bog was formed.

On the eve of the Epiphany the ceremony " was carried out; wires of a Christmas-tide : in the yard of the house shot at the sky, jumped on horses along the village and with shouts beat with brooms corners and fences. Upon completion of a ceremony sentenced: Go already, a Christmas carol, good luck, and in a year come again! .

Cheerful to you Christmas evenings!