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How to make the elementary rod?

Ah as there is a wish to fish! Both time is, and a reservoir nearby, but there are no tackles, even a rod! This problem can be solved in several rational ways.

The simplest - you go to a reservoir, in passing under last year`s leaves, in a flood gully, by means of a stick you dig worms. Also in passing you cut off a fishing-rod in the next bush. Any thin direct tree is good. And the most direct grow in the thick and in a shadow where Liski needs a proredka. The maple, a willow will approach, even stuck, but it is better - a birch, a hazel grove, a bird cherry. Length of future fishing-rod has to be not less than three meters. Two third to of its oshkurta knife, piece of glass or shutter of a cockleshell. Well, the bird cherry oshkurivatsya easily. A trailer, most flexible third of a fishing-rod should not be oshkurivat, you leave as is.

You bind a piece of a scaffold more thinly (from 0,15 to 0,3). Begin to do it from the middle of a fishing-rod, then spiralno you wind a top and you fix a scaffold on the end (in knot, an adhesive plaster, an adhesive tape, an insulating tape but it is better a piece of a hose or an insulating tube of suitable diameter). Length of a working scaffold has to exceed fishing-rod length approximately on 30 centimeters.

An ordinary eyelet you bind a float (of a stopper, bark, a stick; dry piece of the kuga which is often growing on coast) the middle of a scaffold somewhere are slightly lower. It is good if the float at some effort moves on a scaffold, it will give the chance to regulate bottom .

The turn of a sinker came. To they can serve a tack, a pin, a delay, the made an incision grain, a piece of the flattened-out lead the size about a match head. The sinker poluzhestko is fixed in 5 - 15 cm before a hook.

Any known, strong small knot you bind a fishing hook. If at you are not present store, then any skilled fisherman will allocate one hook 5 - 6 sizes from the stocks. He can present you a sinker and a scaffold (5 - 7 m) if you at all have nothing

I yet! If the reservoir is located in the naked steppe and to cut off a fishing-rod there is no opportunity, then and there is exit. Take a scaffold more long and more thickly, on its end fix freight (for example, a nut - as the Chekhovian malefactor). In centimeters 30 before a sinker bind a thin lead (on 20 cm) with a hook. In total - it is thin is almost ready. Get a bait and throw a nut far away. Be not hooked! And the end such are thin record a peg on the coast or on a branch of a coastal tree. It is possible to hold also in hand (fingers are much more sensitive than any floats!) .

Now people forgot partially fishing ethics. Without the permission you do not sit down to fish near the fisherman who just kindly helped you to make a rod. Settle down meters in 15 from any fisher and keep quiet. And, of course, do not litter our remarkable and generous nature!

What it is possible to get for the first case, except rain or muckworms? Grasshopper, front sight, bread piece, small cockleshell, snail, crustacean, whitebait Yes a lot of things! And at successful weather the small fish will surely peck. Cut (pull a fishing-rod or a donka on yourself) and a vyvazhivayta a river gift. It is possible to store caught on the kukena in water or, at the worst, in a package of a damp grass (kukan is the thin, flexible branch by the form reminding arithmetic unit, - think as to get fish on it and as kukan to fix in coastal sand).

Here, perhaps, and all instruction to the beginning traveling potential fisher who is bored to death in the absence of available funds and attributes of the real fishing. Have a good time and derive pleasure!]