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The Meeting place cannot be changed - swan song of Vladimir Vysotsky?

on January 25, 2008 we celebrate the Actor`s anniversary - to Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky would be executed 70 years. For the whole generation of our people Vysotsky - a sign figure, a symbol. My parents treat this generation, and I remember that our apartment was always filled up with its plates, books and rolls of paper with texts unpublished forbidden songs - the samizdat bypassed censorship.

But even if to assume that there were at that time people whom songs of the bard - Vysotsky did not interest, then all were familiar with Vysotsky`s creativity - the actor - the five-serial short story about everyday life of Moscow criminal investigation department The Meeting place cannot be changed heroes " became the cult movie; went to the people and quotes from this tape lead independent life for a long time. Meanwhile, history of creation of the movie is not less interesting, than a picture.

Very few people know that initially Gleb Zheglov reflected screenwriters Arkady and Georgy Vaynerami in the novel Ayr mercies as the healthy man - broad shoulders. Therefore when on a threshold of their apartment there was Vysotsky, the comer as it was expressed, to stake out Zheglov writers were a little confused - to them in this role Shakurov or Gubenko saw each other. Vladimir Semenovich agreed with what any of these actors will play better him, but It is not necessary to you better! It is necessary to you as I will play it - the convincing argument together with inhuman charm of the actor made the business, and was already scripted the movie under Vysotsky .

The figure of the director of the movie also caused some difficulties. Initially this role was offered to Alexey Batalov . But he set to himself too volume task, wishing both to stage and to play Zheglov. As a result of its candidate disappeared, and the movie for some time remained without father . Stanislav Govorukhin as the director was offered by the same Vladimir Vysotsky who like idea of creation of a tape so that it was ready to do everything possible in order that she was born. By the way, at some moment Vysotsky managed to realize one more dream - Govorukhin was forced to leave from shootings, and the role of the director of several scenes was entrusted Vladimir Semenovich.

And here the actor for a role of the supporting leading role - Sharapova - was offered already by Govorukhin. Vladimir Konkin was remembered to him in Pavki Korchagin`s role, the director was struck by a clean and noble face of the actor. In the feelings the director was lonely - there was no second person who would agree with his choice, on the arts council any vote was not given for Konkin! But Govorukhin was firm in the belief. One amusing episode told is connected with it And. Weiner. After brothers is screenwriters resolutely refused to consider Konkin as Sharapov, Govorukhin stopped the arrangements for several days, and then suggested them to arrive, look at the actors who are tried for this role. Further quote: We Come to studio, it enters us into a make-up room where future Sharapov put on make-up. We saw these eight or nine Sharapov fell to a floor and began to sob, and laughed loudly. All signs of a hysterics it were available. It drove to us ten more Konkinykh, is only worse and more liquid. Where it to get their smog in a week - it is inconceivable . After this Vaynera solved not to break a director`s idea also made a compromise - approved Konkin, but cleaned the surname from credits, having replaced with mythical Stanislav Konstantinov (later when the movie received wide popularity, the surname of authors was restored in credits).

At last, all roles were distributed, and work began. The state cinema allocated for shootings of 38 parts of the movie the ridiculous sum - 750000 rubles. Strangely enough, the fact that at Vysotsky the situation with free time in this connection he forced a film crew to work at a frantic pace - without usual cinema " extremely difficult was helped to keep within it; swings before each double. In general, Vladimir Semenovich`s role in creation Meeting places it is difficult to overestimate - I speak about offscreen work which we did not see, but about which it is frequent and with gratitude people to whom it helped remember. Vladimir Semenovich spoke about the activity as entertaining - helping - the encouraging member of a film crew a saying Our work is possible for it the picture was the main price. By the way, about the prices. Initially wanted to pay Vysotsky 13 rubles for film-making day, it had no rank of the honored or people`s artist. But Vaynera went to the ultimatum of Gosteleradio, having threatened to close a picture for which about half a million rubles were already spent, and Vysotsky`s rate grew to 42 rubles a day. By the way, the same Vladimir Konkin received 10 rubles more. Well and it is fine - not this main thing. Vysotsky received what he aspired to - a role which helped it to express itself, a role ambiguous, not zapolirovanny under hero a role on which we will remember the great actor for a long time.

The next morning after the end of shootings Meeting places in the apartment of brothers Vaynerov appeared Vysotsky:

- you Know, brothers what I thought this morning of: you have no Roman right to throw Zheglov.

- And you could not think of it in the afternoon and allow us to have a sleep?

- could not. It is necessary to hurry.

Authors understood it so: Vysotsky means what to be continued to remove without delay. But, seemingly, Vysotsky felt absolutely another, he came not with the abstract offer, and with well developed subject line of the second six-serial movie Meeting place . It hurried. After a while on a table of scriptwriters there was a folder on which it appeared Ayr mercies. Continuation .

Alas, to be continued not always. The sad message came to the heat of work: Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky did not become. No other Zheglov could be. This folder any more never opened, despite numerous rumors about shootings of continuation of a picture. Recently Govorukhin rigidly chopped off talk on this subject: Zheglov died, Sharapov is old with whom and why to continue? .]